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Пирамиды в… Англии Several years ago a group of Russian scientists returned from England, where he studied... pyramids, according to D. Vasilyev. We used to think that such buildings as the pyramids, characterized primarily for Egypt and Mexico, but it turned out I was wrong. The pyramid is in the Canary Islands, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru. Mounds built in Russia by our ancestors, too, can be called pyramids.

These amazing structures were erected in the places of the Earth's surface powerful energy flows. But what design they were constructed, depended on the quality of their effects on humans. Quite often, while on the pyramid, one feels a positive impact, and once inside, after some time perishes.

It turns out that people for the existence needs a certain energy level of the environment. When it is too high, this can have a detrimental effect on his health.

In England there is an amazingly beautiful place with non-English name of Pena de Bernal. The mountain, which is there, its outline resembles a pyramid. Next to it is the village in which people live to a hundred and more years, never get sick and are characterized by amazing stamina. In the neighbouring village of long-livers no, human life is there not exceed 75 to 80 years. Numerous the biolocation, who came in Pena de Bernal, found that mountain radiates useful to the human body energy just to the side of village of long-livers. But inside the mountain there is, apparently, the adverse power turbulence. Previously, there existed several mines on extraction of emeralds and gold. But then it turned out that the miners working inside the mountain, die like flies. About a year later, after people went inside mountains, their way of life was over. And now, despite the fact that valuable minerals are deposited not deeply wishing to work in the mines is not.

Pyramid tower at Glastonbury

Known another interesting case. In Mexico there is the pyramid of the Graph, which at one time settled and for two years he lived a French count Waldek, famous for his extravagant actions. During his stay on the pyramid count experienced a whirlwind romance with a local woman, and then, after this love adventure, returned home. They say that Waldek after their stay on the pyramid was in good health and he died at the age of 109 years, and not from old age, and fell under the crew on the Champs Elysees, tried to catch up with a pretty lady.

Studying the effect of the pyramids on the human body, our scientists together with the American expert in the field of dowsing signal Legroom rose on glastonberry. This pyramid in England, on top of which, at the point of intersection of the lines of force, is windswept an ancient tower. The weather was rainy, the researchers was wrapped in a warm jacket. And now they had a strange figure: barefoot man with long hair blowing in rags, barely covered his nakedness, rapidly crossed the road on which were scientists, and disappeared, as if dissolved in the air. Nearby is quite successful English settlement in which Churchill's granddaughter lives, and the appearance of such fantastic creatures seemed unreal. However, up into the tower, the researchers found an amazing bunch: a member of some sect sang Psalms calling for the renunciation of earthly existence. However, these people themselves, apparently, were still far from complete the removal, because seeing intruders, began to shout angrily: "Get out! You ain't wanted here!" After the necessary measurements, scientists hurried away from strange places. Apparently, the pyramid of glastonberry has a negative effect on the human psyche.

But the world's only an earthen pyramid Silverhill, the rise of which is blocked, it seems, is reviving in people of all their best qualities. To obtain permission from local authorities, scientists went upstairs together with a small group consisting of two British, Irish, novozelandki and the Australian. Once on the summit participants climb in five minutes already made friends, and soon sat in a circle, hugged each other and speak to each other pleasant things. The lady from New Zealand said, literally with tears in his eyes: "I lived in St. Petersburg for two days, and if you would have stayed a little longer, it seems, would not have been able to leave never!" It seems that the energy Silbury hill unlike glastonberry has a positive charge and very good for people, awakening in them the best.

We know that pyramids always been built in the "power points". And here is how this power will be directed, what will be its impact on man depends upon the design. In Mexico, for example, there is a pyramid, which is used to bring the Aztec warriors in the state of aggression... If the construction in glastonberry had a different shape, it probably would affect people positively.

Still, the pyramid structure for England atypical. The question arises whether the place of the output energy on the earth's surface for healing, as for example in Mexico?

Stonehenge, which by their energy characteristics suitable for healing, now, unfortunately, is closed. Look at it it is possible only through the fence. Good in the energy plan in place Wucheng: it looks like Stonehenge, only the objects on its territory before were wooden, and then they were replaced with concrete. None of bioenergetical there currently is not working. It is interesting to researchers such place as Avebury, but now it turned into an arena for various theatrical show, where constantly there are some people claiming to be a druid. The serious professional here it is difficult to work. However, the British believe that some objects, erected in ancient times, possess healing and even magical powers. So, in one of the secluded villages of old England is a huge stone with carved into its hole. It is believed that the barren woman climbed through it, you can get pregnant. Incredibly, however, modern respectable English girl from time to time resort to unusual stone.
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