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НАСА публикует свежие фото ТефииНАСА публикует свежие фото ТефииНАСА публикует свежие фото ТефииНАСА публикует свежие фото Тефии

June 28, the American spacecraft Cassini passed by the time tefii - moon of Saturn diameter of 1 062 km, which is almost entirely made of ice.

Tefia covered with craters of all sizes, and the largest of them - the Odyssey, which lies in the Northern hemisphere 450 km, i.e. covers nearly two-fifths of the satellite surface!

That's strange, because such an attack was to destroy Tepeu, but here she is in the photos Cassini is intact. Perhaps the fact that in those days, when formed Odyssey, Tafia was partially melted, and therefore could absorb some of the energy of the impact. There was only "scar" - as an eternal reminder. As we can see, the Central peak of the crater collapsed, leaving the cavity: another sign that the satellite was not quite solid at the moment of collision.

The satellite goes around Saturn at a distance of 294 660 km From this proximity Tefia subject to a particularly strong influence of tidal forces, which probably made her longer to cool more distant moons. So on the surface time tefii smaller craters than, say, a Yard or Dion.

Everything that you see here are the raw image showing Tepeu from a distance of 68 521 km
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