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Тайная история детейOn ancient images no children. They appear in the paintings of the Middle ages, but in these times of suffering children were more terrible than ever before. Mankind has always changed their attitude to children from social life. A good attitude to children was to civilization, because people lived like animals lived, nothing wanting, in addition to food, and went with the flow of life. Animals have always cared for their young, and killed him only when no food or felt that food will not.

Well-known Bible event - the murder of innocents by Herod the Great.
Peter Paul Rubens. Massacre of the innocents. 1609-1610. Private collection

If a woman after childbirth no milk or she threw the baby - she was expelled from the herd, and of the child immediately killed. It was an ordinary instinct of rejection. He continued to Christianity - that's the reason that in ancient times people rarely got sick. And the life expectancy is associated with public opinion. In the middle East 2 thousand years ago, people rarely live up to fifty years old, did not die from disease, and age.

China, India, Japan could not overtake medieval Europe, when she was abandoned by Christians for 5 thousand years ago.

In the middle East rapid development Civilis began, about seven thousand years ago. Everything has to do with attitudes towards children, with regard to mother-to-own children.

Also in the section:

The peoples of China, India, Africa will never be able mental compared with Europeans for one reason - love for children. The Indians of America, the cause is different, but related to babies.

African, Arab, European mother always put babies on the back. In China, India babies are the mother behind in the vertical position. And Indian children in the first years of life are facedown. It pleased God to a huge stone fell down on America and raised in the air millions tons of dust. It rained for many years from the sky. The mother began to put children face down. It became a habit. The child didn't see anything when lying face down, which meant that he had in the first year of life was dangerous delay in the development of the brain.

African and Arab mother is a very good mother. Their children during infancy is not suffer. Chinese children are always with my mother.

The centre of the ancient world : the middle East is a bad mother. And then the centre has moved to Europe. Here mother were the worst on the planet. This is the reason of rapid development of mankind: the bad mother!

People never tried to change your life, and why? They lived the life of animals. Agriculture nobody for a long time did not want to do because of laziness. Monotonous work is contrary to everything that exists on the planet. In the family all had a good many millions of years in a row, because the male breadwinner, a guest in his own family, brought food and went for another killing. And the wife led the children. When her husband started sowing wheat - he returned home every day.

Girls are born with the instinct of educators. The wife began to manipulate her husband habit to cultivate. And the husband replied with his fist. And started what you see in families: the power struggle, fighting, infidelity, divorce, indifference to children. Decays families have become commonplace.

Genius always suffered by the fault indifferent mother. Indifference mothers began with the collapse of the human herd, when people began to live separate families. Wife revenge husbands for his servile position, humiliating, insulting their children or deliberately ignoring them. Marriage became a curse for women. The Roman Senate in 146 year before the new era, knowing the thoughts of women, granted them citizenship, allowed to divorce their husbands and to take their part of the property.

Since the beginning of Civilis mother stopped caring about children, to wear girls on hand seven years, as did the mother of millions of years in a row. The children were grown indifferent, spiteful and, in turn, threw their children, were killed, not counting children for the people.

In Egypt, many of ancient images of women, girls, but none of the images (except the Pharaoh Akhenaten)where a mother holding a baby in her arms. And artists of the Ancient world was painted what they saw. What is not seen - they couldn't invent. 3400 years ago in Thebes lived a million people. The city was the center of the world. Life for citizens pharaohs of Egypt made fun to take care of the children nobody wanted. Beautiful Egyptian women throwing children, as cats, and bred like cats. Children caught in the temples. Was in the city of a thousand. The priests were obliged to include children as priests was the epitome of all that is good and honest, that was in the world. But the rule was from ancient years: if you live in the temple, lie down under anyone you wanted. The girl committed suicide. Every morning the servants threw dozens, hundreds of dead girls into the Nile. They were eating crocodiles. In the Ganges river live crocodiles, because people dropping dead in the river. The city has always been built on the banks of the rivers. And every morning on the rivers were floating corpses of children. Ancient censorship is forbidden to write about it and talk somewhere.

Temple children went to any crime, so, for them, the Church was hell. They plundered tombs of the pharaohs, were pirates, thieves. Already 7 thousand years ago because of them, people hung on the door locks.

Chlebowski Lehigh from the first days of their life, they become geniuses, created masterpieces - the pyramids, the frescoes, sculptures, were scientists, military leaders. You will not find a laudable words Gaius Julius Caesar addressed to his mother. To mothers bad attitude Balzac (when she was alive he said, "I had no childhood and had no mother ), Byron, Dostoevsky, Bunin, Napoleon, Lermontov, Leo Tolstoy, Zoshchenko, Caligula, Nero, Hitler. All of them were sick neuropsychiatric disorder "donzhuanizm" (see Handbook of sexology). Indifference mothers mutilated their souls and made them Geniuses. Any Genius - philanderer, but not everyone philanderer is a Genius (Chikatilo, Breivik).

The Latin word "lupanar" may be translated as: magnifier - a she-wolf, Nar - place. It is a bronze monument, the symbol of Rome. But one hundred years later, the language has changed, became a Roman, and the word "lupanar" was translated as "a den of wolves".

146 year after the destruction of Carthage Latins began printing money regularly. From all over the world to Rome rushed merchants with goods. Temple girls at once left the temples and announced price for sex. It hit men and aroused in their souls fierce anger is always the girls were free, and now have to pay! The men began to kill girls under the pretext of the struggle for the purity of morals. Rome was a little city, and the senators knew the story of the children of the world, saw the bodies of the girls on the river Tiber, the Nile and the Euphrates. They immediately defended the law of girls and called to them in prostitution. As the wolf has become a good mother for Remus and Roma, and the Senate has become a good mother for the first on the planet prostitutes and ordered to put a house near the Shrine of Rome. But in all provinces remained unchanged: the temple girls free served men and suicide.

Protecting girls, the Senate was in a quandary, because Latin woman had no legal rights. Power after much debate I decided to do something unusual in the world of people granted citizenship to women.

After the death of the administrative apparatus of the Roman Empire of pagan temples became Christian, and the priests have not picked up abandoned children. Children mercilessly destroyed, and more often they ended up in the brothels. Savage wars of the Middle ages are associated with a monstrous indifference mothers of Europe to children. And this indifference has created an amazing Genius.

And in Africa and China was to care for children from mothers - Geniuses were not. Love for children is not allowed Africa and China to catch up with Europe in the Middle ages. Example: it is known that after the 22nd dynasty of the Egyptian pharaohs of Egypt quickly lost its power and became the second-class country. The Egyptians did not want to multiply, the country filled the Libyans, the Negroes, who were loving. Their children did not suffer. Disappeared Genius, talented commanders. On the terrible suffering of their children Ancient Egypt has built his power. And it crumbled, just as parents love their children.

The persistence of Latins in the Punic wars with indifferent mothers. Philanderer, despising his life, easy to death in the name of the goal. In the 19th year Yudenich stopped his party to the Pulkovo heights, decided not to go to Petrograd, ammunition was not, and did not know that the city was waiting for him and prayed for him! Philanderer Lenin, pathological coward - would go forward, to die or win at any price.

* * *

All that reached, humanity is obliged bad mothers. All wars, crime, lies, hypocrisy, poverty, misery is the fault only of mothers of the world. In XXI century the number of criminals and Geniuses will grow very quickly, because women do not want to sit with children crave fame, success, money. That is, combine what cannot be combined. Nobody knows who suffered through the fault of mothers Lermontov, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Caligula, Nero, and, of course, Norwegian Breivik, who recently killed many people. He, like the above people, don Juan, but not a Genius.

Vitaly Matveevich koneyev - writer, historian, biologist, , Tomsk
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