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Тайна утраченной науки ЕссеевFor five hundred years before the birth of Christ mysterious group of scientists formed a community to honor the ancient teachings that arose before the appearance of our history as we know it. Roman and Jewish historians called the members of these spiritual traditions, known under the collective name of "the Essenes"as is "race, existing in itself, the most striking of all others in the world".

Fundamental wisdom of the main heritage of the Essenes begins long before the emergence of the dominant traditions of their time and can be traced in the ancient Scriptures, at least 4000 years before Christ. Key elements of almost every belief system that exists today, including beliefs China, Tibet, Egypt, India, Palestine, Greece and even deserts of the American southwest, it seems, have common roots in this ancient genealogy of wisdom. In addition, many of the great spiritual heritage of the Western world, despite all existing differences in them, it seems that originates from the pedigree of the wisdom of the ancients, including the Freemasons, the Gnostic Christians and Kabbalists.

Known as "Chosen" or "the Elect of God", the Essenes were the first people, openly condemned slavery, the use of the menservants and maidens, and killing animals for human consumption. Considering the physical labour as a healing communication with the Earth, they were engaged in agriculture and lived close to the earth that gave them life. The Essenes saw prayer as the language used for the worship of nature and creative intelligence space - these two concepts they did not share.

The practice of prayer were carried out regularly. The first prayer of the day was taken up after waking up in the early darkness before going to work in the field. Followed by prayers before and after each meal, and then again on his return from work at the end of the day. Members of the community of Essenes by today's standards were strict vegetarians. They refrained from eating animal flesh, that is, food that contains blood, and fermented drinks. Probably one of the best explanations of their diet is contained in the following excerpt from the Dead Sea Scrolls: "don't take the food that you put in his mouth. When you eat live food, she will give you strength, but if you kill your food, this dead food will kill you. Life always comes only from life, and death always comes from death. And all that kills your food, also kills your body". Their lifestyle has allowed them to live to a ripe old age, reaching 120 years or more, and enjoy the vitality and endurance.

In those days the Essenes had a reputation pedantic scientists. They keep records and recorded their traditions for future generations, they only ever imagined. Probably the best samples of their works can be found in the lost libraries, dispersed throughout the world. Reminds methodically posted "time capsules", their manuscripts give an opportunity to look at the way of thinking of the ancient people and forgotten wisdom. What they wanted to tell us?

In the words of their time, scientists Essenes appealed to those who will find their texts to remind that "the Earth is in us"and "we are in it", and that these two postulates are closely woven into everything that we experience. New translations of documents of the Essenes from the caves of the Dead Sea reveal the picture even more, and sometimes unexpectedly deep understanding of things by their authors.

The motivation for ceremonies, rituals and lifestyle of the early community of Essenes was their deep reverence "the living thread"that connects all life in all the worlds. The Essene master saw our bodies as a point of convergence, where the forces of creation for the expression of God's will. They considered our time as the possibility of joint healing memory of evil, anger, jealousy and hatred: the life experience, which we sometimes avoid and condemn. It is through this experience we hone our qualities of love, compassion and forgiveness, raising us to the top of the highest expression of our humanity. For this reason they considered our body as a sacred place as tender and vulnerable Shrine of our soul.

Interestingly, the Qumran sages concentrated on a certain place in our body, but not on the whole body as the landscape has a divine expression. The Essene gospel of Peace reminds us that through our bodies we "inherited Holy Land...this earth is the field you want to plow, and a place inside us, where we can build our sacred Shrine".

In the most secret corners of ancient temples found the most intimate part of the sanctuary. Time-eaten manuscripts indicate only room are small in comparison with other parts and hidden away among corridors and shrines - "Beth Elohim" or "the Holy of holies". In this "Holy of holies" invisible world of spirit refers to the physical matter of our world.

If you move this metaphor of strong temples built of stone, in a gentle temples life, our body also needs to have its Holy of holies. It is possible, using methods that modern science is only beginning to understand the most intimate part of our living temple is a kind of sacred place, where the breath of the spirit for our material body. Is there a place within us? In a surprising report published at the Third Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Healing Energy, scientists have described the nonphysical the power of emotions, which changes the physical DNA molecule.

Based on thorough research of the individual, capable of self-control of his emotions, as well as to the impact on other subjects without special training, study says that "individual persons trained to reproduce concentrated feelings deep love...were able to deliberately change the look of their DNA" (italics or quotes of the author). Specific quality deliberately played emotions showed how much and how closely woven these two strands of this molecule life! Refuting long doubt that emotions have a significant impact on our health and quality of life, now these reports, perhaps for the first time, demonstrate that the emotion is the missing link, a direct communication channel with the very essence of life. Could it be that the links are Dead Sea Scrolls to "the Holy land ... a place inside us, where we can build our Church" may be a need to define the cells in our body? If so, then every cell in the temple of our bodies, by definition, is the Holy of holies. Each cell should be considered sacred! Such improbable understanding came from the texts of two thousand three hundred years ago, and now, confirmed by the science of the twentieth century, it can be regarded as something of a single biological theory. Beyond science, religion and mystical traditions, we now have no name to our new world view. Yielding to echo the traditions of the past, such prospects remind the words stored for so long many people: "we are all interconnected", "we are all the expression of one life", "we are all one whole".

Gregg Braden and the Institute of Mathematics of the Heart

The results of research conducted within 30 days on a group of 28 people, practicing the technique of the Institute for emotional self-control, and led to a significant increase in the production levels of the basic hormone DHEA, were published in the report of the Institute of Mathematics of the Heart. The increase was achieved in the absence of any new diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes. The report States that the participants noted "on average, a 100% increase of the hormone DHEA within one month of practice..." and the indication that over time and with regular exercise can be achieved a higher level.

Research Institute of Mathematics of the Heart is associated emotions with the level of cortisol

Additional studies of the Institute of Mathematics of the Heart point to 23% decrease in cortisol levels during the 30-day period among separate individuals trained in the technique of emotional self-control. Cortisol is a hormone caused by stress, and know that it speeds up the aging process. These studies are particularly important because they demonstrate that the chemistry of our bodies directly affected by the quality of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions. As we define positive ways of thinking and feeling, caused by the events of our life, our body reacts to it for its health-enhancing and life-affirming chemistry.

Giving birth to a new technology

Recent studies of the impact of prayer increase the credibility of the statements of the ancients, that we "able to do something" regarding the human tragedy and suffering of our world, both in the present and in the future. These studies only increase the number of witnesses, who believe that mass prayer people (concentrated prayer) is predictable and measurable impact on quality of life during the ascension of such prayer. Scientists believe that the relationship between mass prayer and activities of individuals in communities associated with the phenomenon known as the effect of the field of consciousness.

More than 100 years ago, in 1898, William James suggested the existence of "a continuum of consciousness, uniting the minds of individuals". In 1993 in the research of American scientists reported that the effect of the field extends even at the microscopic level of individual cells of the human body. From the mouth of a kindBolza, who was in the same room, were taken white blood cells that are answered emotional stimulus strong emotion from another room in the same building. Through interaction, which modern science is only beginning to understand this effect lasted even after the donor and his cells were separated by a distance of 50 miles!

Entering the twenty-first century, we stand on the threshold of the days when our survival as a species may actually be dependent on our ability to integrate our internal and external technology in a new, self-sufficient science, based on our understanding of the subtle energy fields generated by our heart. The consequences of this technology is incredible and, to some extent, delightful. Redefining the role of technology in the manufacture of our products, the creation of political alliances, military alliances and extreme manifestations of nature, we live in a time when we no longer can ignore the power of human emotions.

Letters and frequently asked questions

Gregg not able to personally respond to each email. However, if asked questions belong to the same General subject, he will answer them in the Bulletin of the Sacred Word.

Question: Instead of answering one letter, I would prefer to take this opportunity to summarize a number of questions about the use of prayer and Effect of Isaiah for "change" events in our world, or the lives of us and our loved ones.

Answer: the Essence of these questions illustrate key points and details of the Effect of Isaiah and lost our way of prayer. Ancient traditions, such as the tradition of the Essenes, remind us that every prayer is already answered. Each outcome that we can imagine, and every opportunity that we can only imagine, are aspects of reality that are already created and currently exists in "hibernate" state capabilities. This is the same set of possible results of which form the basis for new models to String Theory and N-Theory, and it is possible that they are responsible for the many dimensions that generates our creation, as it is understood today. From this point of view our use and application of prayer, based on feelings, makes less sense when creating the desired result, and increasingly to achieve some result or another, which has already been created. While the opinions of ancient as well as modern traditions, agree with the existence of many features, always remained the question is: how can we awaken concrete results and to make it real to our lives today? How should we call upon the possibilities of peace in our world, for example, or the healing of our bodies - the opportunities that already exist, while our world shows us the state of violence and disease? The answer to this question and the key to Effect Isaiah found and reveals the mystery of prayer, based on feeling.

The ancient Essenes reminded us about a very powerful communication between what happens in our inner world, and the condition of the world around us. This may sound suspiciously easy, but this relationship suggests that the state of our health, our societies, and even the weather conditions are a reflection of how we deal with life from the inside. Recent studies of science of subtle energies and quantum physics inspire trust it is such tradition.

In the language which we are only beginning to understand, Isaiah tells us how to achieve the existing capacity of health, peace and cooperation and bring them to the reality of our life. Because the external world of our actions reflect the inner world of feelings, then, as saith Isaiah, and we act as if our prayers already answered. New studies say that when we feel grateful for what our prayer is fulfilled, our feelings create the same conditions, the effect of fields that attract new opportunities in conditions of our world.

Understanding of the fact that the same sense, can help to make sense of what happens when our prayer is not reciprocated. When we pray for the improvement of our relations, for example, and are experiencing at this time, anger, jealousy and anger on their relationship, what are we then wonder when we see these same feelings expressed in the sickness of our bodies, our families, schools, work and social conditions surrounding us? Science has demonstrated that every feeling that we experience, creates in our bodies unique chemistry: chemistry of love and hate are discussed in books "Effect Isaiah" and "Walking Between the Worlds". The good news is that the same principles for fair and positive feelings. Reacting to the challenges of our lives through compassion, understanding, tolerance, love and peace, we can expect that we will be able to experience these conditions in our bodies, and see the results, spreading all around us.

Speaking of the letters received by our office, I want to say that once albert Einstein noticed that we can't solve the problem, coming to her with the same thinking that we created it. Not related to any religion prayer, based on a sense, is the ability to look at the enormous difficulties of our life through the new paradigm conscious understanding and feeling and thinking. For example, instead put our hopes on a single candidate, which surpasses the other in the case of elections, lost our way of prayer reminds us that nothing now you don't have the "create"as any of the results, which we can think of our presidential elections, already exists. We probably should listen to our first sensation of the same condition that we choose to experience in our world, " peace and cooperation between governments and Nations, prosperity, which may appear at equal treatment of all people and races and reverence for all life. This sense of appreciation and gratitude that we feel in the presence of conditions that allow the creation correctly answer our feelings.

Gregg Braden
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