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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Археологи находят весьма много доказательств тому, что пришельцы навещали Землю очень давно, еще в древности. Конечно, доказательства эти косвенные, их нельзя считать абсолютно правильными, но и опровергать тоже нельзя. Уфологи верят, что еще в древности инопланетяне передавали  целым народам свои знания и опыт, а изображения, которые находят археологи, и есть свидетельством этих контактов.

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Everyone talks about unidentified flying objects, forgetting that there are still objects floating or underwater. Surprisingly, but in history have been fixed and such! As a rule, NGOs showed itself through defects in the work of the steering and other systems of ships or hang or show themselves in full sense of this word.

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Пришельцы среди насIt is believed that these aliens poselyaetsya to us, that is, enter the bodies of people.

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Людей похищают СерыеScientists have already identified what kind of alien race kidnaps people with the Land and with what purpose.
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На Кузбассе обнаружены круги
The satellite passed on Google Earth images of strange circles found in the Kemerovo area
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Обама, расскажи нам про инопланетян
With the Obama administration's demand proof of finding aliens on Earth
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ГРАНДИОЗНАЯ ОБЛАВА В БРАЗИЛИИThis story began in the night from 12 to 13 January 1996, when one of the American radar tracking system of air defense (PVO) spotted several unknown purposes, which appeared in the Earth's atmosphere over Alaska. At high speed, they flew to the South-East, towards the USA. The announcement was immediately transferred to the Center of the United command of the air-defense system of the North American continent, located in Colorado. Performed there computer analysis has shown that the discovered objects are neither aircraft nor Intercontinental ballistic missile or space debris, nor terrestrial spaceships.
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ВЫНУЖДЕННАЯ ПОСАДКА В ОКРЕСТНОСТЯХ ФАРМИНГТОНАIn the spring of 1949 in areas HART Canyon, near the town of Farmington, new Mexico, fell (or has made an emergency landing) disc-shaped UFO. That day when that happened, the flight of several UFO above the city, among other numerous witnesses, watched independently from each other, a 30-year hulton, Paisey, at that time head of the shop auto repair shop of the company "Chevrolet", and his 9-year-old son Glenn. And the next day on the front page of the local weekly "Farmington the Hustler", published on Friday, published an article under the headlines: "Catastrophe UFO in HART-Canyon".
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Тайна "объекта М."История до сих пор не закончилась...History knows cases of the image in various churches and on the walls of cult buildings of different strange objects - helicopters, airplanes, rockets, and even UFOs. All would be nothing, if these images were not a few thousand years. Basically, these images can be found in Egypt and South America.
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Инопланетные цивилизации создали человека как своеобразного работникаToday one of the most popular topics of UFOlogy is the theory of paleokontakta, during which some alien civilization has created man as a kind of worker, mining gold for the needs of the "masters". His "interpretation of events" has offered the researcher, writer, author of the book series "proto-language" Vladimir Degtyarev.
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Почему инопланетяне не вступают в контактThe possibility of contact with alien civilizations care about humanity for centuries. Modern space telescope Kepler (Kepler)allowed scientists to look into the far corners of the Universe. He helped to establish that only within our Galaxy conditions for the emergence of various forms of life have more than 500 million planets.
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Американцев атаковали на Луне?Scientists have long considered the moon as a storehouse of mineral resources of the earth civilization and the future Outpost for Solar system exploration. However, there are evidences of the fact that our cosmic neighbor owners already have.
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Тела пришельцев – сенсация или подделка?Far from rare cases when the alien or parts of their bodies take something completely different.
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На борту летающей тарелки"...While waiting, I, surprisingly, felt emotionally detached - no fear! The aliens put me in your "dental" chair and implemented one implant crown under my posterior tooth, and other tiny black "pea" was stitched into the brush my hand."
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Инопланетян хоронили в МексикеAncient cemetery containing the remains of strange humanoid creatures have been discovered by archaeologists
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