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Тунгусский «Зал саркофагов»About the Tunguska meteorite already written to the volume. What only his explanations of the phenomenon has not offered. The most incredible seemed hypothesis writer Alexander Kazantsev, predpolozhitel that over the Tungus taiga crashed alien space ship. However, this hypothesis was closer to the truth.

Evidence was found in the taiga 700 km from the epicenter. They stumbled geological party led by George Kolodina that led the exploration of mineral resources in the basin of the river Vilyui.

For the next halt the researchers chose quite ordinary clearing on the Bank unnamed stream. However, when the radio operator tried to get in touch with the base, they found that on the same wave length in headphones climb confusing signals. With such force that can break through the radio operator failed
Primitive direction finding indicated that the source of the interference is close by. Try to go at it almost ended in a crash in the most literal sense of the word. In the slope of the cliff geologists have noticed the hole - something like the entrance to the cave, half-filled with sand.

Digging up the hole, they found the whole Suite very spacious rooms. The first of them were empty, except for bone fragments and some garbage. But with the deepening of incomprehensible in the cave became caught areas, which were rather strange objects - some metal tables, cabinets, boxes...

Passing freely half dozen compartments, the expedition had hit a wall or, in tightly closed door, the side of which there was something like a remote control. To open the door failed. And here one of the geologists ' he noticed that the wall is visible window, or rather a series of transparent areas, for which it was possible to distinguish a long row of silver rectangles.

"Hall of sarcophagi" left in the dark. Someone turned the light inside and immediately exclaimed in surprise. Almost a meter for the "glass" lay three beings low growth figures vaguely human. One of them, lying back of the head was visible convex brilliant device. All hastened to leave this mysterious dungeon.

- The appearance on the shores of the taiga rivers strange underground structures, - believes Professor Nagatin, is directly related to the Tunguska catastrophe. Hypothetical spaceship entered the Earth's atmosphere, started to fall in the Western direction. If to consider, that the ship was manned, it was designed rescue capsule.

For a few moments before the Tunguska explosion - as it happened in the air - crew automatically ejected. Given the trajectory of the fall - almost strictly from East to West, the ship was flying just above the area of the river Vilyui. So finding these places does not contradict the known facts.

Capsule with the crew at high speed crashed into the ground, leaving a passage in the cave. From blow the case in the weakest places were destroyed. Formed in the shell of a capsule cracks allowed the Earthmen to look inward. However, surviving in, tightly sealed compartments, it is possible glimmer alien life, as evidenced signals "lighthouse", zapelengovali a walkie-talkie. It is possible that they were intended to serve as benchmarks for alien rescuers. Continue to operate the emergency power plant, keeping the crew in suspended animation. How many will take this condition is unknown. If no help comes from outside, probably forever.

To Russian geologists to the remains of the ship was found by the local hunters. They noticed that people after a stay in a mysterious dungeon start to hurt, many die. Why? Perhaps, the reason the radiation emanating from accidental nuclear power plants. Maybe there piratstva foreign viruses and germs... anyway, the locals called the place "Eluu Cherkekh", that in translation from the Yakut means Death Valley.

Ufologists Mikhailovsky and Tugalev from settlement Chernyshevsky (Yakutia) by asking experienced hunters have collected information concerning the strange findings. According to legend, 100 years ago, in the North-West of Yakutia disaster, connected, probably, with a close passage of a comet, because it was accompanied by a rich sand and mud rains and powerful stream of ice needles".

But together with them fell and some objects may artificial origin. Pleased on Marie and swamps, they for decades, one by one exploded and each time was a real disaster, then the surrounding area for a long time remained lifeless.

Then there arose a violent young growth, attracting of the beast. And where is the beast there, and a hunter. Indeed, the nomads were gradually inhabit these places... But explosions were repeated. There are other evidence of the existence of space "min".

In 1990, the radio station "Deutsche Welle" reported that when 40 years ago in the North-West of Yakutia began nuclear testing, one of them in power was incomparable to any other (20-30 MT instead of "settlement" 10 CT!). The explosion registered all seismic stations around the world. The reason for such a substantial differences remained unknown. Assumed, however, that experienced a compact hydrogen bomb unprecedented for those times power, however, the experts found out that a similar device in the USSR developed later.

But if it was not a hydrogen bomb, exploded whether one of those old "objects", for which nuclear test explosion served as a detonator? Who knows how many extraterrestrial "objects" lurks in these places.

And they are - at least about the rumor. Here is the testimony of a hunter who have walked in the dry period in the taiga. Trying to get ice from bungunyah - ice lenses, top, usually covered with earth, he began to dig, but under a thin layer of soil found no ice, and reddish metal surface is very large, passing in the permafrost of the dome. Hunter was frightened and quickly left the place. Another similar case: found the edge of the dome ten centimeters in tol-bus; this time the hunter decided not to dig further. According to him, Bulganak was a metre high and about 5-6 meters in diameter.

Near the river Olguydah found stretching into the land of smooth metal hemisphere reddish color, and with such a smooth edge that "cuts a nail." The thickness of its walls is about 2 see it Akranes, so it is possible to enter riding on reindeer. It was discovered in 1936 geologist, but in the postwar period traces were lost. In 1979 she tried to find a small archaeological expedition from Yakutsk. Conductor - old hunter, in his youth repeatedly seen the object is not able to recall to him the road, because, according to him, the area has changed dramatically.

Here goes even ancient nomadic way from Bodaibo to Anabara and then to the coast of the Arctic ocean. Until 1936 it traded someone Savinov, a former before the revolution merchant. Meanwhile, residents were gradually leaving these places. Finally, the old man Savinov and his daughter Zina also decided to move to Syuldyukar. Somewhere in the area of Mesopotamia, Haldus grandfather led her to a small, slightly flattened reddish "arch", where for spiral passage was a lot of metal bathrooms. There they spent the night. As asserted grandfather, even in the bitter cold to warm like summer. This was remembered, and other old-timers still in the postwar years. Now in the place of the huge bulk of the hill, surrounded by a colored stones and marked with radioactivity.

One of the "objects", apparently, was "buried" during the construction of a dam on the river Vilyui - a little below the threshold Arbia. The story of the Builder of the Vilyui hydroelectric power station, when he built an outlet channel and drained the mainstream, it was found convex metal "Platina". Caused the authorities, but then it was not to research drove the plan. Hastily having examined the find and come to the conclusion that this is nonsense, the authorities ordered to continue the work.

"We had a chance to get acquainted with the old hunter-Evenk whose ancestors roamed these places than one hundred years, according to ufologists. - Something he had heard about the explosions: if at first from the ground rushes up to the sky pillar of fire together with the clouds of dust, then dust condensed in a dense cloud, through which it is visible only dazzling fireball. This is followed by a terrible roar, and a shrill whistle, and after a few thunders in a row should blinding flash of light, literally burning all around, there was a deafening explosion, and within a radius of 100 km or more trees fall down, fall and crack rocks!.. Then it becomes very dark and cold, so even go out fires, and charred branches are covered with frost".

He told that somewhere in the region of Mesopotamia Nyurgun Bootur and Atradas from the earth looks "very large" triangular iron fortress, and in the area between Kalugin have an iron hole, and there are "skinny black eyed people in the iron clothes".

Where did these "objects" in these places? Here's one of the working hypotheses: the "object" came to us after the destruction of Faeton - hypothetical planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter. On that place now the asteroid belt, consisting of numerous fragments. According to some ufologists, these fragments were formed after the fusion of the conflict between the inhabitants of the planet. The survivors fled, as best they could, on a space toarabiyah...

In conclusion, we note that so far no one has made serious attempts to find and examine at least one of the strange "objects", because the area is vast, even by Yakut scale and extremely rugged - the solid debris, Marie, swamps...

Only by chance geological party of Kolodina not only found, but quite thoroughly described found the "cave". This allowed the International community for the study of anomalous phenomena to start preparing a special expedition. Its aim is to dot the "i" in the debate on outstanding until now, the causes of the Tunguska catastrophe. And also to help the alien pilots might still imprisoned in their lifeboat.
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