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Деньги все-таки приносят счастье!In the 70-ies of XX century American economist Richard Easterlin brought the law, according to which the higher income happy person only to a certain limit, and then almost not affected by the degree of life satisfaction. But a recent study of a group of scientists proves that money yet bring happiness. But only those who are in principle able to rejoice.

Phenomenon in question: do money happiness - scientists have devoted a lot of research. In the 70-ies of the last century, the American economist Richard Easterlin brought the law, which was nicknamed "paradox Esterlina". It says that higher incomes are very happy person, but only so long as he is poor. The richer the individual becomes, the less pleased with its growing balance. Economists even called the specific numbers.

In our country in 2010-2011 "threshold" was considered the revenue of approximately 120-140 thousand rubles a month. After reaching this level of additional money has no effect on emotional well-being, said psychologists. In the developed countries and among disadvantaged population level of life satisfaction depended already not on the absolute and relative wealth. The game entered the envy and the sense of competition: if you were richer neighbor or friend, it is considered himself to be a successful person, if poorer - offended.

"The paradox Esterlina" has long been considered a psychological axiom. For example, the American company Gallup in 2005-2006 held the first ever global study of the link between income and simple human happiness. Then on questions of sociologists said more than 136 thousand people in 132 countries. The study showed that satisfaction with life generally increases with income, but this does not necessarily mean positive emotions. "Satisfaction" and "happiness" is not the same.

Respondents were asked to rate on a scale of ten satisfaction: food, housing, amenities. In addition, they had to answer questions about the positive and negative emotions experienced the previous day, how do they respect from others, can rely on friends and family in an emergency and how free to choose the activities of daily living.

The level of satisfaction with the expected grew with the increase of income. But the level "happiness", that is, positive emotions, received from life depended on other factors, such as respect from others, freedom, social support and a job well done.

Thus, happiness is not in money, decided economists and psychologists. But recent studies refute this argument. Money can still bring happiness, according to an international group of psychologists from Illinois, Virginia and the University of Singapore, but only those who in principle inclined to optimism.

The researchers analyzed data collected during six years in 135 countries, more than 800 thousand respondents. During this time they compared the psychological characteristics of respondents: their optimism, life satisfaction, as well as economic indicators. Separately considered gross domestic product per capita in the country, separately personal or family income.

Eventually it was revealed that gross domestic product per capita, i.e. the General level of living in the country, did not raise people's mood. It turns out that wherever you was born (in Switzerland or India), you get used to the conditions of local life, and comparing themselves with neighbors and fellow citizens, not with the people of other countries. But the increase of personal income really made people happier: this regularity was observed in 95% of the countries.

However, with an important caveat. People enjoyed the increase in income only when their basic standard of living already had enough - had enough money for housing, clothing, nutrition and the Internet. It's clear that those who have no housing or sufficient food, increase in income will not be happy. And another important addition: money pleased who showed a high level of optimism and positive emotions. That is money brings happiness to those who are in principle able to rejoice, but pessimists almost do not help.
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