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Кредит под залог души"Sold his soul to the devil" - so say about people without honor and conscience, which, despite their dirty work, for some reason all of luck. Is it possible to actually dispose of your soul, receiving some real benefits?

Strangers in black

Friedrich Gustav Schlick. "Faust and Wagner for a walk". 1847-1850,

In its original meaning of this expression implies a certain agreement between the human and supernatural forces. Such agreement (which, if you believe the myth, it was necessary to seal the blood) take into account the interests of both parties. The "client" was suggested that particular benefits (wealth, eternal youth, love, health), and in return it after a certain period of time had to share it with the Complainant so good soul...

As it happened. Most often the person visited by a mysterious stranger in black and proposed to solve his problem. The visitor was usually very well informed about the most secret desires of potential "client". Many by this time was in a very difficult, if not desperate situation - for example, was played on a Grand scale, were seriously ill or had failed in his personal life... the Guest tried to arrange it as soon as the contract is signed. In most cases, the person must agree.

Sometimes, the customer was able to buy your soul on certain conditions, putting the impure force any service. Such services were usually beyond the moral-ethical norms - for example, from a person was required to commit murder or other black business. Often the devil deceived man - still took away his soul. It was always different. Sometimes Satan or his agent took a physical shell of the ward, and he simply disappeared. In other cases, people suddenly died or committed suicide.

The most famous "sold my soul" is the magician Dr. Faustus. This is a real historical person. However, the relationship of Faust and Mephistopheles, which he allegedly promised his soul in exchange for immortality - myth: the witnesses were not. We only know that Faust was engaged in cabbalistica and once mysteriously disappeared - this was preceded by a terrible noise and the tumult in the house, and the next morning it was found that in the ceiling of the Cabinet of doctor huge gaping hole...

Wealth in exchange for death

Surprisingly, the deal with the devil is characteristic not only for the middle Ages. In our days it is found in many reports of contacts of people with certain entities, offering them an odd choice.
Once on the street to the journalist Viktor Afanasyev went strange young man. The stranger introduced himself Volodya and announced that he was going to commit suicide... According to him, it had good reason.

To continue the conversation, he proposed in his home. As if hypnotized, Afanasiev followed by a new friend...
Vladimir lived in the beautiful three-room apartment in the city center.
The room was luxurious furniture, there were many books, paintings, crystal, carpets... it was Obvious that the owners are wealthy people.

Dressed in a satin Bathrobe, Volodya began to tell... 12 years ago he had a dream that he sits in a brightly lit room. Includes two man in silver robes and sit next. One of them asks Volodya, if he wants to get rich, and get a positive response, saying: "Well, we're here for you, but under the condition that on the day of his thirty years you will commit suicide." Volodya said: "Oh, I don't want to die so soon!" Then the strangers began to convince the guy: Yes, it will suffer an early death, but for 12 years he will be wealthy and happy, and from him it would not require any special effort. He didn't just get rich, he was incredibly lucky in everything. Luck will be with his children...

Thinking back, the guy agreed. However, wondered why they needed his death. Benefactors told that his soul is special. Previously, she lived in the bodies of men of genius, and in the body of Vladimir found himself in error.

Now, this error must be corrected. After 12 years on earth must be born a new genius, who will make a revolution in the various Sciences. That's it-that body and have to move in Vladimir's soul...
His word nightly guests kept.

A month later, Volodya had found a treasure of gold coins. A month later - the second treasure. Six months later pulled from the bottom of a mountain river gold nugget, got it to the state and received big money compensation.

In addition, several times a young person has won the lottery. Won two carpet, refrigerator, motorcycle, and finally the car! Dead grandmother bequeathed Volodya decent amount on the account in Sberbank. After University he was offered a high-paying job...

He is now married to a smart, beautiful woman with a great character, grow two daughters-twins. The house is full Cup.

There is a summer house, a nice car, in short, everything you need for a happy life...
The idea that in the 30 years he would die, plunged Vladimir severe depression. But he was going to fulfill the condition of guests from sleep - they had completed her! And if were not going? Who knows, maybe they then would be for his soul? Or all of his happy life overnight would collapse?
Victor tried to persuade his companion that it was only a dream, and good luck to all of life's simple coincidence or the result of work of the Volodya. But he stubbornly insisted that he sold his soul to the devil... On the offer to go to a psychiatrist Vladimir also not responded. Journalist with a heavy feeling left the apartment. They never saw each other...


And who can take our souls in the so-called material world? Probably know that only those who are willing to shell out money for such goods.

Several years ago a student Gareth Malholm of Biker County (Newcastle, England), having appeared in a difficult financial position, decided to sell something useless. Because no material property, suitable for implementation, it has not found, he could think of nothing better than to put on the Internet auction... own soul! The administration did not have time to remove the lot from the auction, as very soon found a buyer, a resident of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. He acquired the soul of the student just $ 17 18 cents. On the Americans had good reason: he lost his own soul in the casino! And now decided to use at least strange... the seller and the buyer said they were going to issue a document on the transaction according to all canons, including the signature of blood...

Already there are a international company under the name "We want your soul". It offers wishing to apply for the sale of the soul.

After testing is assigned price from 1 to 100 thousand pounds, depending on the number of sins. Of course, the fewer the more prized commodity. Between the seller and the buyer a written agreement guaranteeing the monthly payments depending on the amount, and now your soul is already in the possession of a mysterious Corporation! Meanwhile, to answer the question of what the company is going to do with the purchase, the customer may only after conclusion of the contract.

However, the site is full of rave reviews from those who have already parted with the "most expensive"...
While in Latvia recently, a company called Kontora providing loans in exchange for the soul.

However, the amount is limited to 100 to 1000 dollars. With a client contract, which States that the loan is granted under the pledge of "intangible own entity, in particular the immortal soul." While he is obliged to sign a statement that at the moment his soul is not a pledge in other deals... In the text of the agreement says: "When you repay the amount received or interest for 90 days collateral goes into full ownership of the lenders.

If this happens, the company has the right to sell the intangible essence" of the debtor to the third party.
However, the mechanism of withdrawal of the soul in the document says nothing. At present the services of Bank souls" have taken advantage already more than 200 people...

Inessa PEROV
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