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ПИРАМИДЫ ЛЕДНИКОВОГО ПЕРИОДАLake Rock lies 20 miles East from the city of Madison in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The length of the lake is eight, and width - about four kilometres. In 1836, Nathaniel, hair accidentally discovered in the lake Rock small stone pyramid with a flat top Discoverer named his discovery of Atzalyno and suggested that the monumental construction of not less than a thousand years.

Heuer not seen in Alcaline nothing special. Because the indigenous people of the continent everywhere built a kind of pyramid, "cult", hills, mounds. But in 1862 in some magazines appeared sensational notes about the pyramid lake Rock, which said that Atzlan much older than the other pyramids. If this pyramid was built by the ancestors of the American Indians, why she was on the bottom of the lake, which was formed many years ago? The construction of the debt to be much older than all the Indian tribes!
In 1900 in the lake Rock was a terrible drought. The mayor of the village of lake mills Lee Wilson and his brother Claude Wilson fished in much the shallow lake and directly below the boat saw in the water stone building. This unexpected discovery anyone especially not interested, and about the "stones in the lake again for a long time forgot.
In the spring of 1936 a Victor S. Taylor announced that he discovered on the bottom of the lake Rock "four pyramids, apparently, of Indian origin, was probably built by the Aztecs". On this note drew attention publisher guide USA Dr. Boucaniers, who was interested in the various attractions of the country and organized expeditions to the mysterious ruins. Saunders decided to find underwater pyramids some inscriptions on which he hoped to date unknown structure. He knew that the Aztecs lived in Mexico, is very far from Wisconsin, which is next to the Great lakes on the border with Canada.
Dr. Saunders vigorously promoted his upcoming underwater surveys, but for some reason nobody wanted to give him money for the expedition. Geologist Professor Afrin and historian Dr. Charles E. brown wanted, waiting for suitable weather, explore the ruins in the murky waters of the lake Rock, but they were unlucky - they found nothing.
The holder of the record for deep-sea diving, scuba Max gin Noul, are also interested in the mystery of lake Rock. In 1937 it in different places across the lake on a small boat and dragged along the bottom on the strong cable of a metal disc. With such a self-made "device" Noul have identified the location of underwater objects and made a lot of dives to consider the stones that came across his "device". The new, he said, found a pyramid approximately in the middle of the lake. He made an entry in his diary:
"The construction has the form of a truncated pyramid. Upstairs there is a small square area of side 1.4 meters. Side of the square base is equal 5,43 meters, and the height of the pyramid - 8,83 meters. Design, obviously, is composed of smooth stones, United construction staff. The stones are covered with a thick greenish tinge which is easily scratched out, and then opens smooth gray surface of the stones".
Although the giant pyramids in Egypt, Central America and China far exceed the modest size "lake piece", which was so carefully measured the new, Nakhodka in Rock lake harbored an unsolved mystery. The public is again had missed a sensational discovery, and about the pyramid forgot.
30 July 1967, a good thirty years, ducklings settled a group of seven divers. One of them was a diving instructor of Lombard. He was the most experienced in the group and longest remained under water. When he had ended oxygen, the diver saw protruding half a meter above the bottom of the lake area about 6x12 meters. Lombard urgently surfaced, solemnly, raising his head over three pieces of stone, hastily removed from the site.
Lombard failed to prove that the stones raised with underwater ruins, and many colleagues declared him a fraud. At the Symposium in diving in 1968 fellow diver with confidence insisted: "where we were looking for, pyramids no!" Meanwhile, many swimmers and fishermen saw in the lake some ruins.
For example, the Chairman of the group of scuba diving Craig Scott was investigated by the devices bottom of the lake Rock, and there found a building. The diver John Shuliak also managed to get to them. He said: "I have no use was searched Rock lake six years, then applied the sounder, electronics, and pyramid appeared in front of me one by one. I remember two of them, both in the middle of the lake. One has a width of almost four and a length of 30 meters. This pyramid rises above the muddy bottom by 2.43 meters. It is built of stones of different sizes, with the largest laid in the Foundation, and the small amount to the top. The stones are carefully adjusted to each other, and then sealed with the structure similar to concrete.
Dr. James SERC, engineer at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, said of the pyramid lake Rock as "fantastic Nakhodka". He suggested that from the top of the priests and stargazers "observed the Sun, moon, planets and stars in their eternal movement" and that "underwater pyramid is oriented exactly to the North."
Log in diving Skin divers in the January 1970 wrote about the mystery Rock lake:
"These pyramids absolutely incredible, impossible - they are too old and are in a place where no one can build. From the point of view of logic they can't exist, but the story is seldom governed correct logic.
Why pyramid lake Rock called "unbelievable"it is easy to understand: all 13 of the pyramids someone had built, in addition, not under water, not at the bottom of the lake, and on land. So the pyramid was erected when the lake at this place was not yet, that is at least 12 thousand years ago, at the end of the ice age.
Other methods of Dating give even more staggering about 16 thousand years ago! At this time the glaciers gradually receded, melted and left the numerous lakes and rivers, and part of the American continent was still under ice. The great lakes on the border between the United States and Canada have emerged in this period. Since then, the depression, which is a quiet lake Rock, was always filled with water. If this area in the ice age was covered with a thick layer of ice, it is unclear how the pyramids were able to withstand the pressure of the ice masses?
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