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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Аномальные места Крыма Across the land scattered many mysterious, abnormal places. Such places are scattered all over the Crimea and here quite a lot of them. The most popular Crimean Stonehenge.
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ТАЙНЫ ШАМБАЛЫ First of all, any myth, under deep conviction of the author, based on some real event. For, if any prior to the myth of the event, there would be a myth. There is no doubt that the event itself, lapse of time, construed and interpreted by many generations of people depending on their national peculiarities and character of the people or nation to which they belong, but the essence is the presence of a specific event - remains unchanged. No wonder one of the most prominent historians of the world, A. Thierry said: "Legend is a living legend, and almost always more truthful than what we call " history".
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ГРАНДИОЗНАЯ ОБЛАВА В БРАЗИЛИИThis story began in the night from 12 to 13 January 1996, when one of the American radar tracking system of air defense (PVO) spotted several unknown purposes, which appeared in the Earth's atmosphere over Alaska. At high speed, they flew to the South-East, towards the USA. The announcement was immediately transferred to the Center of the United command of the air-defense system of the North American continent, located in Colorado. Performed there computer analysis has shown that the discovered objects are neither aircraft nor Intercontinental ballistic missile or space debris, nor terrestrial spaceships.
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ВСЕ ТАЙНЫ ГРААЛЯIf you want to understand what is the Grail, more precisely, under the Grail meant a thousand years ago, there is nothing more sense than to look in the era of the Grail. That is what we shall do.
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ПИАСТРЫ ОСТРОВА ГРАЙГЕНDetails of the burial of the hoard is well known and more like a novel than a documentary narration. But, we specify for doubting, every action of any character of this bloody story is confirmed by witnesses and protocols of interrogations...
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«ЛЮТИЯ» И КОЛОКОЛ «ЛЛОЙДА»In 1799 in the Strait between the Islands of Vlieland and Terschelling off the coast of Holland sank while in Hamburg gold coins and ingots on a huge even at that time the amount of 1 175 000 GBP English frigate Lucia".
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ДУХ ПРИНЦЕССЫ ИНКОВ СТОРОЖИТ СОКРОВИЩАOn uphill to the castle Nidzica in the Polish Spisz (Eastern Tatras) is a sign "beware of a Ghost!"
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Тайна священника Беранже СоньераAnother story related to the treasure of the knights Templar, who was never able to find his explanation, - the mystery of the priest Berenger Sauniure.
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Загадка золота тамплиеровThis is the Order mentioned in the sensational bestseller Dan brown's "the da Vinci Code". The legends of the knights Templar became plot basis for a vast number of books and films. The Great the Order was founded in 1118 nine knights of the First crusade. A small detachment of the nine valiant warriors originally guarding the road to Jerusalem. By the way, the crusaders called his order in honor of the Solomon built the Temple of the Lord which is in Latin called Tamplum Domini. After some time, all members of the brotherhood took a number of articles of the monastic Charter.
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ЗАГАДКИ ДОИСТОРИЧЕСКОЙ КАРТЫ ЗВЕЗДНОГО НЕБАIn the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, on the banks of the river Unstrut, about 20 kilometers to the North-West of Naumburg, lies the town Nebra. In the late 90-ies of XX century in the surrounding area inside the annular shaft of artificial origin, the crowning flat, wooded top of the mountain Mittelberg, in a shallow pit dug in the rocky soil, and then covered with earth, was found a few very old subject. They stumbled across the looters. The find consisted of two swords, multiple bracelets bronze age, made, according to scientists, for 16 thousand years before Christ, and also a surprising products of unknown purpose, which will be discussed further.
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Волхвы и Вифлиеемская звездаMany people know from the Bible that the Magi is wise men who came from the East. In the gospel of Matthew tells us that the wise men followed the star of Bethlehem to find the Savior, to give him gold gifts, frankincense, and myrrh. However mentioned it somewhere else besides the Bible, these mysterious sages with unusual gifts? If Yes, what was the star of Bethlehem?
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Гигантское "археологическое" надувательство"In India, archaeologists discovered the skeletons of giant man". "Sensation of the world scale: the Archaeological group of the National geographic society discovered the remains of a 12-metre giants". "Our ancestors giants"...
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Эксперименты Тесла едва не погубившие мирEven after many decades after the death of Nikola Tesla mysterious experiments of this great physics continue to haunt the minds of scientists and discussed in the media. In particular, there is a version that the Tunguska catastrophe of 1908 was caused by experiments N. Tesla.
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Карта Пири РейсаThe image of America on the map Piri Flight is one of the few preserved till our days. Historians have found it in 1929 in the pile of rubble at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Today, the map is stored in the library of the Palace, and very rarely exhibited for public viewing. Map Dating from 1513, was painted on the skin of a Gazelle Turkish Admiral of the fleet of the Ottoman Empire the Piri Reis.
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Чему нас могут научить туземцы?Can the Western society to learn the backward "natives" - residents traditional communities? Deep down, many people "civilized" the world consider their primitive savages. But anthropologists believe we have a lot to learn from the tribes of New Guinea or the Amazon, although in some aspects of their life and looks retarded or shocking.
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