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Невидимки, питающиеся страхомGhosts live near people throughout human history. They may be visible, audible, tactile, can talk in their presence there poltergeist phenomenon. Sometimes ghosts so believable that they can not be distinguished from a living person. But where did they come from? What is their nature?

The most common explanation of the nature of ghosts given by occultists. When a person dies, they think, his soul encased in the astral shell of a thin, invisible to us the matter, leaving the mortal remains. While the soul is still in our world, staying among the people. Then she is released from membrane, becomes pure spirit and removed in the "lofty heights" (space, parallel world).

A "reset" soul "clothes" continues to exist in the form of a "zombie". And some of them can live long enough, feeding psychoenergies people. Quite a strong psychoenergy allocate mediums at spiritualistic seances, making these "zombie" get the opportunity to get in touch with present at the session. And people take a shell for these souls of the dead, while it is not the soul, but only their pale shadow. This has been proved by the answers of these shadows, almost always false and foolish. And they are the spirits solely in order to profit by psychoenergies. To believe the predictions of empty shells deprived of the soul, cannot: about the future they know nothing. The maximum that shadow can tell, it's some information about the past.

British occultist Including Leadbeater, who lived in the beginning of XX century (his book "Astral plane" was published in Russia in 1909), claimed that some people are able to create their own astral doubles (that is, in fact, ghosts). These astral counterparts continue to live an independent life, "eating" the fear that people emit when they appear. That fear is the lifeblood for ghosts, long before Ledbetter said mystics of the Ancient Greece and India. Thanks vosieva people horror, they believed, incorporeal creatures are able to live tens and even hundreds of years.


This old conjecture seems to be confirmed in studies of modern scientists trying to explain the origin of ghosts.

From various hypotheses of the most comprehensive looks hypothesis of Professor A.F. Katrina that, developing the known physical ideas about the super-weak interactions, created the theory of a hypothetical particles - Tau. Katrin believed that it was from them and formed an invisible entity, or ghosts.

He created photoelectronic device that can capture reasoning radiation and translate them into the optical range, has provided insights into the shadowy world of other creatures. When someone was in the room, mentally drew the image of a man, from aura "donor" separated reasoning cluster (clot, congestion), simulating presents the image, and the device recorded him. This humanoid the cluster, or thought, was able to move independently, that is, had "impulse own independent existence".

Experiments on the creation of thoughtforms conducted in the laboratory and Professor A.V. Chernetsky, only he fixed them with the help of electrostatic sensor. This image, the presence of which was confirmed by the device, you also mentally destroy, and the sensor immediately cease their "notice".

All this suggests that the power of man to create and thoughtforms more complicated plan. Mental pulse aimed at forming such a difficult images should be stronger and appears several other properties. Such impulses that lead to the creation of humanoid figures seen by the people that can play psychics and magicians. Researcher A. David-Neel in the book "Mystics and magicians of Tibet" tells about his meetings with the astral entities generated by Tibetan lamas. Sometimes, very rarely, such entities can be created and ordinary people, but it happens unconsciously, often in some stressful situations.


In the 2000-ies English photographer Hartwood take pictures of createrow (creatures) - invisible people clots opened in the 80-ies of XX century by the Italian Bocconi. These clumps of most various, often grotesque form, live, and clusters of Professor Katrina, quite independent, clearly conscious life. Once in the room where Hartwood led photography, exploded lamp, highly alarming present. Photos taken after this, showed clearly the lines of kraterov, many of them have increased in size, changed shape, became brighter. Photographer initially attributed it to the consequences of the explosion of a lamp, but when he began to organize explosions on purpose, this effect could not. In the end, Hartwood understood that the impact on kraterov had not light, and the emotions of those present. According to him, at the moment of fright people emit certain impulses, or radiation, which can influence the invisible creatures.

Guess Hartwood curious manner consistent with the conclusions of Chernetskogo and other researchers involved in the study and photographing of the human aura and outgoing from her fluids (with perhaps reasoning nature). All enthusiasts unanimous: the human aura changes depending on his mood, as well as the nature allocated radiation. Studies say that the most powerful aura of the person issuing it in moments of great excitement or fear. Not about whether these radiation, necessary for the life of ghosts, spoke ancient mystics and Leadbeater?


Confirmation of this energy relationship between people and ghosts is the phenomenon of domestic poltergeist. Ghosts accompany him quite often. Sometimes they are fixed devices: film manifested figures, invisible to the naked eye; sound recording equipment detects unknown who belong to vote, murmurs, the sound of footsteps.

The hypothesis that poltergeist is called ghosts, now takes the majority of researchers, and many believe that these "poltergaste ghosts" comes from the people themselves, participants of unusual events. In the role of "parents" is usually someone of the inhabitants of the "bad" of the apartment or house. Most often it is a child or teenager. As already noted, to generate strong thoughtforms (ghosts, astral entity) the person must enter a special state of mind." Maybe some teenagers get into him spontaneously, producing own astral doubles, which are the instigators of poltergeist.

Astral counterparts quite energetic, strong spirits, almost always with a humanoid shape. It is not excluded that they will inherit some of the characteristic features of its "parents", only a crude and exaggerated. Having arisen, spirits begin to show signs of violence, require attention, for which demonstrate quite incredible abilities. Demonstration of these pursue only one aim: to intimidate. Keep participants poltergeist events in constant fear. Fear of man, having a quite material basis, is what interests of these creatures. Energetic substance secreted by frightened people, for them is vital. They throw refrigerators, arrange the rooms fires and showers, breaking down of the walls of bricks. It takes a lot of energy. Sometimes the purpose of extracting it from the people they have on them direct mental effects. In these cases, wrote one researcher, "they are a drain of people fear, as water from a sponge. Well-known specialist on anomalous phenomena I. Vinokurov in his book "the Horror" tells how he once spent the night in the affected poltergeist apartment. The strongest feeling of unjustified fear did not leave him all night. At some point, it has grown into such a panic that he could neither move nor even to breathe.

Feeding fear is needed only by those ghosts that live a relatively long time. Most of the ghosts appears only once, in order to fulfill some sort of mission among the living. These ghosts, as a rule, do not require additional energy and meet them safe.
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