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Семь богов счастьяSeven gods of happiness that came to us from China, India and Japan often called "international team". They worship in the East, their honor in the West. However, what is the difference, where I came from heaven. The main thing is to help in a difficult moment for us, mere mortals.

Ebisu is the God of good luck, patron of the fair trade

Depicted with a fish in his hands. Sacred fish - a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements. It is very difficult to catch carp bare hands, it is as difficult to achieve inner peace and enlightenment.

Ebisu was born without bones, and some myths and without legs and arms. At birth he was named Hirako, which translated from Japanese means "tadpole". Before his birthday, Hiroko was carried out in the sea on a frail boat, which after a long journey on the waves washed up on the coast of Hokkaido, where he was picked up by Inom Ebisu Saburo. Overcoming many difficulties, Hiroko raised his feet and hands, and in three years turned into God Ebisu.

The figure of this celestial it would be nice to have everyone who is somehow connected with the trade - revenues will grow not on days, and in parts. Install it in a conspicuous place in the Eastern sector of the apartment. The sides put on the branch of a willow (it will replace us bamboo), and before the celestial put a plate or a bowl filled with coins.

Favorable sector: South-East, East.

Location: the office Desk.

Purpose: good luck in business, Commerce.

Daikoku - the God of wealth and prosperity

Depicted with a hammer, wishes, a bag of rice behind and rat. Daikoku is dancing its dance and taps with a hammer. With each stroke of his magic clappers in the world of people is becoming more money. Bag with heavenly rice is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Rat - assistant of daikoku: it gnaws at him a poke holes, and magic figure falling from heaven on the earth right in the people's hands. Being a patron of the hearth, daikoku promotes the protection and prosperity at home. Want never know with poverty, want your house was always full Cup, and the household of the soul in each other doted? As often as you can see on the dance daikoku themselves sometimes paplasinata next to him.

Figurine of this celestial necessary and all those for whom it is important not to lose the battle for the harvest. After all, daikoku protects all gardeners and farmers. Build on your summer cottage something like a pedestal and put on him a figure of daikoku. Your harvest will be envied by all the neighbours.

Favorable sector: South, South-West.

Disposition: kitchen, living room.

Purpose: wealth, wealth, prosperity, peace in the home.

Bishamon (or Chamontin) - warrior-defender

Is portrayed as a mighty warrior with a spear, and in full samurai armor. This God-warrior - the patron of soldiers, doctors and lawyers, defender of the insulted and injured. But not only. Bishamon is the enemy of any injustice, and therefore to have his house figurine useful to everyone. Besides warrior gives his players bravery and courage needed to fight for their place under the sun.

Bishamon is the most powerful of all the celestial knights and guards the North. But because his figure is best to put in this part of your home or office. But definitely on the rise - almost under the ceiling.

Favorable sector: North, North-East.

Location: the Cabinet office.

Purpose: protection from injustice, sickness, death, enemies, the evil forces.

Benzaiten (or Benten) - the goddess of music and arts

Depicted with a lute in the hands. He bestows his protege inspiration and talent, protects all people of art, but above all musicians. This netsuke will be useful to the citizens suffering from the tongue, because Benzaiten also serves as the goddess of eloquence.

As it is strange, but this figures in the bathroom. After all, its element - Water. Make sure that next to this lady there was always some kind of vessel, brim full of water, and lay the offering in the form of a small bouquet of roses and violets. Benten, as all the musicians, loves flowers.

Favorable sector: South-West, West.

Location: bathroom.

Purpose: gives inspiration, reveals talent.

Fukurokuju - God academic career, wisdom and intuition

Depicted in the form of an old man with a strongly elongated head. Perfect mascot for all those involved in the educational process - from first-graders to highbrow Professor. First, Fukurokuju greatly simplifies the process of learning, developing memory and intuition of their wards, secondly, it really helps to build a career, and third, awards wisdom, including everyday...

If your child is not learning, put a figurine of celestial on his Desk, and, better still, put in the portfolio. Let the child all the time is a wise patron.

Favorable sector: North, North-East.

Disposition: entrance hall, study room, children.

Purpose: career, education.

Hotel - the God of abundance, joy and prosperity.

Depicted in the form of an old man with a big belly. There is a belief that rubbing the belly of Hoteya 300 times, thinking about something good, thought is necessarily true.

Hotel the most known and read of all seven. The reason is clear: good-natured fat man seems the most humane, he forgives weakness, notices of deficiencies. He is always cheerful and happy and makes all those who elected him as their patron Saint.

In addition, Hotel collects in her bag all the world unhappiness and problems of other people. And it is really worth it.

Put a figurine of Hoteya in the living room or kitchen so that his gaze was directed out the door. It will radiate positive energy qi and absorb negative and deadly energy ball. To the left of Hoteya put a few small drain of wine, right put more delicious food.

Favorable sector: North-West

Disposition: kitchen, living room

Purpose: joy, prosperity, abundance, compassion, comfort.

Zyroxin - God of longevity and immortality

Depicted in the form of an old man with a long beard. In his hands - the staff and the scroll of wisdom, which stores information about all the creatures living on earth, secrets of longevity and immortality. It is not surprising that in his power to award man long life. Therefore, the figure of Zyazina just need people to the elderly or suffering from some disease.

In addition, Zyroxin will help all without exception to bring the nervous system in order, and peace is a pledge of long life.

This netsuke must be near sleeper elderly (sick) people.

Favorable sector: the West.

Location: a bedside table, a shelf near the sofa or chair.

Purpose: health and longevity.

By the way:

The legend says that once the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu decided to talk with famous Buddhist priest Tancuem about nobleness. Tanka admitted that, in his opinion, the nobility includes longevity, success, popularity, sincerity, friendliness, dignity and generosity. The shogun response was very impressed that he asked the priest to choose the seven gods - examples of each of these properties. And Tanka chose: Fukurokuju - God academic career, wisdom and intuition, daikoku - the God of wealth and prosperity, Ebisu, God of success, the patron Saint of fair trade, Zyazina - God of longevity and immortality, Bishamon - warrior-defender, Benzaiten - goddess of music and art, hotea - God of abundance and joy.

Daria CALM
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