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Способно ли человеческое тело предсказывать будущееThe human body can anticipate a significant event before it happens - at least these are the results of new scientific research.

"We found that the event can be predicted without any external hints, explains neuroscientist northwestern University (Illinois, USA) and co-author of the study Julia Mossbridge. This signal though small, but very real. The question is, how it occurs".

Other scientists refer to the findings of researchers from Illinois quite skeptical. They consider them too strained and hasty.

The effect of "premonition" real?

Many of the experiments showed that such physical factors as heart rate, pupil dilation and brain activity can vary within 1-10 seconds until people get to see anything terrible (for example, moving a snake). In most of these experiments participants showed pictures. Gruesome images were randomly mixed with neutral, so in theory people could not guess about the nature of the photo, they will show the following. However, as the findings of these studies was too improbable in the scientific world met them pretty cool.

To see the reality of the aforementioned effect, Mossbridge and her team analyzed the documents connected with two dozen devoted to the research and threw those, the results of which could be somehow rigged.

Even after this, they came to the conclusion about the existence of the effect of "anticipation", in which the emotional state changes for a second before important events. Scientists believe that the human body is able to feel what is on the threshold of an important event, even if the person himself does not realize it.

The researchers did not say that people possess supernatural or paranormal ability. They consider "premonition" real physical effect that obeys natural laws, though these laws are still not known to them.


But there are scientists who deny the possibility of the existence of any premonitions.

Although the methods used in the course of this study, adequate enough, never speaks about the reality of the existence of "anticipation" - said researcher of the Research center of higher nervous activity Rufin Vanrullen.

"This study indicates only the existence of a statistical trend, in which the desire of scientists to find the so-called effect of premonition has an impact on the progress of the experiment and interpretation of the obtained results."

It is possible that the results of similar studies that have found no such effect, were just forgotten. Such data are never published and known to be the only ones that give a positive result

Skeptics believe that the announcement of the results of the research team from northwestern University irrelevant enough to 87 of these unpublished studies have not yielded a positive result.

"When you consider all the experiments on the " premonition", which was held in the scientific laboratories and researchers parapsychologists, this figure fails and unpublished works can be obtained with ease".
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