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Месть детей-призраковNot every child should be welcomed in this world. Unfortunately, human history knows a thousand methods resorted to by women, to get rid of an unwanted baby.

Middle ages

From the novel by M.A. Bulgakov "the Master and Margarita" we remember Frieda, who become pregnant from the owner of the cafe, "gave birth to a boy, carried him into the woods, and stuck it into his mouth handkerchief, and then buried the boy in the ground." And even in the world beyond Frida doomed every day to see on his dressing-table is the same handkerchief with a blue platter - a reminder of the crime.

In Shakespeare's Macbeth witches, preparing his infernal brew, among other ingredients thrown into the cauldron: "...the Mother in the mud of slums At the birth, a moment later, Strangled child, Buried in the moat, to deceive the rumor". It is not surprising that people's beliefs brought us many horror stories about ghosts of the murdered children. And if the other ghosts can and not to be against the people of aggression, vol these, on the contrary, emphasized hostile.

Of course, life in the middle Ages was more severe and morals is more violent than it is now, but certainly the murder of a child could not but touch upon the conscience of the man who committed this terrible crime. Perhaps the ghosts of children, but often tells folklore, - not that other, as a result of feelings of guilt gnawed at the killer. After all, the imagination of man, tormented by conscience, able to create a truly terrible images...

Thrown in the snow

So, the Inuit since ancient times, it was common belief in anglija - very bloodthirsty spirit, can destroy a whole village. Lack of food has forced some families to get rid of extra mouths to feed the babies scored throat snow and left to die away from human dwellings. However, if the child has already been given a name, then after a while he could be reincarnated in the form of anglija.

The traveller crossing the icy wilderness, should beware heard in the silence of polar night baby crying. If not off track, then after a few minutes, people will hear the beating of wings over his head will fly white owl, and on the road appears little man, covered, like an animal, brown wool. It has sharp claws and fangs, worse than a beast, he will immediately put into action. Child-Ghost, not knowing mother's arms, hugging the victim so soundly that she loses consciousness, and soon life.

They say that within a year after the death of angijak comes at night to her mother and fed her milk, sucking at the same time the life from her. She thinks that just dreams baby, healthy and rosy-cheeked. And only when the disease starts to erode its forces, the head of the unfortunate sneaking thought that, perhaps, at night it is visited by a Ghost.

In the boat from a dog's skull, paddling from dog bones, floats angijak by sea, making the sometimes severe storms and winds. Then perish those who once advised the mother to carry her child to die in the snow...

Deadly avenger

In Scandinavia the Ghost of the murdered baby called outbound, that in translation from old Norse means "child made out of the house". As angijak, outbound, as a rule, primarily killing of their parents. If a woman gave birth to a child before marriage and secretly got rid of it, the baby Ghost could come to her directly to the wedding, if such occurred. Many village of legend tells of how a half-decayed corpse of the child suddenly barged into the door of the house where feasted unsuspecting farmers. These stories in the spirit of "all secret becomes obvious" over, as a rule, death or insanity of the mother of a murderer.

The legend says that outbord can turn into a misty haze to escape through the keyhole. Attacking, Ghost can grow to the size of the haystacks. His strength is that he can simply crush the person, to crush him like a bug. In the minds of people absolutely helpless creature turned into being all-powerful - ruthlessly ruined, outbound knew no mercy.

Woe to him who accidentally walked into a place where parents buried their child - there outbound could attack any. If the traveller was careful enough, he could see in the distance a figure of a child with distorted with rage face and clenched fists. Sometimes people have also seen a white owl or a big black dog. Then behind a person's back loud heavy footsteps - the Ghost started the persecution, and escape was impossible... Only river water could save the traveler from chasing after him hugbuna. Some also believed in the magical power of iron objects - in views of the ancient people of iron, born in the fire, was a powerful talisman against any evil forces.

"No back"

The Slavs believed that children who have died are not baptized become evil spirits. They are called maskami, or naukami. The common Slavonic root "NAV" means death, it is also possible that the word "Dryad" comes from the Gothic mawi - girl. Both explanations are possible, given the fact that masak represent the views of children or virgins in white shirts with long flowing hair. Sometimes mavki ask traveler scallop, which received accepted comb hair, and people can slowly run away. Some beliefs say that masak on the back is not the skin, which can be considered their intestines. For this they called also "not having back."

A burst of activity of masak observed in the Week week (a week before the feast of the Trinity). These days you can see them in the fields, they were among the verdant loaves, singing: "Mother bore me, (comm buried!" Mavki remember caused by evil and revenge on the people, knocking travelers road, enticing them into the thicket of the forest or swamp. Sometimes mavki like mermaids, can tickle the victim to death.

The Dryad, who stayed in ghostly form less than seven years old, can be saved. For this you need to splash it with water with the words "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit" - and the Ghost will turn into an angel who will go to Paradise, where they will say to God the word for his benefactor.

Icy hands

Castle Island that in Cumberland, England, is famous for the next dark history. Once in one of the upper rooms in the penalty for disobedience was locked little boy. The baby died, forgotten by everyone in the cold room, where no one thought to melt the fireplace. Since then the castle often see his Ghost. He was trembling from the cold and whimpering pitifully. Sometimes he sits down on the bed with sleeping and, applying to the forehead of the man her ice-cold hand, whispering: "Cold, eternal cold, cold soon thee!" After this visit, the person usually gets sick and does not live long. Cold castle Island really able to bind the bravest heart...
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