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Вампирский пир"The dream I dream once. The coffin among apartments. On my pohorona - gathered vampires. Steel speech to say, Yes all about longevity. Blood sucking decided to wait a little. Delicious, third," - sung in his cheerful "the Scarecrow" Vsemily.

So, vampires! The fashion for "the vampire"seems to have reached its apogee. Needless to say, vampirism now everywhere, economic, political, and social and sexual each. All strenuously something sucked off, pokazyvaut and nakazyvaet...

Wrote, first vampire "General", common(blood-sucking), then about more modern, "energolesprom", but soon switched already on "informowanie" and "psychomania", age takes its toll. Each periodical sought to outdo the other in "scientific researches" ecology(that is to say, life and life) vampires and saturate this topical theme truly insatiable interest.

We have already touched upon, once, on this topic, now let's touch again. To some extent, "guide" let here will serve as a small(very soft-hearted, but is terrible) children's book "Tale of painting brushes"(Vsetkych, Gebastelt. M., The Young Guard, 1957).

Unlike many of writing about vampires, which deals with medieval castles and everything happens at least in the XIX century, here it is happening in our country, in our modern society, in which clarifies the book, formed the whole secret of the Assembly invisible vampire, of course, very suspicious and angry.

Rules evil this magic Kingdom, aasumetsa, king, His Majesty, the Vampire XVI.

"Vampiir XVI was the dark of the kings and all the time grumbled that his subjects lacking convenient ruins. He liked to say:

"We need to have a hundred thousand ruins that each provide a decent dark corner..."

So, now, "pischa"or "pussy"?) about vampires, modern povestvovatel and even do not know that many of their terrible literary findings, planting vampires in modern society, in principle, a long time ago used.

Began a good children's book also quite modern, with turnout at the apartment evil magic to the agent the Abracadabra(silnomu, for a minor fault in light our society SMEs) another dismal figures(see Fig.2), resident:

"On the threshold stood he whom he waited. Comming was grey dress, gray dress shoes, grey shirt, gray tie. He had grey eyes and grey hair. He was holding grey cane.

It was convenient. He could easily disappear in the dust, at dusk or in the fog on weekdays and was imperceptible. And only on this street, where all sparkled with variegated colours, he had to fear that you will see him. So he went in, and ran. And only when the old man(agent Abracadabr - AA) has closed the door on the hooks, and the bars, spoke.

"Well? "he asked.

In the Kingdom of evil magicians all knew when the man in the gray says "now" : means that their hours and even minutes were numbered. His name was Big brown long-eared bat, and he was the messenger of the Great King..."

Good children's tale with ugly characters was fun illustrated scary pictures of the artist Skupinova, in comparison with which fade all the modern tales of the guardians of vampirism. But, by the way, what do they now write?

Creepy "black" subject "sucking" blood, energy, information and things proved to be extremely fruitful, and, most importantly, artistic photogenic. You can draw any monster and say that it's a vampire, which was, say, to the citizen Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, at 7.30 in the street Fruit, near the grocery store on July 16. And everyone will be happy.

However, the first vampirology great imagination was not different. They strenuously "was aspirated" material from each other, "Pereira" the same novel, Dracula. Here they are, just a few late as "the Legend of Dracula commander"(Prince Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia, now Romania) was made back in the 80's of the XV century, a member of the Russian Embassy Fedor Kuritsyn, that is, "from nature"(see e.g. Goji I.K. the History of Ancient Russian literature. M., 1953; History of Russian literature XI-XVII centuries. M., 1985, and others)

The name "Dracula"in which fear and terrible dragon" and bloodthirsty "shark", in General, not compound, and means, simply "the devil"(can be translated as "son of the dragon"). In these stories, one by one, lists the episodes twisted envy Dracula, his peculiar "svechi" and a special benefit.

Although now Dracula called "the vampire"(based on what already written dozens of books, plays and movies), real Prince human blood, nevertheless, did not drink. Another thing is that when, say, to him(by ' Story") was a Turkish ambassadors and, bowing, as was their custom, not stripped heads FEZ, he told... to beat these caps nails to the head to the "back", so such irreverent custom.

Angered Turkish Sultan has collected a large army. Dracula, however, attacked them at night, and they killed many, but he had been forced to retreat as enemies. However, it "back" to their soldiers. Having examined them, he generously gave those wounds were front(for bravery), and those who were behind them as fugitives, told stake, saying "thou art not a man, but the wife"(that is, "not a soldier you are, and Baba").

Dracula, as well as writers, great imagination was no different and is mainly planted on a number of military Commanders, however, to count with gilded top. The stakes, with still living enemies arranged for a change at intersections, along roads and near other public places.

In our time, in scientific terms, "the vampire" call of the blood-sucking bats("dermody"). Among humans, vampires, fortunately, are not found, of course, if not to take into account absolutely horrible cases of eating moron-intellectual own mistresses, tourist - homeless, alcoholics - his drinking companion(for lack of snacks), cutting off male body renegade man, nibble your ear to a policeman, and so on . But this, literary correct to call "cannibalism" and "sadism".

Since no real vampires was quickly discovered, with the light hand of interviewers, proudly call themselves " psychics"(that is, "sverkhchistykh"nearly "swierzawski"), in press was full of the message "energotamir", energoparitet.

It certainly is not about prokofievna pipeline or about detaching secret wire on the garden plot. We are talking about the attempt on "bioenergy". What is this energy, electrical, magnetic, chemical, etc , hapless the scribbler, however, was not told(illiteracy).

However, here it is easy to guess yourself. Touched You bare cold knees somewhere in the bus - it's all over, steal your energy in the form of heat! Eloped saleswoman extra hundred grams of sugar - all, kidnapped energy in chemical terms! Sat down in front of You a big wheezing uncle pipe, steals energy, which is so important in the exchange of oxygen!

With "energoaktivami" the case went bouchee. In addition, some "psychics" hastened to declare, that give and take "power"(stnoe word, very, very) can and inanimate objects: stones, trees, houses, everything.

Experimentally this test is easy. Sat on the cold options menu back - he had taken from you energy(in the form of heat). Put two fingers in the socket - added his energy...

And yet, that is certainly not "cornered", psychics, Perestroikas, talking about "informowanie" and "psixovniy"(spy Shtirlits, in this case - a vampire!). Here they smoothly jumped in the area "contactology" man to man.

Indeed. Here You are with someone met. Said Hello. Talked about the weather, about the television series. And he stands silent, mumbles, like "pulls" of your information. And begin, you all lay. So, before you - informovani.

Or - another. Comes to You friend. And starts to whine, whine, complain that things are not so, that I want to commit suicide. You rush to comfort him, waste energy, and he sits satisfied with his fucking. All - psixovniy.

Subjects? Here - tree, pine, spruce, Linden. About the fact that they emit chemicals "volatile" - psychics deliberately not remember. No-o-o! The tree releases(or absorb) "power"(stupid word, formless, stupid).

Or - paint. What colors are good and bad - everyone knows, no one will buy delicious smelling doll or chair(how many wrote about industrial poisons, about radioactive sources accidentally somewhere "forgotten" etc).

But that on the icon, too, have ink,, "accidentally"(specifically, simply), forget it. And, it turns out, the icon "radiates energy"(and not just "smells", vaporizes biologically active substances, which, it would seem easier to say).

The book is already divided on "black" and "white". At the same notorious "power"(not all explaining the term!).

Or, say, radio or TV. There is transfer "white"supplying "power" and transfer "black", the "power" consuming, "suction".

A vivid example of such radio programs can be found in the same children's story, the story "Tale of painting brushes", about the evil magician Abracadabra and royaltyCSOs messenger Great Ushana:

"Hung a little(upside down, for convenience, as it is in bat - AA) wizards already wanted to roll over and do business, when suddenly in the corner croaked the radio and heard a squeaky voice Royal speaker:

- Listen to manifest the Great King Vampire XVI-th...

And then came the voice of Korla, very similar to atmospheric discharges..."

The king's speech was, accordingly, the ugly and very psycho-vampire. It began, as they say, for the health - "Comes historic time"and ended - for the repose: "Forward to the complete darkness!"

However, it is said to donate blood still - useful(the author of these lines has already passed eight times), leeches - rejuvenate and mosquitoes literally beneficial.

As for the movie "Dracula"(based on the novel by Bram Stoker), then in the hospital, city Auckland(Norway), local donors his show for free!
However, do not report to "vampirismo" or after?...
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