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Зомби – ходячие мертвецыWho are the zombies are not alive, and not dead creatures, which often meet in Haiti? Whether zombie - dead body without reason and without a soul? Whether it is in the power of the sorcerers who subdued, capturing the soul?
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Оборотни в легендах и в реальной жизниThe werewolf is one of the Central figures of the ancient superstitions. Together with vampires, witches, mermaids, ghosts and witches he existed for thousands of years, citing fear for adults and children in large cities and remote villages.
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Дело о Стеллеровой коровеFifteen years ago began to come in the magazine " Around the world" amazing message from the Far East. If seen people in different places of the coast of Kamchatka, commander Islands, and in other districts, the Steller cow. Yes, those most unfortunate sea giants that have fallen victim to the insatiable appetites of the fishermen in the second half of the XVIII century. Actually this topic in the official Zoological science is considered "closed" and causes irritation among scientists. Negative attitude to such observations expressed zoologists V.E. Sokolov, V.G. Geptner, S. Kaliev Klumov, and others. The author of one of the related messages in 1966 and published in the newspaper "Kamchatka Komsomolets", he just laughed. It was about a mysterious dark-skinned animals, observed in shallow water with the ship at the Cape of Navarin, North-East of Kamchatka.
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 Сирруш с врат царицы This extraordinary story would start with the events of the last years, but we will be back on a hundred years ago, by the time...
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 Треугольник дьявола In the Western part of the Atlantic ocean, off the South-East coast of the United States of America, there is an area that is roughly shaped like a triangle. Side of it are drawn from a point North of Bermuda South Florida, then along the Bahamas to the island of Puerto Rico, where again turn to the North and returned to Bermuda about 40 degrees West longitude.
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 Мифы догонов In 1950 the French ethnographer Marcel Grill and Germain, Dieterlen published an article dedicated to the Dogon mythology - small African people living on the territory of the Republic of Mali.
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 Рисунки в пустыне Mysterious figures in the Peruvian desert Nazca, the biggest piece of art in the world, one of the most outstanding and at the same time unexplained creations of man, were the little-known until 1939. In that year, pilots, flying over the desert valley on a small aeroplane, drew attention to the strange pattern of randomly overlapping long straight lines, interspersed with strange brains and flourishes, which was noticeable in certain lighting conditions.
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 Ковчег на горах Араратских In Eastern Turkey, on the Anatolian coast, not far from the borders with Iran and Armenia stands covered with eternal snows of the mountain. Its height above sea level is only 5165 meters, which does not allow her to be in the range of the highest mountains of the world, but it is one of the most famous peaks of the Earth. The name of this mountain - Ararat.
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 Всемирный потоп One of the brightest episodes of the Bible, undoubtedly, is the legend about the Flood. The legend of this affecting the imagination like no other, served as the eternal theme of artists of all time. Interestingly, mention of the Flood are found in folklore and legends of many peoples of our planet. Scientists have found that similar myths exist in Australia, India, Tibet and in Lithuania; they were held in dokolumbovsky America. The content of these legends are very similar. The Spaniards, having mastered in due time the New world was astonished amazing coincidence in detail all the stories of the flood in different Indian tribes.
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 Гибель гигантов A dull, heavy, stiff, awkward... So in the XVIII century described the dinosaurs German scientist Friedrich Theodor Fischer. Since were opened their first remains of dinosaurs used very unimportant reputation: huge creatures, weighing about bend tons, with miniature brain, absolutely not able to adapt to climate change, although inhabited our planet for one hundred forty million years. No wonder they were doomed to destruction in accordance with the laws of its own selection and vanished without a trace.
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 Загадки, извлеченные из глубин July 11, 1891 provincial American newspaper "Morrisonville times published a note which read: "on the Morning of Tuesday Mrs. SO Kalp made public one surprising finding. When she broke a piece of coal for the fire, they found in it a small gold chain with a length of 25 centimeters, ancient and intricate work. A piece of coal split almost down the middle, and because the chain was placed in it in the form of a circle and two end it was next to each other, when a piece of split, in the middle it was released, and two end remained enshrined in the corner... It is made of 8 carat gold and weighed 192 grams".
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 Обезьяна или Адам? (В поисках прародителя) Mighty tribe of dinosaurs yet ruled on the Earth, but under the feet of the colossi already prowling small oboronka animals, suckling their babies with milk. Their time soon broke - whether from climate changes on the planet, or from other causes dinosaurs died out, and at the forefront of evolution out those "poor" mammals, soon settled in the Land of sets of species, as herbivorous and predatory. And on the periphery of these new rulers of the planet was, as usual, one of the weakest types - melkoroslymi, without sharp fangs and claws, without hoofs and a thick skin, without quick feet and without powerful tusks...
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 Мозг и Вселенная Researchers of paranormal phenomena do not doubt that the mysterious sudden disappearance of people, cars, planes, ships, like UFO, connected with the transition from our world to the other, parallel (or in a parallel Universe). With this transition is the mystery of the large number of "paranormal mysteries.
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 Происхождение жизни: слепой случай или разумный замысел? The mystery of the origin of life on Earth revealed! This motto has long played on the standards of science. The origin of life on Earth was considered to be quite obvious. The researchers of this problem outlined magic biochemical circle within which built a simple model, according to which about 4 billion years ago the Earth by natural chemical processes from non-living matter was born the first living cells. Scripts Soviet academician A.I. Oparin and the Englishman GB Haldane, these cells are formed in the primary earth's ocean, which was a real chemical broth. The Earth's atmosphere at that time was virtually oxygen-free and consisted of methane, ammonia, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
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 Материки расколотые и затонувшие If you look at the map, you can easily see an amazing similarity to the coastlines of Africa and South America, Australia and Africa, Australia, and the Indian subcontinent - as if the fragments of the whole pilfered unknown force and separated ocean open spaces...
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