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Неизвестная энергия управляет развитием ВселеннойAstronomical discoveries of recent times have shown the presence in space is not available devices of energy, which controls the course of development of the Universe. About it declared today the Director of the main astronomical Observatory of Ukraine, member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and many foreign academies Yaroslav Yatskiv.

Observations, in his words, is available only 7% of the existing in the Universe of matter. It is the Moon, Earth, planets, galaxies, stars. About 16% of the matter is dark matter, the existence of which proved, but they are still not investigated. Perhaps this is the neutrino mass, or unknown to science particles or galaxies. "The rest, " said Yatskiv, is a kind of mysterious dark energy".

"The last observation in the open space opened the antigravity and fluctuations elektrokhimicheskogo background, which suggests that the Universe is something that is responsible for the development scenario of the Universe" - said the academician. He stressed that far from mystics and would not be called a mysterious energy by the universal mind, the Creator or God. "It is unknown to science property space" - said Yatskiv.

He reminded that Einstein used in their equations certain conditional lambda member, but considered him his error. "But now we know that it is responsible for dark energy" - said Yatskiv.

He is one of the founders of the highest mountains and the second largest in Russia Observatory at the peak Terskol in the Elbrus region. The Observatory operates within the International Centre for astronomical, medical and ecological research, established by the Academies of Sciences of Russia, Ukraine and the government of Kabardino-Balkaria in 1992.
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