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Как будет выглядеть черная дыра на достаточно близком расстоянии?Astronomers have published the first images of how they think they will look black hole, but recognize that they do not yet have the necessary technology to test his theory.

Black holes are invisible, because not even light, can escape their gravitational attraction.

But it is considered, that the borders around them, the point of no return is called the event horizon, should be visible that could allow to understand how it sucks in the matter.

The image was made by scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, and then presented at 221 meeting of the American astronomical society.

As shown in the figure, it is expected that the first picture of the black hole will take the form of a Crescent, and not the bubble, as it mainly represent. According to scientists, it is not just the result of their imagination. This image is based on a model that astronomers use to prepare for the interpretation of the images that will be available through the device that is currently under construction.

A new project called the Event Horizon Telescope will combine their own observation with a worldwide network of radio telescopes to obtain data on space objects that are too small to be seen with conventional technologies.

Ultimately, astronomers hope to use the first pictures of the constellation Sagittarius A, to weigh a black hole at the center of our galaxy. They also hope to prove certain aspects of the General theory of relativity, which still have not received my confirmation.
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