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Тайны ЛуныThe moon is the only celestial body in the Solar system, which was stepped on. This satellite of our planet is under constant "sight" telescopes, it is studied from the Ground and from space, but, according to scientists, our knowledge of the moon for the last forty years has increased slightly and the number of the mysteries surrounding this planet, not reduced, but rather increased.

After the end of the American program "Apollo" on the moon began to slowly forget - space rushed in other areas. Meanwhile, the "left on their own" Moon increasingly threw scientists unresolved mysteries. Much confusion has caused case launched in January 1994 automatic probe "Clementine", the joint offspring of NASA and now happily deceased military program SDI (strategic defense initiative), better known as the " star wars". The goal of the mission of the probe was to test advanced technological development, in particular - the new super-sensitive measuring devices. "Clementine" photographed the moon's surface from a height of 400 kilometers, and then moved in the direction of the asteroid 1620 Geographos. And sent a probe to Earth photographs caused a storm of surprise in the scientific environment: on the bottom of the few craters, located in the southern hemisphere of the moon is probably... frozen water!

It was a sensation because the Moon is traditionally considered dead body. The terms of the moon seemed completely exclude the possibility of ice formation. In fact, lunar days 28 times longer than the earth. During this period, the entire surface of our satellite during the lunar day is illuminated by the Sun, and the atmosphere on the moon and no surface temperature could reach 122 degrees Celsius. Where is formed ice! But the photos made by the "Clementine", indicate that ice may persist in those places, which is not the rays of the sun, for example, at the bottom of some deep craters. In the southern hemisphere of the moon is a huge crater in diameter 2500 kilometers and a depth of 12 kilometers, and the bottom of this vast pool dotted with smaller pits. Here in these depressions and had traces of what scientists believe the ice ...

But where water is on the moon? The opinion that she could go to the moon together with meteorites, for billions of years bombarding the surface of the satellite. Part of the ice long ago vanished, and the other could zakonservirovat at the bottom of craters.

But hypothetical water on the moon is the only one of the mysteries of this planet. NASA has formulated five major mysteries of the moon, over the solution of which in the coming years will work science: How the Moon became a satellite of the Earth? What is the history of the moon? When and how on the moon appeared craters? What is the history of the atmosphere of the moon? What mysteries of the Solar system associated with the Moon?

As you can see, these secrets are mainly associated with the history of the moon. What can you say about the future of this earth satellites?

...People, the houses, the trees, the whole of the rock, as if torn from his seat unprecedented strong hurricane, fallen, has fallen, has been shattered, sweeping everything in its path. And while the planet itself survived, in a few moments on it there is not a single living being, which is millions of years before carefully nurtured nature...

Before this global cataclysm no one can resist, despite the fact that no matter what technical means of protection it is not used. In the face of catastrophe pale even the horrors described in the Apocalypse, and each day brings us closer to her earthlings. And this threat emanates from... of the moon, satellites of the planet.

The influence of the moon on the life of mankind has studied traditional and non-traditional science. The moon we believe is the natural satellite of the Earth, in fact, irrelevant to our lives. This is a small, desert planet whose surface is crossed with craters and which passively circling the Earth in obedience to the law of attraction. She can threaten us?

The moon is removed from the Earth at a distance of 384 thousand kilometers and has a diameter in 3476 km, which is four times smaller than the diameter of the Earth. But not only the Earth pulls the moon, but the Moon, in accordance with all laws of physics, attracts the Earth. It turns out that the Moon swirls around us, and we're around her, and involve both planets are inseparable. And although the presence of the moon is a necessary condition to hold the Earth in the Solar system, the price for this "service" is inevitable killing all life on Earth that this planet-dwarf ever do. As a murder weapon will be... negligible gravity of the moon!

When the Moon floats in the night sky over our heads, it attracts everything that gets in its gravitational field. But the most striking manifestation of this are the tides of the ocean. The moon attracts huge mass of water, and then comes the tide with it. And when the Moon, dancing in orbit, moving away from the Earth, and "releases" ocean from its gravitational fields, the tide comes in. And so on, around the circle. But what seems to be the natural movement of water, in essence is the movement of the Earth. After all, when the Moon "holds" in his field rearing of the ocean, the Earth continues to rotate around its axis, so no water moves to the mainland, and on the contrary - the continents to the water. And each time, when the Moon "attracts" our oceans, the Earth rotates forced to overcome the friction force "standing on end" on the surface water of the mountains. And with every such effort, the Earth loses speed turns on its axis and will never get the same speed...

Its momentum of rotation of the Earth received from the gravitational field of the cosmos four or five billion years ago, when the planets of the Solar system has only just been formed from the wildly spinning clouds of hot gas and cosmic dust. Since that time, the Earth is largely already reduced the speed, which was acquired in the first phase of its development. And each energy loss is irreplaceable! The slowing of the Earth's rotation caused by the Moon, is 0,00164 seconds each day and this inhibition has been lasting for several billion years. For our planet, would get slower and slower rotating around its axis, this slowdown is beginning to pose an ever greater threat.

When 200 million years ago the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs, earthly year amounted to 385 days - the time of revolution of the Earth around the Sun is changing much more slowly - but the days were shorter and accounted for 23 hours. But 400 million years ago, when the first plants only just mastered the land surface of the year amounted to 405 days and the days lasted 21 hours 30 minutes. And the older you become, the Earth, the longer is the day. Earth, break the Moon, slowly rotating around its axis.

Today, every day comes that fatal hour, when our companion finally "you brake". To understand how it will look, remember my feelings when the driver rushing at full speed in a crowded bus suddenly pushes the brake pedal and all the people in the bus, collapsing in a heap... Unless something or someone will be able to resist, then, under pressure from frustrated sudden braking from a place of mountains and oceans...

The moon traditionally occupies one of the Central places in the esoteric. Some clairvoyants, who, coming to the astral plane, it is possible to visit the moon, argue that it is a short distance from the moon to the Earth allows us in a dream to see our dead loved ones. They also claim that this planet is very often attack us in the days of the full moon, when the Moon has the greatest power of attraction, and the lunar vampirism which may lead to death, even the strong body. Such occasions have taken place. In most cases, the Moon was overtaken their victims during sleep, in the time when all the protective functions of the organism is kept to a minimum. Full moon frequent headaches and phenomena of somnambulism. Therefore, during the full moon should avoid walking in the evening, and during sleep you need, close the window blinds that the moon there is no light in the room. It is also recommended that in such a night to put next to the bed of some energy shield, even just a glass of water.

The view of most of the esoteric teachings of the Moon will become the next planet on which will develop a life, but not in the physical and the spiritual (mental) form. The moon still only "prepared" for this role, she should concentrate in themselves as much energy as possible. One of the main sources of this energy is the earth and the ongoing process of life and death. During the life of man, the Moon controls the behavior and actions. Inspiration of the moon are largely the motivation of events on Earth. Even in normal situations, we are not always able to free themselves from its effects. Inspiration moon able to awaken in man the most sordid actions, prompting him to the murder and theft, and at the same time can push a person to take heroic action, to force him to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Even ordinary everyday Affairs in many respects are made under the influence of the moon.

"Well, " you say, " but if all the actions a person performs under the influence of the moon, himself man where? Where the human person, where her free will?"

A legitimate question. If a person managed to develop enough strength of mind, will, if he will dedicate his life to spiritual self-improvement, he managed partially or completely freed from the power of the moon, and in this case, after death, he can avoid the notorious trials. If the soul of man all his life on earth was subject to passions, if a person lived, sailing like a dry stick with the flow,...

In a minute cmerti physical body of a person leaves known energetic substance, traditionally called the soul. This energy is drawn by the Moon, as a huge magnet. The souls who go to this planet, retain some of the knowledge and memory, accumulated during the years of the physical life. And because, like it or not, these souls belonged to the inhabitants of the Earth and those burdened with earthly evils which were biased in life on the moon they have to enter into the cycle is incomparably longer than earthly life, develop their spiritual forces. This is a very difficult process, but once the soul has not engaged in it during his life on Earth, it will have to walk this path on the moon - in more difficult conditions. While the soul remains on the moon in unchanged form of existence, from which there are no alternatives outcome (on Earth Exodus from the material life's called death), but the way of spiritual development. This is purgatory - quarantine form of existence before the further wanderings of the soul for the Universe...
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