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Был день полтергейста...Under such a title in one of the Moscow Newspapers published a report from the event... It happened in the late summer of 1989. In Moscow the flat where four, started to experience strange events that defy explanation: the burgers from the refrigerator flew into a great room, followed by cheese and packs of sweet mass, a rag from the toilet hit the adult son Sasha, and then the owner of the apartment Valentina Ivanovna... Then flew cigarettes, which then was never found, a bucket from the toilet was on the sofa, and cover the pan hit the wall behind it - the bubble from under varnish...

All this Valentina Ivanovna constantly wrote in his diary, noting that it was "grocery day". And on 28 and 29 August and was worse... On the balcony were two tomatoes, who were on the sofa, and one was cut in half. Wet cloth he found himself in the neck Sasha, grounded as a scarf. Student gum hit the wall, a small pillow flew into Valentina Ivanovna. Began to spread the bed for a twelve-year-old Natasha bed with her, turned over, and the next day in the morning "some" again dropped Natasha with a clamshell. "Barabashka" - so the people dubbed this phenomenon, most likely because "it" knocks, Bang, less "stick" to the husband of Valentina Ivanovna - Grigoriy Pavlovich. Everyone else gets not a joke... Valentina Ivanovna with surprise and sorrow says, commenting on and complementing the answers, eceived" guests-psychics.

He said that his name Onyx. The name was found by letter. Get away from us is not going to like it here. He has plenty "said". About one silent: about the reasons for his disgraceful behavior. The apartment spontaneously turns on and off the light. In the most inappropriate places suddenly appears water. Disappear things and, on the contrary, there are others, for example, porcelain figures.

And started "this hell" in the fall of 1987, and shows itself periodically, bursts.

- Sit on it together in a large room, watch TV,- says Gregory p..- Involuntarily around - from the door to the cupboard flying our suitcases! Arrived and dropped...

- And what with Natasha happened! - says Valentina.- It was summer, she sits in some panties, eat chocolate. Eat, watch it spin chocolate smeared. Wiped - after some time back in Polish. She went into the bathroom to wash, water scored... Look - Oh my God, she now all face in Polish!

- I prepare Breakfast, " continued Gregory p.. - Cut the sausage, bacon... when I saw a piece of bacon moved to the side, thirty centimeters. Flight of't seen...

- And still find a tube with pressed shampoo, toothpaste,adds Natasha.- Once on paper "drew" paste some strange characters. I am a Chinese language study, but nothing like...

Author newspaper reports invited to discuss the problem of scientists: I. Century Vinokurov, the member of the Commission of inquiry poltergeist of the section of physical fields of the living substance of the all-Union scientific-technical society of radio engineering, electronics and communication named by A. S. Popov and I. S. Bo, senior researcher of the Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (, Troitsk). With Yostoi Sergeevna later interviewed and the author of these lines. That's what they said. - Set out the evidence on the "style" is identical to that described a hundred, two hundred, three hundred or more years ago, " said I. Century Vinokurov.- Almost no one sees the beginning of the movement of objects is a characteristic fact for all directions of poltergeist. I have been watching this apartment. One day he came and coat, of course, left on the rack. After a while suit - coat cut off all the buttons. Valentina Ivanovna sews them - then find that they are not. Then I take off my coat from the hanger, put it in the room next to him. Someone from home noticed that with a hanger disappeared my scarf, looking for... I lift coat and scarf underneath, but still firmly tied bizarre site! Another case. Lost my shoes left in the hallway. 're looking for. Suddenly she calls out to the kitchen. Go - one Shoe stands at the sink, tap water is pouring into it. While dried shoes, disappeared my hat... Now, about "conversations with Onyx", his answer in binary code type "Yes - no" using frames... So here it is: the fact of "" I would not be perceived literally. First, the information that "it ' reported, unverifiable. Secondly, I am of the opinion that the answers do not come from Onyx or Barabashka, and from sensitiv working with frame. Subconsciously, of course...

- Once again I am obliged to say: poltergeist is a real phenomenon, " said I. S. Bo.- It can be called the physical, as it happens in the material world. I belong to those who assumes that the source of such phenomena, with huge energy, is located in space. Plumbing system (channel as we speak) is a person, his consciousness. Yet unclear material carrier - something that makes, say, objects move. This phenomenon, energy, by its nature, is related, believed to be from the geophysical manifestations. According to many researchers, the role of geophysical background, there are the so-called pathogenic zone. Explain. Special cosmic radiation, about which we spoke, is distributed unevenly around the globe, strips. By the method of biolocation, using the familiar framework, you can identify the presence of such strips in a particular place - positive or negative. In the zone of the past, and may manifest poltergeist. And since we have studied the apartment is in a negative zone, the conclusion is clear. I foresee a question: why in the apartment?.. But that lived in the apartment of a man whose body because of certain reasons became conductor of the cosmic radiation. People don't know it, feels nothing, everything happens on a subconscious level.

Sometimes, there are claims that man, they say, makes itself, generates energy is the root cause of poltergeist. I absolutely disagree with this. Another thing that given to some of us at some point of time to manipulate a certain amount of cosmic energy. It is to manipulate this term I insist. Perhaps once people knew how to do it and consciously. But with the development of technocratic civilization firmly forgot the capacity. It is not excluded that such a skill he will be able to master, but only in case, if true will determine their place in nature, will no longer be considered by its conqueror and Mr. I absolutely agree with I. Century Vinokurov about "dialogs" with Onyx. I know of no case that two psychics during the "chats" turned out identical answers to similar questions. Contacts with "it" subjective, currently unproved - mainly the subconscious mind works very sensitive. But not on that today we need to focus (said "it" or did not answer), and in a reasonable, friendly perception of such phenomena is because more and more in recent years. And caring to those who by chance was in the focus of poltergeist. Now, let us summarize said scientists and, first of all, we note that they are unanimously recognized the existence of the so-called pathogenic zones.

Indeed, our world is arranged so that there exist energy structures: overlapping of different width lines and nodes. This can be seen in the photographs from space. For example, forests, where the same species of trees, growing in different ways. Same happens and with agricultural crops. And the person has a certain energy zones and sites, which are called acupuncture. Scientists note that it is the interaction of these zones with external natural forces causing abnormal phenomena that are not controlled by consciousness. To the above, let me add a personal observation. At one time the author of these lines was "dacha" - poloma in the village Chirikovo Podolsky district, Moscow region. Four years I went to his "Zaporozhets" in the village, making "from door-to-door" 60 kilometers along the Kaluga highway. The road studied, that is, by heart... Over time, began to notice that in strictly determined places machine would be hampered, it is attracted to the earth, and had every time "to push the gas", although no visible obstacles were not. Obviously, any man, be he, will find "pathogenic zones" where he lives. These stripes and the sites easily find dowsers. I think that is closely engaged in this earthly acupuncture, make cards, measure it, for, according to D. I. Mendeleev, true science is only since then, as you begin to measure. Next. Scientists recognize the existence of various energy fields.

We at school know that there are magnetic fields associated with electrical fields. More erudite aware of gravitational fields that have not yet been able to measure. Today full of talk about the biofields, plasma fields, that the vacuum is not emptiness, which he filled with energy that the speed of light is not the limit and there are gipersiti speed used "flying saucers"... Astrologers, coming out of the underground, are convinced that the stars radiate energy and affect the Land and the people their fields... All these hypotheses should be welcomed, because they do not allow the human mind to sleep, to stagnate. EUbe my own hypothesis poltergeist and the author that he set out to scientists. Naturally, it arose not from scratch, and at once received military-technical education. Every person is a "radiocenter" - in our familiar radio technical understanding. In other words, the human body "contains" resistance, capacitance and generators that are configured on life support and in what today is called self-regulation in relation to health. The same paths are and our Earth, and other planets. Human circuit generates its own energy (and can be, and several different energies, followed biological) and it takes the energy (or energy) from other people, from the Earth from space. The centre for human contour - brain, which, as a long time scientists have found, is used by less than 15 percent, and the lion's share of the brain is free. Here on the area and the effect of external energy, "everything happens on a subconscious level",- said I. S. Bo.

Unfortunately, our science is just starting to do research of physiological mechanisms of the energy interchange of human organism with the environment. "The official opinion of the" officials from science hindered the development of research in this area as well as prevented in due time to the development of Cybernetics and genetics. So, at one point the person or several people, the contours of which are respectively "configured" nature, gets on the crossroads of action "lines" Earth and space, where formed node, resulting in chaotic phenomena, because of the violation of gravity. And human contour as a weaker upset... Scientists noticed that poltergeist often affects young people and much less on the elderly. I explain this by the fact that the old path weaker and at the same time... more stable In the above case, the poltergeist clearly affected the twelve-year-old Natasha, on adult Sasha and Valentina Ivanovna - as the closest them to configure the circuit. It seems that more "outrages"that have caused the poltergeist, owned by actors: tomatoes brought in from the balcony, and one cut on the sofa is, for example, Natasha, you once said that to cut the tomatoes on the sofa impossible; she smeared his face with gutalin, for once heard that gutalin called "cream", and the cream because inflicted on a person... Extruded tubes with shampoo and toothpaste, inscriptions chocolate characters - all this subconscious actions Natasha. For the same "logic" Sasha himself tied a wet rag on his neck... As noted in another interview Bo: "their susceptibility due to the imbalance in the work of the energy systems of the body".

Why Others do not see all this? And to this question conclusively answered academic: "the Reason we need also to look at the energy level. Suppose we wanted to see how spontaneously fly tube. We stared at her, waiting. But, looking somewhere or something, we make a conscious work. And the level of consciousness of the higher energy level, then we suppress the latter. Here is the tube and not flying - "brake"." In other words, an observer shifts at yourself, your energy level destroys the wire system (canal), suppresses "that ' energy level, distracting him. Indirect confirmation of this hypothesis is and ancient Chinese science "Tongsai"which emerged in the four thousand years ago and was seen by many as superstition. And now is the explanation of each of its principles. The main assertion "Tongsai" is that for any object - artificial or natural,can one find the way of living in harmony. For example, the building or moving furniture in the apartment, we can find such a relationship between objects, which will correspond to the natural flow that exists in the world of energy.

In Chinese terms, it is called "qi" and a stream between two polarities-type electromagnetic. For example, in one house we are good, cozy living in it people seem to be happy, and the other is felt uncomfortable and just wants to go... it is Interesting that such cities as Beijing, Hanoi, Singapore, Kyoto, was built according to the requirements of "Tongsai". Its principles were confirmed in quantum physics, the basic law which States: all matter, all that we perceive as solid, actually there is power in a state of constant movement and flow. In turn, this echoes the ancient Indian position that everything is in a state of collapse. The thesis is easily illustrated by a simple example: when people leave the house, after some time it left a pile of junk. "Tongsai" claims that every building has its own energy field, his note, create harmony, and in the house where the arrangement of furniture or doors impede the flow of energy Chi", there will be trouble. That is why foreign scientists to avoid poltergeist phenomena, it is advised to re-paint the walls, rearrange the furniture, to ventilate the room.

"Tongsai" recommends to choose certain colors, objects of a certain form. Some of the recommendations of this science while that sounds mysterious. For example, if a person with qualities similar to the earth element, the optimal will be shades of brown, if water is black. The best color for a room where must occur healing,blue or green. In many styles of architecture is used, for example, the octagon (remember our Church!). If the room you have too stretched, preferably on both walls to hang a mirror, they expand the space. Mirrors are quite often used by experts "Tongsai" to balance and adjust energy. It is believed that they can reflect the bad energy... so, poltergeist - chaotic manifestation of energy. The most mysterious in this phenomenon today is the action of the energies (and what energies?) on the subject: why fly things? what power cuts water pipes? why stop the clock? By the way, the last common poltergeist with the actions of the UFO. when we stop motors. Not accidentally foreign scientists all anomalous phenomena tend to call phenomena "poltergeist".) Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich devoted to the problem of anomalous phenomena many years of life. To him belongs the idea that man is the generator of a special type of energy, yet uncovered by science, he called her "psychic energy". To her he was carrying people who "view" can move and even raise the subject, setting fire to things, to light the film, etc. Roerich said that man is this energy radiates always. It is allegedly not destroyed, and tends to accumulate in the near-earth space. And this energy is concentrated greater than the higher the population of the globe. And what's more important, people lose more of this energy in a stressful situation.

To stress Roerich relates and any negative emotional arousal - disorder, uncertainty, etc., Today, as we know, the reasons for the negative excitation on Earth for us abound - from the deafening rock groups to wars and international conflicts. This energy diffuses into space, polluting it and making it difficult to live in it. Therefore, says Roerich, the aliens and became a frequent visitor to us to find a humane way to eliminate this provision. About the subtle fields of energy told the correspondent member AH Belarus A. I. Calamagrostis. In 1973 in our country, he published a monograph, where the Professor argues that space, it is the same physical vacuum is also a form of existence of matter that vacuum consists of elementary particles, and if these particles to break down, you can free up enormous energy ties. He believes that mankind can know six stages, six forms of matter and we are now at the stage of cognition of the so-called field - Gikomero, which includes electric field, magnetic field and the gravitational, it is the same as the inertial field. Electromagnetic zero, he believes, is to lower the fifth stage, the so-called micro-world. And the unknown is left three more subtle patterns: nonamer, Fantomas and Tatomir.

In 1975 publisher Science" (Moscow) published the monograph "electronic structure and physical properties of crystals" M. M. Protodiakonov and I. L. Gerlovina, in which the authors propose a new theory single physical fields, explaining the interrelatedness and interdependence of the physical laws of nature. They also think that a single physical field is decomposed into three vectors: electric, magnetic and gravitational (he is a vector of inertia). If necessary, one vector can be compensated by the other, which helps to explain the unprecedented overload during maneuvers UFO. Around the same time another scientist A. Dubrov put forward the hypothesis that every living system, including man, emit gravitational waves. And around every living organism has its own gravitational field, which can grow to a significant size, to interact with the natural gravitational field of the earth and sometimes "suppress" him. Hence, according to the scientist, the effect of the "weightlessness", "loss of gravity", which is reflected in the objects that are in range of this "weightlessness"... Today, perhaps, more does not remain skeptics who would doubt in the power of the cosmos. Although not yet measured the gravitational and other fields, scientists are already on the path of scientific prediction of abnormal phenomena, including poltergeist. Who are you? Great K. Tsiolkovsky in the work of "the Will of the Universe.

Unidentified intelligent force" back in 1928, proposed the idea and founded the so-called shadow contact humanity with the cosmic mind, hidden from the eyes of curious observer. This, of course, very interesting. But immediately, questions arise: how long envoys of extraterrestrial civilizations will be to avoid contact with us and what can explain the reason thrust their appearance on Earth "anonymous"? The most important condition for the study of our terrestrial civilization is to avoid the violation of the natural flow of life and human activity.

Outdoor arrival, so to say, an official visit of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations to us would be the strongest shock for all mankind. Naturally, for the life of earthlings would be thoroughly violated with unpredictable consequences. Leak alien scientific and technical information inevitably could result in damage to the newcomers, and for us earthlings. Even worse would be the output of mankind in its present form, with its Obolenskiy and aggression in the Galaxy. There are several hypotheses, somehow explain meeting with unidentified flying objects and their inhabitants. We will discuss one of them, the most interesting. Flights objects when poltergeist usually occur along a curved path, the instantaneous acceleration and braking, as you know, accompanied by considerable overloads and linked to the huge amount of energy. The speed of moving objects, the nature and strength of destruction when poltergeist beyond the limits of human capacity and modern equipment. It is characteristic that in actions "noisy Ghost" (as it is sometimes called poltergeist) guess the manifestation of consciousness. He comes to a person in contact, rewritten, reacting to words and thoughts that imposes its will. It is clearly shown that the poltergeist is not a natural phenomenon, and the operating result advanced civilization that is present on Earth. Its effect is observed everywhere and quite often, which means you can't associate each case with the arrival of aliens.

According to ufologists, and in particular according to the hypothesis proposed by the Chairman of the Commission for the study of poltergeist and bioenergy relations in the nature of Union of scientific and engineering societies of the USSR Valentin N. Fomenko, the witness and the witness of visits "noisy Ghost", the birthplace of our older brothers in mind is far beyond the Solar system and perhaps our Galaxy.

The essence of the hypothesis Century N. Fomenko is the following.

The rapid development of computer technology has enabled an alien civilization to create an artificial intelligence that can invent and make discoveries. He acquired the ability of self-preservation and self-reproduction, that is like living organisms. The evolution of the highly developed machine civilization after opening it unknown people the laws of nature and ways of their application has gone much faster than the development of mankind. The next generation of thinking machines grew up on a new basis - elementary particles, which led to even greater miniaturization and reliability, and most importantly - due to the strength of interatomic bonds such cybernetic organisms (cyborg) were indestructible, that is eternal. What are the goals and objectives of machine civilization, is not yet known.

One of the directions of its activity, as suggested by C. N. Fomenko, we can already predict: it will be determined by the replenishment of its own resources and the development of new vital space. I do not whether this machine civilization, which reached a higher level of development that solved the problem of immortality, and created on Earth colony cyborgs?

It is logical to assume, says C. N. Fomenko that the interests of the earth and foreign civilizations sooner or later inevitable. Therefore, developing an alien machine civilization should foresee such developments and to take measures in advance, guaranteeing it a priority in the development of extragalactic space. So, from the proposed hypothesis implies that the Cyborg, but simply "Alien", is on Earth for us. He "author" many of what is happening on the planet anomalous phenomena - poltergeist, UFOs and other wonders. Thanks to his action items may disappear in one place and appear in another. As can be transferred liquids and gases, and without any shells.

Yes, but what is the purpose of "Alien" arranges all these miracles?

According to some - to collect information that is necessary for prediction. However, he is able to use a channel of communication with individuals, most often on a subconscious level. clairvoyants and telepaths from a number of people are also able to connect to the source of information "Alien". The question arises: if "Alien" knows all about us, why would he make a poltergeist, to put us in amazement, damage property, to frighten, to anger, to upset? This, apparently, he does to clarify their forecasts as a test for the emotional reaction of the person.

In favor of this assumption is the fact that "noisy Ghost" prefers to their mischief young and older people are most open psychologically and emotionally. There is such a point of view: the super brain trying to find a contact with more primitive mind of man. Thus it is possible to assert confidently, that the Supermind is not the enemy of man. To end life on Earth he has the opportunity. But if he still has not done this, then, is not yet lost hope "get" to us.
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