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Конец света?Mysterious end of the Mayan calendar, the parade of the planets, which will put in one line all the planets of the galaxy to its center, approaching the mysterious planet Nibiru, the explosion on the Sun - all scripts of the Apocalypse, which was scheduled for December 21.

"In 1982, the planet is also buried"

Scientific supervisor of the Laboratory for space studies will Dine Vitaly Epishev says has repeatedly denied rumors of December 21 - since, as they appeared.

The first wholly-owned information "duck" Vitaly named the planet Nibiru. That there is such a star - Brown Dwarf, around which, together with the other 6 planets revolve Nibiru. It moves in the direction opposite to the other planets of the Solar system, which becomes the cause of numerous space destruction, as well as earthly cataclysms. On the Internet there are rumors that Nibiru was included in the Solar system, moving quickly and December 21, will collide with the Earth, causing its complete destruction, or will be so near her, what on Earth will begin earthquake, huge tsunami and other disasters. That is our planet is still doomed, but from people hide this information in order to avoid panic.

"It is not true - soothes Vitaly Epishev. - No Nibiru to us is not coming. That is, it actually exists, but is so far away that its impact is not felt, and one cannot say that cataclysms taking place on the Earth because of it. If the planet that size really flew in the direction of ours, it could be seen with the naked eye at least a year before that time. Therefore, the talks that someone hides from us the approximation of Nibiru, just someone's imagination ".

Meanwhile, Vitaly recognizes: the threat from space for our planet is quite real, because scientists now quite unclear behavior of the Sun. As for other objects, it is far more dangerous to us may be small asteroids that are difficult to detect even by using modern technology.
"Imagine: our Earth moves around the Sun at a speed of 30 km per second, and the Sun around the galaxy - at a speed of 250 km per second.

Despite this, we suddenly can fly any small asteroid that, meanwhile, the fall made a lot of trouble.
Thus, in 2011, very close to the Earth flew by asteroid with a diameter of approximately 100 m Even he fell on some populous city, could cause technogenic accidents and to take away human life, so astronomers are afraid of such objects.

The second scenario, under which December 21, during the Parade of the planets, one line should supposedly be built up not only the objects of the Solar system and the planets in other star systems, creating a line to the centre of the galaxy and triggering a transition to another Universe, Vitaly Epishev also called at least funny. He explained that the Parade of planets, astronomers call the phenomenon, when one side of the Sun in one line under the slightest angle conditionally line up at least six planets.

At the end of December, the line will be only a four - mercury, Venus, the Earth and Jupiter. And the line this phenomenon is even approximately cannot be called, because the angle between planets will reach 65 degrees. To speak about the exact date of December 21, the scientist will Dine also believes illiterate, after all, will begin this wasn't a Parade on 18 December and end on the 25th.

"Serious parade of planets, unfortunately, can not wait neither we nor our grandchildren, " said Vitaly Epishev. - It will be 300 years. And the last significant was in 1982-m Then civilization, too, had been buried, but nothing terrible happened."

Up to 2016 Earth will survive disasters and economic collapse

Agrees with the claims Vitaly Episheva and Uzhgorod astrologer Svetlana. She is sure: December 21, the world will not end, however, the period from December 2012 really predict is very difficult. "Humanity in these years will change, more attention will be paid to spirituality, charity, - says Svetlana. - And from those who will continue to lead the animal life, the Earth will shake. In General, by 2015 our planet are many cataclysms that will take many lives.

Unstable peace and financially. Only from 2016 all gradually will start to level off. Capitalism is transformed into a soft shape, people who will develop spiritually, will be happy."

For Ukraine, Uzhgorod astrologer also predicts an extremely difficult period. In its forecasts, the life of Ukrainians up to 2018 will be difficult both economically and morally. And only 2018-th us waiting gradual improvement that will bring Ukraine out of difficulties.

Do not believe the world would end on December 21, and the father Vladislav Ignatishin. "The Scripture really says about the Apocalypse, there is even a description of the end of humanity, " said the priest. "However, in my opinion, it is not necessary to calculate the symbolism of numbers, inherent in the revelation of John the theologian, transfer them to a specific date.

Regarding the 21st of December, I think it's another attempt to intimidate people.

Someone, apparently, profitable, perhaps someone earning some money. Actually, this is not the first case of fraud. For example, the founder of the movement Jehovah's Witnesses Charles Russell predicted that the world would end in 1914, then translated date, until he died. But in the 60's in Transcarpathia is one of the sects brought his followers on the mountain, to await the end of the world (of course, did not happen). In my opinion, do not worry, when will the day of judgment. You just have to be right."

Psychologists say that people like to think different "horror stories" about the end of the world and believe them. It's like horror movies: scary, but exciting at the same time. Can, therefore, most of the scenarios of the Apocalypse "born" of the spheres, clear not all - physics, astrophysics, astronomy. So it was with Nibiru, planet Parade formation of a Black hole in hadron Collider, solar flares and even the Mayan calendar. The latter was perhaps the most favorite subject is related to the End of the world, and the considerable role was played by the fact that specialists who understand the deciphering of hieroglyphics Maya - all.

Generally say that the myth of the end of the world from Maya was just a joke American archaeologist who said this only once at a lecture for students. However, in the USA started panicking, especially gullible Americans even decided last years of his life to spend, nothing does not denying, so took a tremendous state of credit (to give, allegedly, will not have) and enjoy, waiting for December 21. And the Internet and, in General, already offered to buy the indulgence, i.e. the remission of sins.

The gift that skeptics have long been calculated considering 514 leap years since then, as Caesar introduced this concept, the end of the world was to be almost a year ago. Even the historians have already given back "fairy tale" about the Maya, telling that accidentally discovered in Guatemala a new calendar, which continues history of seven thousand years.

Apocalypses in the history of mankind:

In 1656 is expected by Christopher Columbus.

In 1900 - predicted sect "Brothers and sisters of the red death".

on October 24, 1993 - sect of the White brotherhood, believed that the world will perish in the light of "the living God" Maria Devi Christ.

In July 1999, a prophecy of Nostradamus.

August 11, 2002 - end of the world was expecting the Romanian hieromonk Arseny.

6 June 2006 - in date, which is the so-called "number of the devil" (06.06.06), was also waiting for the Apocalypse.

on may 21, 2011 - end of the world announced American preacher, 89-year-old Harold Camping. He warned with billboards in nearly all countries of the world.

Further predictions of the End of the world:

2013 - Scandinavian end of the world Ragnarok. It must be preceded by a three-year Great Winter, hunger and strife.

2014 - the next forecast from astrophysicists, who allegedly said that our Solar system will get a cloud of cosmic dust, which sweeps away everything in its path.

2015 the end 9576-year cycle that will lead to the destruction of civilization.

2016 - James Hansen, a climate researcher of the state on Earth, says that this year will melt glaciers and most of the land will be flooded.

2017-th - the end of the world according to the hierarchical theory of catastrophes.

2018-th - nuclear war predicted by Nostradamus.

2020 - Isaac Newton based on the writings of John the theologian has calculated that the end of the world will be in this year.
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