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Ученым удалось исследовать ДНК «снежного человека»Do scientists have finally proved empirically the existence of "Yeti"?!

Within five years, a group of American researchers under the guidance of the head of the laboratory of DNA-diagnostics of the state of Texas doctor Melby Ketchum izuchala 109 biological samples collected throughout the US and Canada, such as hair, pieces of skin, blood, and saliva mysterious creatures

In the result, the scientists managed to sequence DNA "Bigfoot". Just been sequenced more than 30 mitochondrial genomes and received 3 full genome mysterious creatures.

About atomsmasher candidate of historical Sciences, Director of the International center of hominology Igor Burtsev, gained access to the research results.

As the scientists, "Bigfoot" is a hybrid of man and of a certain unknown to science being close to the primates. According mitochondrial DNA samples, hybridization has occurred not earlier than tisyach years ago.

"I do not exclude the assumption that seem absolutely fantastic. In hybridization could participate aliens visiting Earth. Very unusual DNA detected in investigated in the USA samples," said Burtsev about the origin of "Yeti".

Currently preparing to publish the full study report.
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