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Гибкий сматрфон от Samsung поступит в продажу в 2013Samsung is so long "scares" all of us his promises to make a breakthrough in the technology of production of mobile phones, releasing the so-called flexible phone that we have become accustomed to it similar to the statements, perceiving them as a normal futuristic projects.

However, it seems that Samsung finally matured, and the first flexible smartphone will appear on sale already in 2013 year!

For flexible smartphones will go flexible TVs

Those who first heard about the notion of flexible mobile phone might like to know that, in fact, all futurists and forecasters that applies to the development of mobile technologies and various gadgets, have long been predicting this future phones, laptops and even televisions. It is considered that flexibility will be implemented through the use of plastic instead of glass (at least the first time).

I must say that not one Samsung is working on the introduction of a new concept. I remember quite a washed-promotional video from Nokia, demonstrating the conceptual view of the company for the future of their products. However, unlike Nokia, Samsung seems to have gone less time from appearing conceptual video on the Internet to the moment of realization of the project.

Flexible displays will provide incredible strength

In addition to a futuristic design, the new concept promises incredible strength of your phone. Let's start with the fact that the device cannot be broken, not only accidentally dropped him on the floor, but if you beat him with a hammer, which clearly demonstrates the corresponding video. Much of the incredible plasticity of the display, which can literally be bent into a tube, and say no.

The producers promise to use his offspring the most recent technical developments. Some of the technologies that will be used in the new conceptual smartphone, yet only continue to improve. However, judging by the date of the official release of flexible smartphone, the company's experts are confident in the success of their implementation to date."

While Samsung is working, that is, tirelessly, we gradually get acquainted with the spread portions information on the new phone. However already now it is known that the device will be called the Galaxy Skin, and his incredibly flexible OLED screen of flexible polymers will have a resolution of 800 by 400 pixels.

Source: nextbigfuture.com
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