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Психотронное оружие для использования на массахPsychotronic experiments on unsuspecting people are held in secret for a long time.

Today people play undeclared war of consciousness, which for lack of information, many still do not suspect.
Some countries are already very successful in the development of methods of influence on the mind and nervous system of people with technical means - unfortunately, only to manipulate them for their own purposes.
Among the uses for this technology - short and ultra-short waves, which are broadcast and mobile communications, as well as the infrasonic waves and development, based in part on the experience and findings of the researcher N. Tesla, such as HAARP project in Alaska, which will be discussed.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is translated as generating high-frequency program for the study of Aurora. Under the Avrora is understood phenomena such as the Aurora.

The core of the installation is the so-called ionospheric reflector, which emits radio waves in the ionosphere huge bundles of energy. Without going into technical details, let's mention that the military hope to use this setting for espionage. After the initiation of the ionosphere, the energy is radiated back in the form of infrazvuk uniform waves. The frequency of these waves varies from 0.001 Hz to 40 kHz.
In technical and scientific terms, it looks quite neutral, the possible impact of these frequencies in the mind of man is trying to keep secret. Officially interest in the resulting infrasonic waves due to the fact that with their help it is possible to Shine through the earth's surface to search for mineral deposits, saving on expensive equipment and lining of tunnels.
In addition, they will help to determine the location of submarines. However, nothing is said about what point opponents of the project HAARP: infrasonic waves affect vibrations emitted by the human brain, and can show the human psyche out of balance. The frequency of the waves emitted by the brain, ranging from 0 to 30 Hz, i.e. it is in the interval of infrasonic waves.


Now you know how to modulate infrasonic waves to reach pre-determined and calculated the impact on the human psyche. For example, by acting at a distance, at any given point of the globe to make people fear, depression, euphoria or memory impairment and inability to concentrate.
As for the HAARP project, it is likely that all this is not just undesirable side effects, but quite purposeful use installation as a means to control the population, and in particular of Russia!
Suspicions of the world community over the fact that the infrasonic wave for decades used to influence a larger population in the scales of entire continents, are becoming more reasonable. Obviously, by setting HAARP such influence could become more focused and effective.
Now, what could find on the subject of mass indoctrination, was even more frightening than told in the transfer by ORT "Theory of Probability”.

So, you think the thought that flashed upon you, your?

As already mentioned, psychotronic experiments on unsuspecting people are held in secret for a long time.
Psychotronic weapons can be electroshock and ultrasound, which are used for the destruction of memory and can also have a lethal effect. Influence of low intensity by infrasound (with frequencies below 16 Hz, usually not perceived by ear) calls in subjects nausea, ringing in the ears, blurred vision and instinctive panic. The sound of medium intensity upset the digestive organs and brain, giving rise to paralysis, weakness, and sometimes blindness. Elastic powerful infrasound can damage and even stop the heart.
Psychotronic weapons can be a simple install (made handicraft), like microwaves, with directional radiation, installed behind the wall of the room where the victim of the experiment.

The victim microwave terror appear symptoms such as asthma, headaches, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, insomnia, depression, fatigue, loss of concentration, loss of appetite, problems with the heart and blood pressure and cancer.

Psychotronic influence can be audio or video suggestion. When it was pleasant to object melody is applied repeatedly prevariety text with a slowdown in ten to fifteen times. Consciousness is the text does not accept, because he is after imposing becomes completely invisible. And the subconscious captures and transmits information to the brain as your own. Also with video. This method can be used not only in cinemas and on TV, but, say, stadiums, markets, in metro, in a word, whenever a large concentration of people forcing on a subconscious level to love or hate this or that candidate, or this or that idea.
And finally, the most advanced psychotronic weapons-torsion used for remote radiation. It can not only affect human health, but also to change his mind, character, affections, to convince him that he must do and what he should not do, what is good and bad and even "re-create" man, acting on information system of his DNA. And this man will not be able to critically comprehend the situation and will think that it is his own decision and your own thoughts.
In the 70-ies abroad was reported about the opening of the so-called effect of radiolysis of microwave radiation of low power.” He is, that people who were in a powerful field of broadcasting stations began to hear "inner voices, music, or other sounds.


These symptoms usually disappear after the departure of the person from the zone of radiation. However, when the subject was under tight surveillance, control was carried out everywhere: at home, at work, in transport, and in the country.
Microwave radiation introducing information in the brain. As transmitting radiation source from the generator can be used in communication networks of residential buildings: posting lighting, telephone and radio networks, water pipe, radio, TV, computer In Russia the peak of clandestine experiments "broadcasts in the head", apparently, was in 1990-ies...

- I heard orders that were uttered a strange voice, " said the subject. - He was coming from somewhere inside, like I talked to myself. He said to me: "Raise your left hand! Right!" To execute commands't like it, but some force was literally forced me to do these exercises. And I suddenly began to wave hands, laugh, something to say. I didn't control myself and internally seemed to become someone else. And after disconnecting the computer all over, but a terrible fear.
Major General reserve of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation Boris RATNIKOV:

Indeed, today, the USA have a microwave generators (documents can be seen here in PDF) aimed modulated radiation that can cause "radiosvyaz" in the human mind. The effect is sometimes called the "voice of God". Such surveys Americans annually spend about $ 150 million. According to my data, such developments have recently been renewed with us."

In the ABC News 8.07.2008 in the article by David Hambling - Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise was informed about the work on the device MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) is to disperse the strikers with the help of microwave audio effect, rather "loud”as to cause discomfort or even putting out of operation. So no sound comes through the eardrum, people can't block. The device can send verbal commands directly into the human brain.

The difference MEDUSA from other devices that it has Preconfiguring antenna and can send rays of light as a single entity and group objects simultaneously. Sierra Nevada said that the instance for demonstration will be ready in a year, and 18 months after that the device is ready for use.

Such a device has already been tried to disperse the demonstrators in Tbilisi on 7 November 2007. NTV reporters were interested in seeing the video unknown device in the form of a diamond-shaped plates on the car, which had dismissed the crowd of demonstrators in different directions.

Thanks to journalists became known military psychological device, developed in the USSR and registered in the USSR state Committee on Affairs of inventions as the "Radiowaves". This microwave generator and radiator of electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency and signal shape could lull to sleep with a distance of several tens of kilometers of the whole city.

On the initiative of the US within NATO created a special working group on coordination of development activities in this area in the UK, France, Germany and Denmark. Generators, created the Frankfurt Institute of chemical technology (Germany), are designed to handle large crowds in riots.

According to military experts, the us army using unmanned aircraft capable of using microwave generator to stop a few hundred metres from the shore ships of enemy Marines. According to estimates of the Stockholm international Institute of the problems of the world (SEPR1), in the next two years the US expenditure on the development and procurement of non-lethal weapons will exceed one billion dollars. Control Of The Mind

"Colonel, senior officer of then existed in the USSR KGB first Department of the fifth Directorate of the Committee for foreign economic relations Vladimir NIKIFOROV:

- Before the beam radiobulgaria with the Ostankino TV tower with a width of up to ten centimeters "sewn up" all for hundreds of kilometers, rolling through, as the cord. And it could affect the brains of thousands of people who, getting under him, did not understand what was happening to them. Now such equipment is plopped thousands. For example, close to many country highway are metal masts with beacon on the top or plates-"pancakes". Everyone thinks their installations cellular communication. But actually this is psychoenergy, which are able to instantly relax or even paralyze the irradiated at a distance. However, mass experiments until conducted: the technology is not fully debugged."

This is(ELF towers) tower with a frequency of 3-30 Hz. This frequency is intended for communication with submarines sunk in the depths, where electro-magnetic waves other frequencies are not delivered; studies of the ocean floor and the subsoil of the land. They are not for cellular communication.

Similar in principle, on the basis of a signal of a certain form is an American research station in Alaska HAARP (HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Despite the well-known information about the high-frequency range of HAARP, there is active research in the field of low-frequency radiation). Amplitude modulation of a carrier signal from these stations by low-frequency signals, coinciding with alpha - tetta - rhythms of the human brain can affect health and emotional state of the population of the whole country.
Officially complex ionospheric research (HAARP) built to explore the nature of the ionosphere and development of air and missile defense. It is supposed to use HAARP to detect submarines and subsurface imaging of the subsurface of the planet.
However, HAARP can be used so that in the selected area was completely disrupted air and sea navigation, blocked the radio and radar, out of order on-Board electronic equipment spacecraft, rockets, aircraft and ground systems. In arbitrarily defined area may be terminated using all kinds of weapons and equipment; can .. cause major failure in any electrical grids, oil and gas pipelines.

The radiation energy HAARP can be used to manipulate the weather globally, i.e. to program floods, typhoons and tornadoes, even earthquakes in any region of the planet Earth. And also can be used as psychotronic weapons, i.e. lull to sleep whole communities or lead people in a state of such excitement that they will use violence against each other. To direct a beam of radio broadcasting directly into the brain of the people, so that they will think that you hear the voice of God, or someone who will be leading this radio.

Consequences of use of such weapons are:

1. Mass mental and physical illness up to a lethal outcome.
2. Creating obedient " mass" person by secretive violent manipulation his consciousness and behaviour.
3. The environmental disaster of the planet from irreversible genetic mutations and violations at the gene level.

In my head someone swears mate

And HAARP and towers is part of one big project NASA's Project Blue Beam (Blue Ray). The project involves the creation on the basis of the existing technologies of three-dimensional color spatial holographic projection of the holographic world show based on the appearance of the prophets with light three-dimensional projections in the sky in a huge scale demonstration in accordance with the main religious predisposition population phenomena Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and so on.
The aim is to create a mass illusion that God speaks to people. Further by the impact on the consciousness of wave radiation all fail to think about the need of the one God, as the total of the Savior. In addition to the visual impact must be accompanied by the influence of low-frequency ranges.

According to the prophecies of the Bible, we are fast approaching a New world order - the reign of the Antichrist. The Bible says that his coming "with all power and signs and lying wonders" (2 Thessalonians 2:9)

That is why Jesus warned: " And shall say unto you, lo, here [Christ]", or: "there, there," don't go, and do not take" (Luke 17:23). "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, to seduce, if vozmojno, even the elect. I did tell you beforehand. And so, if they say unto you, behold,He is in the desert, go not forth; behold, He is in the secret chambers; believe it not; For as the lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the son of Man" (Mat:24-27).

Not to go and not to look at the Antichrist will be very reasonable, because hardly anyone will be able to save your "I" after this meeting.

To protect against psychotronic influence can make a simple device. I remember very amused that frame from the movie "Signs",

but it turns out there in such a camouflage sense.

Best seen here. Just foil folds into layers (shiny side up and the inner layer of the head should also be shiny side to the head), then from a rectangle is a cone, and all foil carefully pressed against his head, to avoid any gaps. Then everything is fixed with duct tape. This cap can be under the cap, scarf or wig.

How to calculate the number of layers of foil

The questionnaire (in English.) for those who believe, what is being psychotronic radiation

Helmet warrior Russia

comments are unnecessary.

P.S. for sane:

Explanatory Dictionary Of The Blasphemer:

PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS - weapons of mass destruction. Bioenergy-
power generator, by which the creature carry out the zombie
the formation of a certain part of the population. To do this, use any
the electric heating elements, TV, computer, radio, telephone,
electric lighting. There are devices which can influence
per person at any distance, even from space satellites. Track-
a result of such influence can be the imposition of a certain world-
beliefs and political orientation, loss of health and life.

PSYCHOTROPIC WEAPONS - weapons of mass destruction. To it from
rush: harming the health medications, balanced and RAVINIA-
bathrooms food products, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs
Tiki etc.

About HAARP (as climate weapon) long before him:
In the "Skanda Purana contains several descriptions of the most incredible weapons that can cause a Grand atmospheric and geological disasters: "Then Vishnu...drew a weapon Raudra, under which all becomes invisible”; "Jambha [the head of the army forces] has released an extremely terrible weapon, was named Mousala. From this whole universe was filled with a terrible threshing machines. All of a city of the Gandharvas were defeated by them... Army of the gods on fire together with elephants and chariots -- When his arms were reflected, the great Asura... has released a weapon of Varuna, which could suppress the fire. After that, the sky was filled with clouds, shining forks of lightning, and the earth was covered with hailstones... the universe is filled with torrents of rain... Seeing that weapons Agne suppressed and repulsed, Indra launched incomparable weapons of Viavia. After that the clouds were dispersed. As soon as the accumulation of clouds were dispersed by force of arms Viavia, the sky was deprived of darkness, and became like the blue petal Lotus.

On psychotronic weapons in the Mahabharata (about the death of flying city Chernabura):
Matali delivered Arjun in the heavenly chariot to Hiranyapura. Seeing him, danavas began to fly out of there on his heavenly chariot (not true - this story reminds me the episodes of the star wars movies!). Then Arjuna "powerful avalanche weapons... blocked this formidable stream. He made them tremble, while surfing the chariot of the battlefield, and... danavas began to strike one another”.

In the Indian Vedas mention of such weapons, as:
Moss - weapons, leading to loss of consciousness;
Tamar is a tool that creates havoc in the ranks of the enemy;
Murchadha is one of the five arrows Candace, leading to disconnection of perception;
Muladhara - Grand illusion
Mali is a weapon that holds or associates.
Mahamaya - great magical illusion or a weapon of falsehood.
Modane - intoxicating weapons.
Widyadhara - weapons, exalting, belongs to the Vidyadharas
Filapina - a weapon that causes repentance
Vinitza - a weapon that causes drowsiness
Dharmapala - weapon that can bind the enemy
Kandarpa weapons, stimulating libido, so named after the God of love, Candace
Nandan weapon, causing a feeling of joy, which use the Vidyadharas.
Nirala - weapons, depriving courage.
Presupune - weapons, blood-creeping sleep.
Rakshasa - weapon demons, destroys luck, courage or the life of the enemy
Sumanasa - weapon working on the mind.
Svapna - arms, sinking into sleep
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