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"Пожалуйста, прости меня" - и все проблемы решены!We all go through life from point a to point B. Point And is where we are now. B - where we want to go and how we want to be.

All of us on the way is an obstacle. It can be big or small, but has it all. This is our past negative experience, our fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, blocks, injury, the negative influence of others, and much more. The obstacle is not around and through him not to jump. And how much would we not visualized our dreams, no matter how many repeating affirmations, the result, unfortunately, is zero. Or almost zero. Why? Because you need some way to get rid of the accumulation of the past, preventing the onset of a desirable future. The more negative, the energy body harder, the harder something easy and light to break through it.

How to deal with this obstacle?

More than 8 years ago, wanting to improve their health, I became interested and began to study the system proposed by Ludmila Grigorievna Puchko in her books "Dowsing for all", "Multidimensional medicine", "Radiostations the knowledge of man. System self-diagnosis, self-healing, and self-realization of man" and "Multidimensional people. A new highly effective algorithm of self-healing of human rights and treatment of animals". This method is based on identifying the root causes of diseases with the help of biolocation (radiesthesia, and in a simple pendulum) and the elimination of these causes so-called vibration.

Immensely grateful L.G. Puchko. I opened a new world. Within a short period of time it is possible to understand the causal link of their problematic situations and to act consciously. Since this all started. I studied and practiced for themselves and their families. Then ask those who in one way or another learned about this possibility. Worked enough experience. I am now firmly convinced that the disease can be fully heal only cause, psycho-emotional level. Other treatment - only the withdrawal symptoms.

Gradually, it was understood that this method can be applied for the solution of other problems, not only on health. After all, the reasons for intricate complex relations, lack of money, lack of personal life, unsuccessful career and many other problems are the same underlying causes: negative thoughts, negative emotions, karmic knots, the ancestral curse, various negative programs, and more. Troubleshooting these reasons, the situation gradually and very explicitly to improve. I started working in this direction. The results are inspiring.

However, the methods of building vibration series was very laborious and time consuming. I was looking for other ways and went to Ho"'oponopono (so-called Hawaiian code of forgiveness). It worked just fine. After some time I began to feel the energy and then on his own experiences learned how magnificent this method. 4 formula, 4 phrases Ho"'oponopono "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you" completely erase all the negative.

Thus, gradually born, my author's technique of combining the identification of the root causes of human problems by the method of radiesthesia and elimination of these reasons, energy effects with the use of Ho"'oponopono.

At the moment I feel any reason as a kind of distortion, imbalance and its impact correct this distortion, this is to bring to a state of Purity, Harmony. Man feels relief, improvement, and gradually and care disturbing his problem.

The technique I like its versatility, you can get the results right in many ways. For example (all the examples from my practice), male, 41 years old, never married. After you identify and resolve the root causes breakthrough: a promotion, salary increase, after 2 months it had bride. Why changes occurred not only in private life but also in other areas? Because everything is interconnected. And the things that have been removed, had an influence on many aspects of the life of this man.

Doing themselves, their friends, and then their surroundings, I began to understand how logical and fair, everything is arranged. Indeed, we are fully responsible for everything that happens in our lives. Again examples from my practice (all terms and names of the works L.G. Puchko):

- young person cannot find a good job - the reasons: the earthly spirit "frightened", black magic patterns, aura essence "sloth", "self-programming", sin "laziness", negative thoughts;
- computer addiction teenager - programs "hatred", TRANS", "the subordination of the particular interests of a", various earthly spirits and aura essence;
- partial impotence and infertility - generic curse for "sodomite rule";
- obesity is a chronic stress, sin "gluttony", karmic sin "anger, irritation", negative emotions;
- business failure - generic curse of sin "failure promised, return of debts"program "envy", "malice", various black magic patterns, cliches imposed behavior.

Picture, as you see, clear, and this can work.

All problems in humans arise out of conduct, the wrong attitude to this world and to each other. The correct attitude to everything around - a guarantee that all will be well.

All fixable! Just need to take the responsibility to act!

Some examples:

Boy, age 4: "At his sister 1.5 years viral infection. I was approached when the boy suddenly became very bad: the higher the temperature, weakness, headache. Revealed the existence of engram identity", no virus. That is, looking at the child, one of the closest made a thought, that my sister is sick, so soon you'll get it. Happened identification. Once engram was removed, just in a few minutes the child jumped saying "Grandma, I think I already recovered!" A striking case! Almost immediate improvement!"

The woman, 50 years old: "Whole life suffered from a sudden bouts of low pressure (weakness, cold sweat, dizziness, nausea), sometimes in the most inappropriate moment. The same thing her mother, aunts, previously was my grandmother. Identified ancestral curse on a female line. After removing the ancestral curse such phenomena more never happened again".

The young man, 26 years old: "Stuttered since childhood, particularly in moments of excitement (fright after dog attack). From offered good work-related negotiations, was forced to abandon. The day before his own wedding by happy coincidence (I was a guest) got rid of stuttering. Said at the wedding fine speech. Proud and happy".

Boy, 3.5 years: "is a very active boy. Persistent injuries, covered with bruises, bumps and scars. So much so, that in the garden he pinched her finger with such force that was amputation. The child was identified earthly spirit called "Traumatized shell". After the expulsion of the spirit, everything stopped".

The reasons given in these examples, are not the only, but they are the key. Although it also happens that the problem plaguing man for years, is solved very quickly. But most of all it is some work. The negative is removed layer by layer. This is evidenced L.G. Puchko, confirms the same and my own experience.

If You want to solve their own problems, I recommend to use the proposed method. For this you need to look for the causes of problem situations in the past. If You do not own the pendulum, you can help intuition, or just create such a request and a response You will receive in the form of tips, insights. And then you must erase the negative.

This method really works. I wish You Success!

Aishat (Ufa)
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