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Как узнать метеоритFor the year to the surface of the Earth is falling not less than thousands of meteorites, but scientists are few. Almost all of them found by chance. There are three main class of meteorites. Iron are solid pieces of iron-Nickel alloy. Zhelezorudnye remind metal sponge, filled with silicate material. On Earth these rocks do not occur. Stone meteorites to know more difficult. Securely to do it at the company. However, the simplest features of meteorites can be specified.

1. Higher density: meteorites harder than granite or sedimentary rocks

2. On the surface of meteorites is often visible regality - smoothed depressions, like dents fingers on clay.

3. Sometimes oriented form: a meteorite similar to blunt head of the projectile.

4. In the fresh copies visible dark, thin (about 1 mm) melting crust.

5. The fracture is often grey color, which is sometimes noticeable small (about 1 mm) ball - Hendry.

6. The majority are polished section shows blotches of metallic iron.

7. Notable magnetization: the compass deviates markedly.

8. Over time oxidized in the air, with brown, rust color.

9. The iron meteorites on the polished and ProTrainer acid terms often appear widmanstatten figures - large crystals of metal.

Good to know also what the meteorites do not happen.

1. Meteorites never fused through like slag and have no inside bubbles, empty caverns.

2. No lamination, often observed in the shale, Sandstone, Armaveni rocks.

3. No carbonate rocks like chalk, limestone, dolomite.

4. No fossils: shell prints of fossil fauna, etc.

5. The meteorites are no large crystal structure, such as granite

6. Meteorites fall not hot and can cause burns, fire.

7. Fall is almost vertically, so the window of meteorites can't fly.

8. If you saw bolide, it means that the meteorite fell away from you, many miles. So in the neighborhood to find him not worth it.

Meteorites are very great scientific value, as they are extraterrestrial substance. In the event of findings of their need to save and send to the scientific institutions. Academy of Sciences of Russia awards of the persons who brought her meteorites. If there is a necessity to check the meteoric origin of any of the sample, it should be broken away or to cut off a piece of 50-100 g and send it to: 117313, Moscow, street Maria Ulyanova, 3, Committee on meteorites of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

Do not worry if you do not find the meteorite: it can a few.
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