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Земля отдаляется от Солнца, но прохладнее не становитсяIn the hottest for the Northern hemisphere, the days of the planet, it turns out, reaches its maximum distance from the Sun, which is available to its orbitele approaching the peak, the heat grows stronger, and it may seem strange, but now our planet is as far from the Sun.

This Thursday, July 5, the Earth has reached the so-called apogee of the orbit is the most distant point from the Sun.

Each year, the Earth does the path length of 152 million kilometres, about the same usually separates it from the stars is about 150 million. But due to the fact that the orbit of the planet is not perfect and is an ellipse, the planet we have to move away from its star.

The maximum approach to the Sun - perigee - Earth reaches in early January. And in the midst of the distance to the center of the Sun, compared to perigee, reduced by 4 996 435 kilometers, or 3.28%. This means that the Earth receives 7% less solar radiation than at the point of convergence.

If you live in that region of the world, where in the July heat, then a good question would be - why keeping away from the Sun and receives fewer radiation, the heat is only growing.

Warm weather, which comes in the summer and generally improved in July, directly with the relative distance of the planet to the Sun are not connected. A key role in increasing the surface temperature of the Earth has a tilt of its axis is 23.5 degrees. As you know, in different times of the year the Sun is above the horizon for some time, and the inclination of the axis depends on the angle at which the sun's rays reach the surface of the planet.

The exact date apogee and perigee from year to year range. Usually the minimum distance is the period between 1 and 5 of January, and the maximum - between 2 and 5 July. For example, last year the climax came on July 4, and this is the 5th.

Source: Space.com
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