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ДАР ОРИОНА( ЛЕГЕНДА О СОКРОВИЩЕ МИРА)In ancient times from the distant stars fell wonderful stone. In the place where it appeared, was founded Shambhala - the Stronghold of Light. And still kept this Stone here, on the tower of Rigden-Capo in a special room.

The Ambassador distant worlds contains a substance that helps to keep the vibration of distant worlds. He is a remarkable teraphim Brotherhood - this stone gives rays penetrating through all the oceans and the mountains, for the benefit of people.

Around the world there is a fragment of that hidden miracle. He does the way of the messenger on Earth, proclaiming the great world events. This piece of Stone called "Treasure of the World", appears in the hands of elected and serves as the connection to the Brotherhood, keeping magnetic coupling the headstone.

The treasure of the World usually brought unexpectedly unknown people. The same unexpected way, in due time, the Stone disappears again to appear destined to life in a completely different country.

Sending this gift from times immemorial symbolizes the coming period destined to join and power of the country in which it appears.

According to legend, the treasure brings with it a special Covenant which must be met.

Different countries and heroes, United with the Stone. All the great unifier and founders States owned it. Many feats were performed. Here are some excerpts from the legends of the Rock.

Go desert. Bear the Cup, the shield is covered. Treasure it is the gift of Orion.

Kurnovuu Ruler, covered with gold, received from Talavou the dark Stone, which made the crystal of life. And the Governor was wearing this stone over gold.

On Lanka's Stone. Buried for treason Havana. Go through the sea. For him, like the tail of a comet happiness is still bright, but not for long.

Urol Xena, the spirit of the air, and brought it to king Solomon Stone. Cried the spirit in a sensitive ear: "the Commandment of the Lord Forces give you the treasure of the World!" "Good" - said the king, and they took a Stone in the Temple. However, I found the thinking of wearing a part of the Treasure for himself. Called the king of Ephraim, the tribe of Judah, zlatkova, and pointed to fight off a piece of Stone, and to take pure silver, and okovity ring, and draw on the Stone Cup of wisdom, flame shone. Thought the king not to give up the Treasure. But the spirit said, "Worthless you broke And Higher-Being. It would be difficult to hold the Stone to the sons of men, and only those who are with you, can turn the Stone to good". Constellation will point the way of the Stone. And in the temple, the Jews remained "Fire Wearing".

From the book Tristan, called the Harrier. "When the son of the Sun has come to Earth to teach people that fell from the sky shield, which had the force of the world.

In the middle of the shield between three different spots, acted silver signs foretelling events under the Sun ray. The phenomenon of sudden darkness to the Sun plunged into despair Son of the Sun, and he dropped and broke the shield, for asdasda was hostile. But the power remained in the chip means, there were touched by the Sun ray. They say the king Solomon took the inner part of the stone ring. The legend our priests also speaks about a broken shield the Sun. The worst mistake to deny the Stone. Indeed, I saw him - a fragment of the shield of the world! Remember the value of its length with my fifth finger - gray glow, like dry fruit. Even signs remember, but did not understand them. Positively I saw the Stone and find him. They say that the Stone itself comes, take it cannot. If so, I will wait Stone. For the sake of it go to the wilderness until the end of life".

Not Tanis, Lunge to the Stone. He will come if you wait. Remember, Harrier, " you have decided to wait.

The flames bearing, remember Forehead Nord and racking tents. Cook Nord - horse in a hurry.

The breath of the steppe and the crystal ringing mountains spirit Stone specifies the path to the banner. Leads wonder people - rays of Orion. The long Tsakov and Karakorum Nord. The teacher needs to lead the horses. UWB Nord. The phenomenon is expected.

When the Emperor of China possessed a Treasure of the Sun, he built him a temple of turquoise color of the clear sky. When the little princes with the bride looked in the door too long. The Emperor said, "Fox leads you feel the joy of the World". And saved, barely Passedvar went out of the ruins of China. Let a hundred degrees China hi I will send a Fire Wearing. But Passedvar Stone carries away, and Sands gave Fire warrior-rider Timur. It was Great to Amber wall, covered by the flags field. "Let the Stone lies in the Temple until the return".

But life is a miracle brought her grandson. The path of Stone lay to the West.

Left Ambassador to the Khan Tamerlane: it is a Stone in Ataque. It is necessary to send detained three banners. Riding on camels people, dust covers the sun. The weather people covered without end. And kauki turned the horses to the house. At night who will save the Stone?

Desert took strangers, and the Rock went with them at noon. Udumae, Khan as to catch up with the Stone in good ways! The sadness went away, malady, even horse stumbles. To fit the riders is the spirit manifested: "don't look, only time will tell the way". Each ulus differently sings about the Stone.

The iron crown of the Lombards also the memory of the Stone. Briefly visited a stone at the mountains of Pride. Many ambassadors from the East. Take away the camels Stone in Tibet. Desert bear with him and a new power.

Let the mountain of Pride for long Stone covered. Let magnified city of Stone, but the way Treasures planned. It's time to Rock back home.

Father Sulpicius had a vision of a white pillar of cloud moved and a Voice was heard: "Keep the Stones in the ark brought from Rothenburg. The four square with the sign of "M". The phenomenon will be clear, when I say four way to the East. Nothing will take the Commandment. Give the destined hour. Gather the soldiers of my Star. Who is destined, they'll gather. This is evidenced by the hour that the stone like the human heart and holds crystal shining!"

After those sayings post collapsed blue sparks, leaving father Sulpice in unprecedented shake. So wonderful that the Stone, which arrived from the East, has the shape of a flattened the fetus or heart elongated shape. The ark was found said the letter, the value of their unknown*.

Under the ground are going fathers spiritual nature Stone to experience. Why, when the Stone is dark, then the clouds go? When a Stone is heavy, blood is shed? When a star above the Stone, then the luck? When bursting Stone, then the enemy is? When I see a fire under that Stone, when the world shudders? When the Stone resting - forward boldly. But wine Stone not obley, smoke above the Stone only cedar resin. Wear a Stone in the ivory box.

As to heat and to the ice to get used to it, so have to get used to radiation Stone. Each Stone bears, should quietly to live with him. The dope rays are invisible, but the heat secret stronger radium. The oil is poured invisible. Obviously the Stone rests on the fabric their homeland.

Begone, Stone, sea, let the bird to bring news to the ear - Stone goes.

A dark night in dark clothes inaudible suitable messenger - how they expect? Turning, round the corner

* Chest mentioned in the legend refers to the thirteenth century, and, according to legend, it is made from the skin belonged to Solomon. On the skin there are many alchemical symbols. The famous Rabbi Moses de Leon, compiler "Zohar"pursued by the Spaniards during the persecution of the Jews, has found protection of the German feodali who committed it, and persecuted in their possession. In return he gave her a talisman and this precious piece of skin. Padalka ordered to make leather chest and use it to store the received mascot.

Waiting for manual beast, nose shrugs, paw pulls sent by the enemy. Who is struggling to the stairs, which flies flew from where whirlwind flies? But go hard, I Rock steady, teach prayer: "don't leave, o Lord, because gathered my strength, do not abandon, for coming to You!"

On mount Ararat lies combustible Stone. Novgorod hero crashed against the Rock, for it is not believed. Will Novgorod indicated the possession of the Treasure, but unbelief overshadowed the possibility of a miracle.

Best reminder of the Stone laid in the serpentine stone. Mark wise ownership. A follower of the night trying to show the assignment of Stone, but the Treasure was always bright sign. Evil Vladyka was briefly owned a Stone, not knowing that only the striving to do good conquers the fire Stone.

But the cunning of the Temple servants had stolen Treasure from the ruler of India, to offer to a foreign country.

When the Ruler of India has gone Stone, the wife said, "we will Find him again. Odaly asks onion, poultry get it by themselves".

And the last flight to the West covered the Kingdom of unprecedented failure of unity of the peoples of the West. On each ray of the East were looking for Stone. The time has come, the time is fulfilled. Rock destined recorded when the West voluntarily Stone shall come. Approved to wait and understand the Stone path. Claim to understand destined media Stone coming home. The ship is ready!

Priestly consciousness of all times was preparing people for the worthy Treasures. The laws of wisdom has long indicated the time when the Eclipse double and when immersion shrines in waves will mark the emergence of a new Stone. Will prayer to wait for our fate.

When the flame over the bowl ring will Soviets, then close My time.

New Country will meet the Seven Stars under the sign of the Three Stars that sent the Stone World. Treasure ready, and the enemy will not take the gold covered with a shield! Wait A Stone!

On the edge of a precipice, from mountain stream in evening fog seem shape of a horse. The rider is not visible. Something unusual sparkles in the saddle. Maybe it is the horse, lost a caravan? Or, maybe he unseated him, jumping over the abyss? Maybe this horse, feeble, cast in the way, and now rested, he is looking for the owner? So thinking mind, but the heart remembers more. Heart remembers how the great Shambala, from the Holy mountain heights in the destined hour will come down the lone horse and saddle it instead rider will Shine Stone, the Savior of the world. Is it time? Not whether the horse lone us the treasure of the World? White Horse - Erdene Mori?
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