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Пять сценариев конца света: советы МЧС Украины MOE asked by the editorial staff LigaBusinessInform told what to do in case of falling of a large meteorite, floods, nuclear threats and epidemics.

The horror of the end of the world some scientists, researchers of ancient Maya civilization, filmmakers, astrologers and other predictors afraid for a long time. If not to take into account the biblical version, especially popular these scenarios Armageddon as fall to Earth comets, solar flares and the resulting global collapse of the power system, a deadly virus, tsunami, a nuclear explosion and even zombie Apocalypse. Another end of the world is announced on December 21, to this date the staff NASA several years ago allegedly predicted the peak destructive to the earth of solar activity.

However, mayanist, officials, politicians and religious leaders one by one state on the abolition of the end of the world in 2012-M. For example, the head EMERCOM of Russia promised that global shocks infernal plan will not, and Rospotrebnadzor generally proposed to penalize those who disturb the peace population tales about the end of the world. The spiritual administration of the Muslims of Ukraine called the rumors about the coming end of the world is the result of ignorance, referring to the fact that the real date only knows God. In turn NASA, which the media attributed the prophecy of universal catastrophe December 21, 2012, denied the idea of a powerful solar flare and the future movement of the earth's poles.

Ukrainian meteorologists reason for fear, too, do not see. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, natural disasters on December 21 in the country is not expected - perhaps only familiar to the winter chill to -15 C at night.
And still we decided to ask the specialists from the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine, what to do if one of the movie script the end of the world will become a reality. Ministry of emergency situations came to the subject seriously. On your request revision LigaBusinessInform received a detailed answer signed by the Deputy head EMERCOM of Vasily Kvasouka.

The fall of the comet: evacuation and supply of food

In the MOE say that the probability of collision with the Earth major space objects like a huge asteroids and meteorites difficult to forecast, but history knows cases fall on a planet of large celestial bodies, which resulted in substantial damage. In particular, fallen in 1908 Tunguska meteorite has destroyed more than 2,000 square kilometers of forest, the power of the explosion reached 50 megatons. What does this mean for people? That falls on the planet big surprise from space guaranteed large-scale fires, explosions of technological equipment and devices, the destruction of buildings, oil and gas pipelines, life support systems, floods, tornadoes and other troubles.

The action plan from the Ministry of emergencies consists of nine points.

1. Listen attentively to the information about an emergency (emergency), the instruction on the procedure, not to use without having the phone so you can call.

2. Keep calm, to report emergencies neighbors, to provide assistance to the disabled, children and the elderly.

3. Check with the local authorities and local government about the gathering place for residents to evacuate and get ready for it.

4. To prepare documents, clothes, the most necessary things, supply of food for several days, medicines. Collect everything in the suitcase. Documents to be stored in waterproof package. "I personally would make a reserve: bottled water, biscuits, canned food, tea, sugar. Here is the very need to think than you several days to eat", - advised the chief specialist of the Department of emergency response, the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine Konstantin Trukhachev.

5. Disconnect all electrical equipment from the network, turn off gas and water.

6. Tightly close Windows, doors, roof hatches and ventilation openings, window glass seal, if possible, to protect shutters or boards.

7. Go to the safest place depending on the type of emergency. "When the flood the safest place - the attic or roof, we have to get above. And when the storm winds, on the contrary, it is better to go down to the basement" - said Trukhachev.

8. To check, whether nearby victims, to provide possible assistance.

9. After receiving the signal for the beginning of the evacuation to move in the specified collection.

Energy collapse: candle - friend

According to experts MOE, most of the disasters caused by the fall of celestial bodies such as fires, floods, tornadoes and destruction - will be accompanied by a power outage. Here conceptual recommendations Ukrainians do not give: who has not had time to stock up on candles, may only itself to blame now.

"In this case is in every home should have a backup household funds lighting: lamps with spare batteries, candles, in private homes, it is recommended to have a generator, gas stoves for cooking", - advise in the MOE.

A deadly virus: antibiotics sera

In the MOE say that almost every year in Ukraine are registered flu epidemic, therefore, domestic doctors have long established the basic elements of the action with the threat of mass spread of disease. Operating time can be reduced to the three recommendations:

1. Avoid contact with infected people and their things.

2. To make emergency medication and non-medication prophylaxis (antibiotics, serum, vaccine, immunomodulators, vitamin-rich food).

3. To destroy the source of the disease (disinfection things, ware, ventilation).

In the Ministry of calm that at the state and regional levels with the aim of combating epidemics are created the special Commission which decides absolutely all organizational issues on the fight against infectious diseases. If the situation will be very difficult, the Ministry of health may declare quarantine and observation (monitoring of patients in special conditions).

Atomic explosion: potassium iodide in a concrete basement

The explosion at the nuclear power plant or other radiation danger, in addition to the standard indications of EMERCOM (listen to the information about emergency situations, prepare to evacuate, to help others, to collect documents, food, things), added special.

In the case of the explosion should urgently take refuge, an ideal refuge will be the concrete basement. The walls of wooden houses weaken ionizing radiation twice, brick - 10 times. Cellars are with wooden walls weaken radiation in 7 times, with brick or concrete - in 40-100 time.

Recommended iodine prophylaxis. Potassium iodide is drunk after a meal with tea, juice or water once a day during the week. Children up to 2 years - 0,040 g per reception; children from two years old and adults on 0,125 g per reception. Three times a day (after meals) for a week to take a water-alcohol solution containing iodine: children up to 2 years in the 1-2 drops of 5% tincture 100 ml of milk go infant formula, all the rest - 3-5 drops to a glass of milk or water. Also tincture of iodine seven days you need to RUB off hands.

Things to evacuate it makes sense to collect only in sealed suitcase when going outside is necessary to put on a gas mask or respirator, a coat with a hood, gloves and rubber boots. With the arrival of the new place of stay disable protection, shoes and clothes in spelunca or independently. Clothes noted in the MOE, you can disable self - shake out, becoming his back against the wind, broom to sweep away with it, radioactive dust, wash water. After that, open skin areas to process wetted with water or solution type P-8 (at ES promise to give all) with gauze or a towel.

There are products that are exposed to polluted air, it is impossible. Smoking drinking milk or meat animals that were grazing on contaminated pastures, to drink water from public water supply networks. Wells after the announcement of radiation alarm should be closed.

Flood: climb trees and roofs

In General, we must act as if the fall of the meteorite. Added recommendations - to take off the heavy clothes and shoes, cattle translate on an elevated area and valuables and food attributed to the upper floors of the dwelling or to pass on higher shelves. For nebogatova the emergencies Ministry's remind, that better be quick to leave the flooded zone with valuable things, and before that will not prevent tightly close the Windows and doors of the house. Ideally, all window and door apertures of the first floor need to score boards/billboards - will likely save housing. If you get away from the water does not work, officials are advised to stay on the upper floors of houses, roofs or trees and signal rescuers.

If the flood managed to survive, it is recommended to conduct disinfection of premises and only survivor of the property, before the use of drinking water necessary to boil (especially if it is from sources that were flooded), to dry flooded basement. Should abandon flooded food, including damaged conservation.
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