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Новый метод позволил обнаружить сотни гигантских чёрных дыр из ранней ВселеннойResearchers from the University of Cambridge (UK) used a new method to detect black holes, hidden powerful gas-dust clouds. Its essence is in the monitoring of the interaction with BH galaxies in which they reside.
Kvazar ULASJ1002+137. One of the 12 whose existence is established British astronomers . Nearly 400 candidates are waiting for verification. (Photo Manda Banerji et al.)

Among the findings highlights ULASJ1234+0907. This object from the constellation of Virgo is so far that radiation from the surrounding BH region took 11 billion years to reach Earth. Although this BH at least five times over the age of Sagittarius A* (the largest black holes in our Galaxy), it weighs in 10 thousand times more approximately 10 billion solar masses, and in General is one of the most massive black hole, known to science.

To some extent this is intriguing because it indicates that feeding of black holes in the early Universe was in tens of thousands of times more intense than in our Galaxy that still does not fit in any of the known model of development of black holes.

Applying similar techniques to other sectors has about 400 candidates in supermassive black holes in the early Universe. "Most BH this type are observed by [radiation] the matter that they attract, " notes Dr. cunt Banerjee, lead author of the work. Although the BH studied for some time, the new results indicate that the most massive holes can still hidden from our eyes."

The fact that BH, the most intensively absorbing matter, should gather around himself more gas and dust, and therefore, above a certain level of "gluttony", the larger the black hole, the harder it is to detect.

A similar situation is seen in closer to us galaxies. So, Margaryan-231, located at 600 million light years from Earth (excluding inflation), contains in its center it is this growing BH. However, there is a bright x-ray glow coming through dust cloud that allows you to record an object by traditional means.

For detection of hidden dust supermassive BH Cambridge astronomers used the UK infrared telescope that record abnormal heating, which is caused by the interaction of BH with huge clouds of matter in the centres of the galaxies. "These results are particularly interesting because it shows that our new infrared instruments are able to look for a supermassive black hole, which sees no optics," says the study co-author Professor Richard McMahon.

As astronomers believe, further observations of the microwave radiation in these areas BH using telescopes Atacama Large Millimeter Array (Chile) will help to more deeply investigate the processes of absorption of a substance supermassive black holes and clear the nature of such a rapid formation of such objects,

The research report will soon appear in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, and with its Preprint available here.

Based on the materials of the Royal astronomical society.
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