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Бетельгейзе готовится к столкновениюSeveral arcs identified around Betelgeuse is closest to the Land of the red supergiant - in a new image taken by the space Observatory "Herschel". The star and her curved shields may encounter the mysterious dust "wall" five thousand years.

Betelgeuse is "sitting" on the "shoulder" of the constellation Orion. This orange-red star can be seen to the naked eye in the winter night sky of the Northern hemisphere above and slightly to the left of the three stars of Orion's Belt that nothing be confused.

Betelgeuse is about a thousand times more than the Sun and shines a hundred thousand times brighter. For this exciting statistics have to pay a high price. Most likely, the star is on its way to becoming a supernova, lazdovskis and lose a significant part of the outer layers.

New data obtained "Herschel" in the far-infrared part of the spectrum, give an idea about how stellar winds collide with the surrounding interstellar medium, creating a headache shock wave. Note that Betelgeuse carried in space at a speed of about 30 km/s

The number of dust arc in the direction of motion of the star indicates the turbulent history of the emissions of the material.

Closer to the star of the inner shell of this material demonstrates a pronounced asymmetrical structure. Large convection cells in the outer atmosphere, probably, have led in the past to the local "lumpy" dust emissions at different stages of the history of Betelgeuse.

Further from the stars, dust arcs can be considered an interesting line education. Early hypotheses explained this band release of the material in the previous phase of stellar evolution, but a new image analysis suggests that it is either something to do with the magnetic field of the Galaxy, or the edge of a nearby interstellar clouds, illuminated Betelgeuse.

If this band is a separate object, whereas the movement of Betelgeuse and its arches, and the distance between them and the band, we can predict that the arc will face her just five thousand years, and a red supergiant runs into this mysterious education about 12,5 thousand years later.

Based on the materials of the European space Agency.
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