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Ангелы действительно там существуютThe history of launched satellites into space and astronauts confirms the fact that not everything in the cosmos is possible to explain and understand. The mystery remains all that I see people, who had been in the upper atmosphere or in extraterrestrial space.

In 1961, during the flight of Yuri Gagarin spoke in detail, described literally every minute of his stay in space, but years passed, and it turned out that there was something told...

Soviet cosmonauts were the first who reported about angels in space.

In the late eighties - early nineties from certain sources close to the KGB, was leaked classified information. It turns out, for the time Gagarin spent in space, circling the planet, what has happened is that so far nobody can explain. The first cosmonaut, twice during their short space travel was silent, not even responding to the call signal. None of these episodes are flying remembered, and those who were aware of, had put forward several versions, one of which is short-term involuntary loss of consciousness caused by stress or fatigue.

As is known, the astronauts planned to visit a psychotherapist. And on one of these visits Gagarin subjected regressive hypnosis, and he by the minute managed to restore its flight on the "East".

What he remembered and said, smite present in shock: Gagarin during his flight seen in the cabin dark spot, transforming into a human face. It is the person and not the head, not the body. It is the face hung before him in the air.

Gagarin was told that was not afraid, but it is completely paralyzed, unable to move his legs or hands. And in his head he heard a voice which said firmly him that he will be all right and he is safely back to Earth...

To explain the appearance of persons before the astronaut could, referring to his fatigue or excitement, could, if such meetings are not repeated.

Another such "emergency" an incident happened to the crew of the space station Salyut - 7", which also met with the angels, but already in 1985. The guide is strongly recommended that the three astronauts simply to forget about the incident and not to enlarge on this subject: the Soviet ideology completely denied the existence of angels.

However, much later, the astronauts Soloviev, Atkov and Kizim still told about that at 155 day of their flight the station suddenly lit up orange, literally blinded astronauts. There was no fire, no explosion, no fire, light penetrated to the station from the outside, from space, through impenetrable side wall station "Salyut".

When astronauts for a few seconds literally blind, recovering himself, rushed to the Windows... what they saw on the other side of thick glass, he remembered all their future life: in a luminous orange sky were clearly visible seven huge figures with human bodies and persons, but the most amazing thing was that these creatures were transparent, almost invisible wings behind the back...

As is known, in the space does not send people who have a weak mind or jangled nerves. The astronauts are long preparation, they are tested numerous experts, including a huge army of psychiatrists. These people just can't be religious superstitions. But at that moment all three members of the crew of the space station Salyut -7" was visited by one and the same idea: "Angels beside them there are angels?".

The angels looked like people, but there were some other. The main difference was the expression on their faces. As told the astronauts, they smiled, but smiled some other smile - a smile of delight, not joy. People don't smile...

Ten minutes angels were flying near the station, repeating and maneuvers of the ship, and keeping in speed and then suddenly disappeared. Together with them was lost and glowing orange cloud, and the soul of cosmonauts appeared strange feeling of loss of something near and dear. Having recovered, the astronauts reported this case in the mission Control Center.

Some time passed, and the PMU has requested detailed chronometric report about the incident. The report was immediately classified, and with astronauts from Earth began to work as a team of doctors to carry with them all sorts of tests. Everything was OK, so the management has decided the incident to be classified as group hallucinations caused by fatigue and duration of stay in space.

Two weeks to the first part was joined by three more astronauts - Wolf, Savitskaya and Dzhanibekov, which were to spend with the main crew some time at the station. And again the space station lit up orange light. And when the new report for six cosmonauts told about the meeting with the angels, the version about fatigue crack at the seams: second meeting with the angels occurred on the third day of the second flight of three astronauts.

It seems that the guardian angels have seen not only the astronauts who flew in near space, and those passengers Airliners that were raised in the higher atmospheric layers.

This is evidenced by the many crazy stories that were told by different people in different places of the globe.

Encounters with angels occurred during the study of the Galaxy. Sensors American Hubble unexpectedly recorded the appearance of the seven strange and rather bright object on the earth's orbit. After receiving the first images, scientists have suggested that the telescope recorded Armada unknown flying objects, however, further and more thorough investigation showed that the photos are somewhat blurred luminous figures of winged creatures, much like the angels.

The story of one of the engineers of the project, these creatures had about twenty meters long, they glowed, and their wings spread reached the size of a modern Airbus, but the amazing thing is that the impression was that the angels wanted to be photographed.

Amazing photos interested in the Vatican, and the Western media even had consultations scientists with representatives of the Church.

The Church is very wary of such cosmonauts about seen in space. Although, at first glance, the angel who stilled the first cosmonaut, and the contemplation of the two crews of the space station group of angels is only another proof of the basic Christian doctrines. Because the astronauts were convinced atheists and Communists. But Pope John Paul II, learning about the incident, said that does not believe in the divine origin of these angelic creatures".

It turns out that the angelic creation is very often accompanied by the flight of the American space Shuttle, but also as in our country, those in the U.S. are classified as "secret".

How to explain this strange phenomenon?

Still astronauts, who are trained and balanced, able to distinguish a hallucination from reality. It turns out that the angels are still there, they occasionally come across our path.

So, there is something to think about: for they say that angels appear before the end of the world...
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