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onua.org » 2012 » December 21, 2012, As if the world will end?
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21 декабря 2012, А будет ли конец света?Will there be the end of the world? People are curious by nature. He wants to know the future, I want to foresee possible problems. Today people are discussing this topic, but by and large, treat it with irony, sarcasm, and because this is not the first end of the world, which we predicted. Where to run? What to do?

Answer from scientists followed. But there was a person who was able to help me in my search for truth. His words and knowledge give precise answers, because this man is gifted from God, through the Holy book of Koran he treats people and can foresee the future of man and mankind in General. On the intriguing question, "Will the world end?" opening Karan, Sayyid said, "the world will not End! Will be a reboot of mankind. This can be compared to a computer with software. When the program is out of date, we implement it update and restart. And God will reload all he created on the earth. Mankind has reached the stage when all believe only in technological progress, lost spirituality in people's hearts.

Faith in God has become similar to celebrate the tradition. People who are sincere, believe in God remained unit. God gives people the opportunity to rethink their existence, to find myself in life and become more spiritually advanced people. All that will happen on 21 October, all this will happen by the will of God! This is not the end of the world, and only a few days and nights of darkness, for the transformation and upgrade of all living and non-living on earth. This is our chance for a better and bright future. Starting, 19 and 20 December, most countries of the world with recognition going to talk about it, but no measures they will not endure. December 21, 2012 afternoon (local time) will gradually begin to get dark, as in ordinary days. And by the end of the day will come total darkness that will not be visible own hands. The worst part is 22 and 23. In this period one can encounter many diseases.

Main diseases will be associated with the head, will be a strong influence on the human brain from outer space. Strong impulsive flows, unknown to us, the energy from the air will change the human world. To all people that will be affected differently, someone almost felt nothing, someone can start to cry or laugh, many can finish this period sumashedshie. Hard it will be moved to pregnant women and children, so it is not recommended at all these days to leave the house. Old people will also feel a certain heaviness and malaise. It is undesirable, even contraindicated to wear gold at this time, especially on the chest. Gold is the conductor through it on the back will be sent painful feelings in the heart area and heaviness in the chest. Gold will play an important role in these days, it is a source of attraction of unwanted energy from above. Sometimes it can itself become warm, it means that in this place there is a strong changes. Everything contains gold and precious metals may be subject to destruction. This may explain the failure of the power plants, because they contain a large amount of valuable metals. These metals are to attract unusual lightning. Lightning will Shine in the sky, throughout the whole period. This is probably the only dangerous natural phenomenon. It is not recommended to drive cars, as they also attract lightning. In General, the lightning will strike these days is lower than usual. May suffer a tall building. These days there will be no communication. Against lightning in the mountains will appear cracks from which water flows, new sources. Sometimes it will appear in the air of intense heat and stuffiness. These days the only helpers will be dogs and fish. They will be very much to feel all changes around. If the dog begins to loll out and hard to breathe, so at the moment it is here that there are some terrible, severe changes with the above, it can be an accumulation of various diseases in the air. The dog will then go away to the side, follow it, it protects you from trouble. The fish will die in those places where poor water. In these days and after some time you will be unable, to eat fish, especially half-dead and dead. As it is these days in itself absorbs all the bad out of the water and the air are natural filter. The tree will have a very important role in these events. Since there will be electricity, heating and gas in the pipes can not count. So with the help of the tree people will be able to warm and to cook their own food, to monitor the health of the body.

The trees will be a landmark. The trees will be held for short distances, and to return back. Water will become more underground, to fill up the wells, there will be new springs and sources". Proceeding from all this, Sayyid gives advice on how to survive these days: "the most important Thing these days is to rely only on themselves and their loved ones, don't wait for help from outside. These days it is better to spend in a private house, where there is a well, there oven to cook food and heat the room. In advance stock up on food and drinking water. Water demand in people these days would increase dramatically. Necessities and medicines prepare in advance. Candles, kerosene stoves, torches, too, will find their application. Children and pregnant women not to go out, unless it is really necessary and for a very short time (2, 3 minutes). Spend these days in the thoughts and prayers, analyze your life and your dreams, find your way in life, let your souls to God, love and faith in people. Do not be afraid of the dark, when suddenly you hear or see something strange, it's just your imagination, illusion. on December 26, again to receive the sunlight, and all around will be fully updated. Even the air God will fill new energy. All these events will especially affect the consciousness of people's world view. People will appreciate this gift from God, as the 4th day of darkness psychologically difficult to transfer to any person. And now it all begins, everything in the world starts with a clean slate. During 6 years after these events, everything will be beautiful and perfect.

The leading place in economy and development will take a country other than those which are considered now. Favorable time comes for 25 countries, 5 of them Christian religion, the rest of the 20-th Muslim countries. 5 Christian countries include the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and India (and it is the part where a large proportion of Christians). These countries will develop very rapidly. Special lifting will be in India, it takes a leading place. 20 Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia (Mecca Medina), Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Misir, and the rest (the name of which is not permitted to open) will rise economy and living standards. No matter how good changes, but there are countries that awaits God's punishment. Two big powers will suffer more than all the other". As said Sayyid: " One of them to be among the oceans, to break down the most. Due to numerous floods she will lose half of its territory, and maybe more. The economy of these two countries will become unstable stock markets will collapse, crisis and collapse them nothing and no-one will save you. Also strongly affected country, situated between the desert and the sea. On its territory there is a huge break in the earth's crust, which will entail a lot of disasters. Everything said here is cautions Sayid, through the sacred book.

But only God knows everything. And decides at the last minute, to whom to give, and to whom to give. Since the existence of life on earth "Darkness" 11-th time was sent from above, and that on 12-th time. Of them 4 times were prohibited acts of man. 7 again, and this time, too, because of the lack of sincere faith in God. Thereafter not earlier than 700 years, maybe there will come the day of judgment. The Lord is great and very gracious and he doeth great wonders! I want to wish worthy to take the test before God. Let your dreams will finally come true, favorite people will justify your trust, and the life of each person will start as a baby - with blank pages. All the bad and unpleasant leave in a past life, take only love and kindness, and sincere faith. Don't miss this chance from God on a new life. In these difficult days to be together with God, ask him all about the dream and let your prayers be heard! Sayyid".
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