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Обнаружены подземные пирамиды этрусковIn Central Italy a group of American and Italian archeologists found underground pyramids Etruscan - for the first time in the history of science.
One of terrestrial pyramids.

Structures carved into the volcanic tuff, on which stands the city of Orvieto. The upper part of one of them were used as wine cellars, which were seen the ancient stairs.

Started excavations, David George from College of St. Anselm (USA) and Claudio Bizzarri of local archaeological Park noticed that the walls have slope, leading to the idea of a pyramidal shape.

Passing through a layer of the middle of XX century, archaeologists have reached medieval sex. Directly beneath, they stumbled upon layer, filled attic red-figure pottery the middle of V century BC and Etruscan ceramics with inscriptions in VI-V centuries B.C. Later discovered a layer of material, which the builders deliberately covered the lower levels, where leave carved into the wall of the stairs. Perhaps, in the tombs?

At a depth of about three meters found a tunnel leading to another pyramid structure. It is assumed that it was dug in the middle of V century BC

It's all very mysterious - as should be the case with the Etruscans. The heyday of Etruria (a region in Central Italy, which now occupy the province of Tuscany, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Umbria) began about the year 900 BC, and for five centuries this unexpected nation dominated almost the entire territory of the Italian boot to the South of the po river.

In the V century BC civilization reached success in the arts, agriculture, metal processing and others, could not withstand the onslaught gained the power of the Romans and gradually declined. In the period from 300 100 year B.C. its territory gradually became part of a young and aggressive state.

The language of the Etruscans (clearly not of Indo-European origin) was forgotten, not left them no literature, no documents: only the epitaphs on the ornate tombs.

Perhaps pyramid Orvieto a little lift the veil of secrecy. Archaeologists believe that under the city is at least five such facilities. Experts stress that the pyramid shape carved in stone buildings, most likely, was inspired by the natural form of the local underground caves. Their purpose is too early to judge; at the same time it is obvious that these were not nor career, nor the water tanks.

Based on the materials Discovery News.
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