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50 удивительных фактов о вашей кожеTell me where you can find the following: 19 million cells, 625 sweat glands, 90 fat glands, 65 hairs, 6 meters of blood vessels and 19 thousand sensory cells? Answer: 7 cm2 human skin! Human skin is the largest organ of the person (approximately 16 % of total body weight) and in total covers an area of 20 square feet. Your skin has a lot of various protective and metabolic functions, stabilizing your body.

The structure of human skin

1. The skin is the largest organ in the human body

2. If to stretch the skin of the average person, it will occupy an area of 2 square meters

3. The skin is about 15 percent of your body weight.

4. There are two types of skin: and hairless hairy

5. Your skin has three layers:

the epidermis is water-repellent and dead layer

-derma - hair and sweat glands

-subcutaneous fat - fat and large blood vessels

6. Every inch of your skin has a certain elasticity and strength, depending on location. So the skin on the knuckles different from the skin on the abdomen.

7. On the fabric of the scar no hair and sweat glands

8. The thinnest your skin on the eyelids is about 0.2 mm

9. The thick skin on your feet is about 1.4 mm

Human hair

10. The person on average 100,000 hairs on the head. People with blond hair about 140 000 hairs, dark-haired - 110 000, and in red about 90 000.

11. Each hair has a little muscle that raises hair with cold and different emotional States

12. Body hair grow 2 to 6 years

13. We lose 20 to 100 hairs per day

Dead skin

14. Keratin forms the outer, dead layer of skin and nails

15. More than 50 percent of dust in the house consists of dead skin

16. Every 28 days, your skin updated

17. Lipids are natural fat that support the outer layer of the skin hydrated and healthy. Detergents and alcohol destroy lipids.

18. Every minute the skin loses more than 30 000 dead cells

19. With age, we begin to shed their skins less. In children older cells faster reset. That's why kids this pink fresh complexion

Bacteria on the skin

20. Skin produces about 500 ml of sweat a day.

21. The pot has no smell, and it is thanks to the bacteria appears body odor.

22. Your skin is a microcosm, in which live more than 1000 species of bacteria and about 1 billion individual bacteria.

23. Glands that produce earwax, a special sweat glands.

24. On average you have between your toes lives of about 14 species of fungi.

Melanin pigment and color of human skin

25. Skin color is a result of action of a protein called melanin. Great skin cells in the form of tentacles - melanocytes produce and distribute the pigment melanin.

26. People have the same amount of melanin cells. Different skin color is a result of their activity, not quantity.

27. Human skin varies greatly in different parts of the world. According known classification - scale Luchana there are 36 of the basic types of a person's skin color.

28. 1 of the 110 000 people is an albino, that is, he has no melanin cells.

29. Melanin is also responsible for the color of the eyes and the skin covering his eyes, clear and very sensitive.

30. Permanent skin color the child develops in approximately 6 months.

Acne and skin treatment

31. The cause of acne or pimples - excessive production of the cells lining the sweat glands.

32. Even kids suffer from acne. Some newborn acne appears in the first few weeks of life. The cause of baby acne is not completely known, but it doesn't require treatment, and runs itself.

33. About 80% or 4 of 5 teenagers face acne.

34. But this is a problem not only of adolescence. One of the 20 women and one out of 100 men suffering from acne in adult life

35. The emergence of boil associated with staphylococcal bacteria. It penetrates into tiny cuts in the skin, getting into the hair follicles.

The appearance of human skin

Bed and skin texture says about your health. When illness skin pale, and when fatigue there are bags under the eyes.

One negative impact on the condition of the skin, depriving it of oxygen and nutrients, slowing the blood flow, as well as contributing to the appearance of wrinkles.

La shivsena very quickly. Because the top layer of the skin is living tissue, the body starts immediately to bring about healing. Blood from a cut forms a crust and seals the wound.

Moles and freckles

39. Most moles genetically predetermined before our birth.

40. People who have more moles on the body, live longer and look younger than those with smaller moles.

41. Almost everyone has at least one mole.

42. Moles can appear anywhere, including the genitals, scalp and language.

43. Freckles most often occur in people with light skin color.

44. Freckles pale in the winter, because melanin is produced in large quantities during the winter months.

45. Freckles can be red, yellow, light brown and dark brown.

46. Unlike moles, freckles not appear at birth, they appear after the person was exposed to sunlight.

What vitamins needed for the skin?

47. Vitamin cures skin damage from sun exposure with cellulite

48. Vitamin D reduces rashes and lesions

49. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that restores vitamin E and protects from the sun

50. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects against sun damage and aging.

Source: www.beautyflash.co.uk
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