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onua.org » News » Until the End of the world 4 days: NASA only added fuel to the fire of his dubious VIDEO
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NASA on my YouTube channel has published a short video "Why yesterday was not the end of the world", in which the authors cite the opinions of scientists debunking the myths about the end of the world and try to inspire viewers confidence that the Apocalypse, allegedly appointed according to the Mayan predictions on December 21, there will be 22 December will indeed come. But judging by the comments on the arguments of specialists nobody paid attention of the audience was more interested in why the clip on "yesterday" Apocalypse was published on December 11. Some suggested that NASA employees are afraid of the end of the world, as not too sure of the correctness.

While over "video from the future" laughed Internet users, on the video drew the attention of journalists. Employees NBC News were able to find a person, who was the author of the idea to make a video for "yesterday" Apocalypse, the Reporter said.

"The announcement explains it: "In NASA are so confident that doomsday will not happen on December 21 that already has posted a video about the next day", explained his idea Tony Phillips. In fact, the audience took the opposite.

"Attention to the subject increase, and we don't want multiplied rumors. The idea was to give direct, persistent, standard scientific opinion... And put the bait" - said the producer and Director of the video Michael Brodie.

NASA, as no other organization, concerned about the hysteria huge number of people associated with waiting for the end of the world. Daily officers receive hundreds of calls and letters by concerned citizens. On the website of the office opened page with answers to frequently asked questions.

Previously, NASA said that one should not wait for the end of the world in 2012, and denied the possibility of cosmic catastrophe in the near future. Scientists noted that such rumours were caused by incorrect interpretation of the Mayan calendar.

Despite the massive preparations for the Apocalypse, which is supposed to happen on December 21, scientists are constantly reminded that in the culture of the Maya people were no "end of the world", and the date December 21, 2012 they considered to be the beginning of a new era.

Meanwhile, journalists AP decided to satisfy the public demand for information about the Apocalypse, and have planned a live broadcast of the end of the world 19-22 December. At this time, some staff will be located in the city of Chichen Itza, where in ancient times lived Maya, and online will tell whether it was in their native places Maya promised collapse.
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