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Лак для волос - сигнал для пришельцев?The real prospects of space exploration is now seen as the colonization of Mars. Probably, sooner or later it will happen. Here only in order to place a colony or inhabited base, will create the conditions close to the earth. So we have to terraforming Red planet is to change its climatic conditions artificially.

In order to reach Mars, you want to be dispersed only to 1/10 000 superluminal speed and then slow down... On this trip fuel needed much less than on the way to distant planets. But even in spacesuits we couldn't stand on the red planet for too long - too its climate differs from the earth! However, this is not a problem - you can try to correct it. That is to terraforming planet.

Territorialnye called changing climatic conditions cosmic body to bring the atmosphere, temperature and environmental conditions in the condition, habitable earth organisms. The term "territorialnye" was invented in 1942 by science fiction writer Jack Williamson. Since this concept is at the level of theoretical ideas.

Territorialnye offered as one option "save" humanity in case of deterioration of the situation on the Ground - ecosystem crisis, overcrowding, and so on. The solution could be the resettlement of humanity or part of it to other planets, but for this they will have to be adapted to people. For example, a planet with high temperatures can be cooled by arranging artificial nuclear winter. And the planet of low temperatures, on the contrary, heat using aimed nuclear strikes in deposits hydrates, which will lead to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Alas, not all of the planets suitable for TERRITORIALNIY and settlement. So, in the Solar system is unsuitable for this are gas giants, no solid surface and high gravity, and increased radiation background. Mars is another matter, our nearest planet of the earth type.

How can happen, territorialnye? First of all, in the Martian atmosphere should appear greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide for this is not good because its greenhouse properties too weak, and methane will quickly disintegrate under the influence of sunlight... More acceptable variant is the lowest chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). It is believed that they are responsible for 13-25 percent of the greenhouse effect on Earth. Moreover, they are non-toxic and, thus, is not dangerous to humans. And it will take them not so much.

If the experiment on writing CFCs in the atmosphere of the red planet will be completed successfully, the new element will provoke anthropogenic warming: when raising the temperature by several degrees will melt "caps" of carbon dioxide ice at the poles into a gas that will fix powerful greenhouse effect.

In addition, experts, CFCs can serve as infallible token presence on the planet developed life. The fact that these connections do not occur naturally: they are the product of intelligent activity of man, as, for example, this chemical substance, such as hairspray, as is known, in nature, it "not found".

"Artificial heat of the body outside of the habitability may also be a sign of intelligence, believes astrobiology Sanjay Soms from the scientific community Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. - Assume that a few thousand years later people terraforming Mars... Then reasonable alien species will find our Solar system, and you will find the Ground, and in addition exploring composition of the Martian atmosphere of the planet, which must be outside the habitable zone of Sun, and will record the increased concentration of greenhouse gases (except for water vapor and oxygen). This system will be a serious indicator of reasonable civilization".

According to experts, to detect CFCs in a planetary atmosphere is pretty easy: on the absorption properties of their light they are very different from substances of natural origin. Another thing is that modern telescopes are still not able to track these spectral radiation. But the orbital next-generation hardware, most likely, will be capable of it.
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