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«Кёнигсберг-13»Four medieval building, located in the centre of the historical town on the island, Kneiphof, had one address: Koenigsberg-13. About a century ago, there was one of the most enigmatic laboratories in the world. What was she doing and what preceded its creation?
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Над империей зла не заходит солнцеThe statements that Stalinism and Nazism, they say, brothers, now already not a surprise to anyone. "Why in some circles have not condemned the crimes of communism? asks the U.S. The Wall Street Journal.
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История жизни личного мага Генриха ГиммлераAustrian mystic and occult Third Reich Carl Maria Wiligut was the personal magician Himmler. For his prophetic revelations about the ancient Germanic past had made it brigadefuhrer SS. However, the views of Wiligut on Aryans contrasted sharply with the Nazi doctrine. For this mystic Aryans were spiritual entity, who came to Earth from the moon.
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Подводное "НЛО", или Высокие технологии Третьего РейхаIn the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic sea detected an unidentified object. Huge, presumably reinforced concrete drive off all electronic devices in the vicinity
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Гитлер бежал на подводной лодке?The author of the book "the Last secret of the Reich" Leon Arbat doubt that in April 1945, Hitler committed suicide.
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Нацисты использовали тайные знания атлантовThe Foundation of the ideology of fascism was laid secret societies long before the appearance of the Nazi state, but active force of this Outlook was after the defeat of Germany in world war I. In 1918, a group of persons, who already had experience in international secret societies, in Munich, was founded a branch of the Teutonic knights order - Thule society" (the name of the legendary Arctic countries - the cradle of mankind). The official aim is the study of the ancient German culture, but the real problems were much deeper.
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Черная магия Третьего рейха"...Lord and master, I urge you as his God and promise to serve you, as long as I live, and from this day deny all others, and from Jesus Christ, and Mary, and of all the saints in heaven, and from the Church, and of all acts and prayers of her, and I promise to worship you and serve you and to inflict as much as possible over evil, and to bring to commit evil all whom I will be possible, and from a pure heart deny confirmation and baptism, and with all the grace of Jesus Christ, and in the case if you want to go, I give you authority over my body and soul, and life, as if I had received it from you, and forever you are inferior, without intending to regret it..."
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The third Reich is falling apart. On the streets of Berlin chaos. Fuhrer driven into his underground bunker. Realizing that the Soviet troops will soon take the city, Hitler should take the fateful decision: to die or to surrender. We try to find out whether a correct conclusion about his suicide.

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Команды смертиIn the middle of 1980-ies many shook film directed by elem Klimov, "come and see". However, few know that the most brutal campaign conducted by the German invaders against the inhabitants of the Belarusian village, actually not carried out spontaneously, as was planned in advance. These killings were carried out in accordance with the plan of operation Cottbus" and instructed the special groups of the SS, the activity of which was so monstrous that was allocated as a separate item in the indictment of the Nuremberg Tribunal.
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О каком "сверхчеловеке" говорил " Гитлер?What kind of "superhuman" said " Hitler?it Seemed to be clear: "superhuman" Nietzsche. But how would say "dad Muller", "clarity is one of the forms of napisaniya fog".
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К вопросу о клонировании человека в Третьем РейхеIn a very interesting correspondence titled "Homunculus" (confession of Dr. Brenner-3), journalist A. Kotov describes the attempts of scientists of the third Reich to make human cloning. In a deathbed statement made to the FBI, a microbiologist wolf Heinrich Brenner 6 November 1997. he spoke about the successful cloning of a man held his teacher Otto Siegfried Klein in 30-40 years. They say also that the Nazi scientists have used for their experiments secret knowledge lost civilization of Atlantis, saved by the followers of the Occult orders.
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Гитлер искал на Кавказе Грааль!The whole history of Nazi Germany is literally permeated the occult mysteries and mystical aspirations of its leaders. Deep down, realizing that not the biggest and not the richest country to kneel the whole world is hardly afford, they, nevertheless, manic longed to decide the fate of mankind. The discrepancy between desires and possibilities, and spawned all sorts of occult theory, the belief in the power of magic artifacts and hope for a miraculous intervention of a higher power. In practice, all this resulted in expensive expeditions to Tibet and South America, the Caucasus, India. The history of the ancient Germans, too, plentifully seasoned with mystical subjects, which in the XX century has fallen on fertile ground of insanity Nazi leaders.
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Аненэрбе охотились за жрецами и хрустальными головамиFull name "Ahnenerbe"- "German society for the study of ancient German history and heritage of ancestors". This is the most mysterious of all organizations of the Third Reich. Officially, the society was founded in 1933 on the initiative of renowned Professor Friedrich Hilshire with the financial support of Richard Gift, not less known racist, First task "Ahnenerbe" was reduced to the study of the traditions and heritage of the Nordic race, but over time the scope of the research includes a number of very strange directions...
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Нацисты и АнтарктидаI must say that by the time the Nazis had its own well developed racial theory. All the forerunner of Hitler claimed that the Earth is not so long ago there was a pure Aryan race, which has lost its grandeur only as a result of mixing with the "sub-human".
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«Аненербе» - фабрика рабовThe third Reich was the most terrible and powerful dictatorship in the history of mankind. Why terrible know, even the children. And this is why the powerful? There is every reason to believe that at the service of the Third Reich were some mysterious power, which has not been studied to this day...
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