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В Южной Атлантике обнаружили гигантские айсбергиExtremely clean sky observed above the South Atlantic region on September 29, 2012, has enabled NASA satellite photograph two large iceberg near the island of South Georgia.

To the Northwest is a giant iceberg C-19C size 35 28 kilometers. According to the National center USA, a leading monitoring of snow and ice (NSIDC), this fragment of the ice continent is the remainder of the iceberg that broke away from the Ross ice shelf in may 2002.
In the South-East is located iceberg B-15F size 35 7 kilometers, which in turn is a remnant blocks born there, but two years earlier, in March 2000! For comparison, the length of the island of South Georgia is 170 km from North-West to South-East.

Island South George and icebergs, 29 September 2012 copyright Terra Satellite | Radiospectrometer MODIS | NASA
The presence of icebergs in this area are commonplace. For example, in January 2004 there was pandemonium of icebergs that block navigation. Ted Scambos, expert NSIDC, explains this circular ocean circulation, which prevents the icebergs in low latitudes and chasing them around near Antarctica.
Sometimes due to the accumulation of icebergs to the island simply not approach. One of the researchers of Antarctica Ernest Shackleton in December 1914 on a severely damaged lifeboat had barely reached the shore, after his coming to the Antarctica expedition vessel "endurance" was jammed ice blocks on the outskirts of the island.

The famous Navigator James cook, the first in 1775 formed the map of the island, announced it for Britain and named in honor of their king.
A strip of blue-green waters off the southwest coast of the island, most likely, is "ice flour". The island of South Georgia is home to numerous glaciers, which slowly grind rock and wash it in the ocean.
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