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Жестокость со стороны пришельцевIn Peru, near the capital the enlonavtami in 1991 forcibly dragged in UFO two miners, pulling them out of the car. The names of miners - Rosary and De Paso. Putting earthlings on tables, aliens was sucked out of them a huge amount of blood taken, as if to study samples of the skin and nails. A way of sucking the blood of the "spacers" is simple: they "shake" it directly through the skin. This process is described in different cases, different varying degrees of pain. Often, "test" unbearably painful.

Mexico. Six "like" beings in 1991, the year was dragged mother and daughter in the craft and, after 4 hours on a metal table, has pumped from both large amount of blood.

The same year. Ryazan. The girl was in the house alone. Top hit powerful beam (it is necessary to understand, because the window?), and "unknown force" pulled the girl from the floor. Immediately she felt as if someone's hands "skin of her back". It was unbearable, and she began to scream. The voice coming out of nowhere, and demanded that the girl had suffered, or "worse is"... Returning home parents caught daughter unconscious. She was lying naked on the floor. The entire back of the girl was crimson...

The year before in Italy, near Belluno, disappeared work on behalf of Provenzano. The search did not yield any result. But looking for it for a long time: two days Provenzano was found, but the living space was not -- He remembered nothing, so the doctors applied the method of regressive hypnosis. In these sessions Provenzano remembered that he was under examination green-gray beings (again "gray"!). Except that he, like almost all have experienced such "labs", took all sorts "test", he was subjected to the action of electric discharges and radiation, dipped in hot liquid, lubricate the skin of various corrosive reagents.

In 1990, the year Boldyrev, locksmith ship-repair factory in the village of Slavyanka, under the Vladivostok four months was kidnapped three times! Every time he was on a UFO for three days. All three of travel had a detrimental effect on human health. Besides that on his body remained bleeding wounds, with him there was something more terrible: if after the second kidnapping of it in a few days yet come to, then after the third speech it very slowed down, walk ceased to be natural, and became "mechanical", and mother, and wife, he did not know. Ufologists have shown Boldyrev on television Findings.

Theft miraculously escaped Natalia Barinova from Nalchik in 1989 (they threw at her network with hexagonal cells is very light and durable). The girl was screaming, and it was saved. And the Swede Ante to Mr. Johnson, in 1984 helped that during the struggle with six enlonavtami, trying to get him out of the car, he suddenly lost consciousness. They have lagged behind! In the light of the known trends "off" enlonavtami memory "test" dare to doubt: behind?

In 1965 in Argentina tried to steal the farmer. There were five of them, but the farmer was not the only one who saw the abduction neighbor, without thinking twice, have taken out a gun and began to shoot from the enlonavtami. The wild, this story is not what "spacers" tried to kidnap a person, not what you did it's rude and arrogant and not what the neighbor used weapons. Striking that... they went back to the farmer, and the whole story of struggle and shooting happened! By the way, here neighbor defended neighbor. We should learn from Latinos...

There is a theory of the origin of UFOs, considering the object itself is a living being who produces, if necessary, all that is seen by the witness inside the object: the enlonavtami, tables and chairs, devices, screens and so on. Something like a beetle-"Ktulu" the American science fiction writer Robert shackley: he invented beetle eats thoughts and emotions... After meeting with those specified in this Chapter events, one comes to the conclusion that none of the enlonavtami not capable of independent thinking, and receives consciously only to a certain extent, in the dose of that released him materialsbase his being-"plate".

And often the observed cases when "parent" body UFO "spewing" a lot of small objects is very similar to "childbirth".. it's Hard not to consider robots those "invaders"deceived accidental loss of consciousness Swedish Mr. Johnson: persons with a disabled consciousness instantly ceased to be of interest to them. There is a feeling that the spacers were programmed to... moving object! Corpse (and what a loss of consciousness, not as disabling as the "radar" Johnsson stopped "blink") it was absolutely not necessary.

It is unknown whether the creature UFO consciousness, or behaves much like you and I, when, for example, want to eat: we have no power to stop or start the process of selection of saliva. He is performed on the instinctive level. Even more - the example of leukocytes in the blood: that "command" "defenders" of the organism from viruses and other nasty things have started to struggle, we often are not even informed, and only the selection of pus or temperature increase tells us that this struggle within us is or was carried out.

Whether "gray" enlonavtami - white cells UFO? Whether UFO - white cells of the planet? And many times throughout the history of the earth since the days of the pharaohs they intervened in the course of earth's history? That said, of course, only as "information for reflection". Suddenly assuming there are still rational, and someone will develop it in the right direction...

However, we will continue on the outrages (otherwise it cannot be called). While "rarely", but there are kidnappings, identical to the abduction of animals. It also suggests "unawareness" enlonavtami. Found in various parts of the globe for five-six last years the corpses of people are characterized by similar symptoms: deep circular wounds on the body (very reminiscent of wounds in cattle), the absence of certain internal organs removed, as it seems to be, directly through the skin (which you can, for example, to suspect and the healers!), and full gap affected. Although in Brazil such corpses fixed "all" 12 that believe: in a global scale figure findings will be very impressive.
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