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Эзотерика:Возраст душиWith the development of consciousness a fragment passes through the various ages of the soul. "The age of the soul" indicates its growth and experience gained on the planet, and not just on the number of lives lived.

On the physical plane there are seven age cycles. Five of them are fully subject to the laws of development of the human body. It's Infancy, Childhood, Youth, Maturity and old Age. In each of these cycles has seven levels. The remaining two age of the soul -- it's transcendental soul and Infinite Soul.

On the physical plane is the first time we find ourselves as infant souls. In the next lives age of our soul is increasing, and we come to the seventh level of infant souls, then go to the first level of a child's soul, and so forth. Every life we begin again as infant soul and then quickly move on to the next levels until we reach the highest level reached our soul in a past life. But we are not in every life can reach that level. Sometimes we allow ourselves "stuck" on the earlier levels.

Older" does not mean "better", because in every age of the soul has its own tasks. Therefore, those who are struggling, trying to cope with its tasks highest levels old soul, may seem less "advanced"than someone who is easy to cope with the tasks set before his soul younger.

On average for the transition to the next level requires three life. Not all souls are moving at the same speed. Some can complete all lessons physical plan for 50 lives, to others it will take 300. We can go the next level at any moment, if we feel that we are ready for it. This can occur between lives or in the process of life. Some fast-moving souls in one life to go through several levels, if you concentrate on their spiritual development. The transition from one age to another may be accompanied by changes in the manner and circumstances of life. But by itself, the speed doesn't matter. Each fragment is progressing with its own speed.

Seven ages of soul

Infant soul

We come to this planet as infant souls. In this session, we take care of yourself, adapting to a new way for us to physical existence and learn to survive. Infant souls usually live in primitive cultures and civilizations, where an important element of struggle for survival. These souls are interested in the circumstances of the physical plane, but do not notice that the desires of other people may not coincide with their own. They do not open emotionally, because of their emotional nature is not yet fully formed.

In more developed society infant souls seem out of place, they do not fit into society. Infant souls remain close to Tao and tend to religion as worship the sun and the General nature. At birth we seem infant aspect of the soul, regardless of whether it is our highest already achieved level or not.

This aspect is connected with our primal, instinctive nature and learning to survive in the human body. It is closely linked with the Ground, especially with Mother Earth, with the female aspect of the planet. We can see this in children, who like to mess around in the dirt, play with insects, frogs and lizards. Adults come in contact with his infant part of the soul through ritual -- shamanic dance, music, sacred sex, drugs, percussion, jewelry face and body with various ornaments.

Infant part of the soul can also be in different physical States -- for example, in case of illness, injury or enlightenment, when there is the contact with the primitive energy sources. We feel infant part of our soul, when there is a threat to our life or well-being, for example, when we lose our job. Military action, hunting, late walking alone in hazardous areas, scary movies and situation that awakens in you primeval fears, bring us into contact with the infant aspect of our soul.

When can we refrain from fear, such experiences give us invigorating the adrenalin in blood, "chill on the back", acute perception. This worsening is because our Instinctive Center opens our nature so that it knew about the danger and could immediately react to it. In General, the experience of infant souls physically intensive, primitive and mystical -- in the sense that they bring man into contact with forces much greater than his consciousness.

Infant souls that are on the bottom rung of the social ladder, often represented other people strange and undeveloped. They don't usually try to find a permanent job, because it seems to them burdensome.

In General, the Earth came quite close to the point where it reincarnated last infant's soul.

Now in the beginning of the cycle is much smaller number of entities than just a hundred years ago. Infant souls usually prefer to reinkarnovat in other places. First, because the Earth is a little "overused"ahead facing a challenging task because the majority "newcomers" decides to go for more young planets. In addition, since the average age of souls on the Earth is approaching a Mature, every soul, was incarnate for the first time, forced "to catch up with" the total weight. Michael argues that none of the soul too big backlog from the rest may not be pleasant.

The soul children

By that time, when we reach the children of the soul, we have time to have to deal with the mechanisms of individual survival. Baby showers have a tendency to the development of civilization and order maintenance. They learn to use their creative energy in this direction.

Baby showers love to their lives were ordered, structured and seek authority that could provide a structure and order. In religion they prefer large-scale, well-organized system of beliefs, which require clear rituals and standards of conduct. They love cleanliness and often go to health institutions. They need about their body and health cared kind of authoritative power. Baby showers are afraid of all the unusual.

Society built children's souls, rigidly and have strict hierarchies of power: for example, the Roman Empire. These souls are less aggressive than infant or young, they care about the collective, not individual survival. At this age, is developing the capacity assessment of those or other public actions from the point of view of their morality or immorality.

Our kids aspect of the soul is that part of ourselves that has learned to build their relations with representatives of public authorities and the world in General on civilized basis. This aspect is all of us, regardless of whether our soul in General, pediatric, or not. Civilizing influence on a child's parents and society, allow the child aspect of his soul begin to dominate over the infant. The first, which is associated in the child's life with this influence is learning to walk on the pot (and not in his pants). Children are taught to keep their natural instincts to please those who have power over him (parents). Then comes the monitor how well a child eats, talks, behaves. (Parents often perceive this phase as doing the "real" people from small barbarians.) As the child grows, its behavior is governed by the teachers, friends and figures of authority, -- police, doctors, priests and politicians.

Our kids aspect of the soul is that part of ourselves, which follows the rules: "Refuel his bed", "do Not take it with strangers candy", "Drink more water". Our kids aspect of the soul loves cleanliness, order, and structure, it upsets the violation of these principles: "Why didn't you cleaned the room?", "Why didn't you tell me that tonight we will have dinner earlier than usual?", "We have always done it differently!"

Our kids aspect of the soul feels that he must control the instinctive behavior -- such as food, wash, sleep and sex. All our social behavior is determined mainly by the sense of appropriateness and correctness from the point of view of a child's soul. This applies to cross the street, how to dress, how to behave in society, which words to choose, and so on. This is manifested most clearly in a natural public meetings, holiday celebrations, weddings and funerals.

Baby showers are often the "pillars of society" -- persistent and steadfast in their beliefs. They become mayors and sheriffs, the presidents of the parent committees, they are often found in educational institutions and bureaucratic organizations. When their beliefs are confronted with objections, baby showers are beginning to experience inner turmoil. They are so sure he was right, that it is hard for them to listen to the arguments of the opposite side. This phase is alien to the self-reflection.

Young soul

The young soul has learned to survive on the physical plane, to maintain order and to behave in society. Now they are beginning to establish itself in the image of the authorities, which are looking for baby showers. Young souls are most focused on the physical side of life. They strongly identify themselves with their body and ego. Such people is very difficult to recognize his physical age, often they undergo plastic surgery in order to continue to look young and attractive.

Young souls are very skeptical of phenomena that do not fit into the framework "scientific" representations. They usually don't get mystical or religious experience over and above the measures that had been adopted in the society. They often consider ideas about life after death ridiculous and, consequently, are afraid of death.

These souls have the strongest motivation to succeed in their chosen field and actively work for this. The ideal of a young soul is attractive, rich, successful people, which often shown on television. Young soul thinks it -- this is what he or she owns. She sees the world through the prism of the polar opposites: "well -- bad", "that's right -- wrong". Young souls believe that those who disagree are automatically wrong and deserve the blame, punishment and contempt.

Often they are interested in politics. These young souls, as Alexander the great, William the Conqueror or Genghis Khan, became the founders of the great empires.

Our young aspect of the soul is a part of our nature, which has learned to make independent decisions. This aspect can perform the functions of a leader, particularly in areas related with the physical plan. We use your young aspect, when you take yourself in hand, disciplinarian themselves and aim to achieve success. From the point of view of this aspect, "right" is what helps him to achieve his goal, and "wrong" -- what hinders it. This is our part less emotional than children or Mature. It is aimed at achievement of goals and self-centered. People who refuse to accept their values, young soul is often considered "strange". A good example of the policy of young souls -- arms race. Behind it is the philosophy of "If I don't come out ahead, I will overtake other".

The problem of toxic waste, which poisoned the entire globe, is the result of the flourishing of civilization young souls who in the pursuit of success care little about the long-term consequences. Young souls are very productive, creative, and totally goal oriented. Questions of morality and ethics in the field of view, as a rule, does not fall.

Try "to leave a trace on the earth", the young soul can be an amazing performance. However, they do not always strive to ensure that they really like, -- often to the fact that, in their opinion, will pave the way to success. They want to learn, "how the world works"to use this knowledge for their own benefit. Some of these people have an innate ability to make economic system "to dance to their own tune" and with apparent ease pay hundreds of dollars in thousands, and millions -- in the billions.

People that are on the stage of a young soul, always wants to buy a more expensive car and live in a more prestigious apartment, in the more exclusive district of the city.

As a young soul is not differ emotional openness of them never make good parents, able to establish strong relationships with the children. And yet they will buy any thing, their favourite child, -- from the doll in the carriage to fine French dresses. The child also may serve as an indicator of social status. Their children will be settled in the toys, clothes, diplomas of various educational institutions, ride in expensive cars and flaunt fashionable hairstyles. They will be preparing for a brilliant career, marriage, marriage. The success of children will cast a glare on the lives of their ambitious parents. Expression of feelings of children does not find encouragement from their parents -- young souls.

Young souls tend to adhere to the conventional religious beliefs, but are deprived of fanaticism inherent in children's souls. They can be found in the Church where they discuss business matters and make useful contacts, but it is unlikely you will be able to see how they eagerly pray or angrily condemn their neighbors for the lack of piety.

A young soul is fully identify themselves with their bodies and do not believe that the consciousness lives after death. So they agree to freeze themselves in special cells, producing over a plastic surgery that improves the shape of the nose, forehead, waist and thighs. Because of their ability to jeopardize their health and even life, to endure pain and material costs for the sake of beauty, cosmetic medicine has become dokhodnyi business.

At a young age of the soul opens craving for creativity, which flourishes in adulthood.

Advantages of orientation to young aspect of his soul is that it gives us confidence and focuses on achieving goals and success in relationships with people -- especially related career. Older soul, ignoring this aspect, I feel that there is the threat to their existence, and therefore begin to pay too much attention to the physical side of life. So that we can function properly on this planet, this aspect should be in balance with the rest of them.

Mature soul

Mature soul figured out already with success and power, and had reached the point where it starts to open emotions. Mature soul less selfish and more focused on others. But they are not opened to the world in General, and begin with friends and relatives, believing these relations are more important than the success or career.

Mature soul feel connected with others, identifying himself with them and seeing them as their reflection. This quality gives Mature souls aura sincerity that distinguish them from other ages. The biggest insult for a Mature soul -- when her do something that she herself to another man would have done. Mature soul less warlike than the young, because they see in other people. Often, however, their life is in emotional anxieties and doubts, as they try to open up emotionally. It is in Mature shower often there are cases of drug abuse, suicide and incurable debilitating illness.

Our Mature aspect of the soul begins to develop after the young aspect reaches its peak. It starts with a feeling that "could not be that life that's it and was limited". Sometimes people find it necessary to oppress his young aspect of the soul, causing his life a misery, a tragic loss and disease. They do this in order to open your Mature aspect. Usually this help relations, characterized by great emotional intensity. Mature and old souls of this period often comes the third ten years of the physical life.

If we have reached the level of a Mature or old soul, we can use your Mature aspect as the part of you that contributes to your relationship with others and the planet. Among the others" can come close friends, relatives, colleagues, political or social organization and humanity as a whole. The value of Mature aspect of the soul is full development of conscience, compassion and ability to maintain emotional connection, to give and receive love. Those who neglect this aspect, feel the lameness of the emotional sphere and seem arrogant, callous and alienated.

Mature soul wants to be an "as all", and therefore tries to understand others and to be accepted in the team. Means of expression of this desire can be the dress, speech, behaviour. From this point of view, the behavior of a Mature soul is the behavioral development of children's souls, because both of these types are dealing with a collective consciousness.

At the stage of a Mature soul creativity reached its peak. Philosophy and art occupy a dominant place in life. The man opens the illusory and the frailty of the world, for him there is no clear way of life, he is not able to fully understand their own feelings. Nothing seems already so strong as in children's and young phases. The popularity of the hippie movement in many countries testified to the fact that the society came closer to the level of Mature age of the soul and ended unconditional recognition of the values of young souls.

Being incomprehensible and are not accepted in the environment of youth and children's souls, Mature souls are drawn to the company of their own kind. They usually strive for a higher education, but tend to small, non-traditional educational institutions. They have their own priorities and the authorities. To the surprise of their young ones, they often give up well-paid jobs or "honorary" position in society in order to make something of importance only in their own eyes.

The maturity period is marked by intensive search as in the inner world and the outer. Of particular interest in non-traditional religion, meditation, metaphysics, while the horizons of the external world are enhanced by experimenting with sex, exotic clothes and overseas kitchen. By the way, almost all the top chefs of the world are Mature souls.

As the planet moves toward domination Mature perception, we can see how people are becoming interested in emotional harmony on the planet as a whole. Together with the adoption Mature perception appears spiritual consciousness and the ability to Mature and old shower to manifest themselves more freely when reaching respective ages soul.

Old soul

Old soul had already learned about the details of the emotional life and pay all their attention on spiritual growth. Old souls are studying non-attachment to the emotional intensity Mature cycle and to the physical plan as a whole. They are characterized by a more intelligent approach to existence than in Mature shower, they can perceive More a part of what we all are. Old souls need to complete your experience on the Fiphysical plan and work out all karma, before the lessons of the astral plane.

The initial stage old souls are characterized by the care themselves, searching and feeling of alienation set in society. As soon as this aspect "open" and totally internally reflected, comes the next stage, characterized by the question: "How am I to live in society?" For old souls that means finding ways of self-expression in his personal life and career, which would correspond to its internal purpose.

In a society dominated by young soul, old is not sufficiently wide range of roles. In this society, they tend to self, they know not correspond "normal", and for this reason they consider themselves losers. Old souls usually learn many existing religious teachings, but eventually come to their own belief system in which they combine various aspects of the most different spiritual theories.

Old aspect of the soul can rise above the things of the world and get in contact with the wider sense of being. He's not identified with the tragedies of the human being, not "loops" on them, he can look at ourselves and evaluate yourself with a sense of humor. He cultivates philosophical suspension, humor and autodisciplina, at the same time maintaining contact with something Larger. Old souls are learning to go with the flow of life, and not fight her circumstances.

Our old aspect of the soul is that part of ourselves, which is willing to teach and help others move in their chosen areas of spiritual development. Most of the old shower teaches by his personal example. Along with teaching, there is the problem of integration and balancing of all aspects of the soul, from the infant to the old, which they must decide before the end of existence on the physical plane.

The last lesson for old souls -- Agape, or unconditional love for yourself and others. This is the most difficult lesson, because it involves samorodina and ability to love others, to receive without condemnation the way they have chosen. When all aspects of human existence fully accepted, old soul is ready to move on to the next plane of existence.

Among old shower much less celebrities than among both young and Mature and, if the glory still comes to them, how to teachers -- old souls are designed to teach people.

Summary: the first five cycles of the physical plane

Knowledge of different ages soul means understanding that each of them performs its task. That is why in every life we are being affected by the representatives of one or another age of the soul, and we get experience, which allows us to remember you passed the stages of cognition.

We should not think that the older soul, so it ' better". It is necessary to understand the value of every age (aspects) of the soul. Old souls are often confronted with a lack of understanding on the part of Junior and find fellowship with them is difficult. The way out of this situation can be found, if the old soul recognizes its responsibility for that experience and in relationships with young souls will learn to be tolerant of their point of view will not try "to help them grow" or to alter them.

Understanding that we all have different age aspects, and knowledge of the values of each of them helps to achieve a balance. For example, when we see that our actions led baby aspect of the soul, we can understand that this is due to fear of an exit of a situation from under the control. Hence the conclusion that the control leads to a more civilized society.

If all their actions were guided infant aspect of the soul, life would be uncivilized and been reduced to struggle for survival. If completely dominated child aspect, life would be structured and orderly, but would take place under the sign of the constant fear of retribution by some force or power. If everyone acted as a young soul, much would have been achieved on the material level, but there would be fierce competition, and compassion there would be. A society ruled Mature aspects of the shower, it would be very emotionally, people would do what they think is fair, forgetting, however, common sense. If all were guided by the perception inherent in old souls, people would be spiritual, but lazy and have little capacity to active work.

In order to begin to balance the various aspects in yourself, you need to first learn how to distinguish them. Then it is necessary to allocate their helpful hand and eliminate harmful, unnecessary quality. After that it is necessary to determine what features in your life, they can perform. Then we will be able to consciously activate these aspects and related functions in appropriate situations.

For example, we may use your infant aspect of the soul in order to feel their connection with the Earth, the seasons and the cycles that affect us. Baby aspect structures situation that could to scare us. They can also be used to politely to communicate with others. You can use our young aspect where you want to succeed or to complete the task -- for example, in a career or self-esteem. Mature aspect allows us to feel emotionally open and connected with others. We can use them in order to understand others and to be compassionate to them. The old aspect we can use in their spiritual development, in order to relieve stress and feel connected to something Bo'more.

For maximum efficiency of perception of the soul the necessary balance in all aspects. Many tend to rush from one extreme to another. But the people that maintain the balance of all aspects, will feel competent in all situations and be able to freely communicate with people of all ages soul.

The last two cycles can also be tested on the physical plane, but they do not always obey all his laws, as the first five cycles.

People accessing the Michael Teachings, usually experience the joy of knowing the real cause of its differences from the majority -- the reason that he never succeeded "go" with everyone. Explanation Michael facilitate the understanding of why people are so different from each other and why some of us have no interest in global" and "topical" problems.

This Doctrine aims to life has opened before the man in all its richness, not that we tried to put themselves above others.

More young souls are not stupid and not worse than the old ones. Their lessons are associated with survival, ambitions, structure and success, while lessons old souls belong to the Ecumenical and emotional ties. Young souls is a natural part of the whole. You certainly know that the world is interconnected? So, if you accept the idea of superiority, learn to be tolerant of all of the other -- otherwise you can expect only the dreary solitude.

Transcendental soul

Transcendental soul is representative of the collective being, who completed their training on the physical plane and the fragments of which were reunited on the astral plane. The representative of (this is a fairly complex concept, which will be given due consideration in our next editions of this reunited "group" incarnate again on the physical plane in order to tell his disciples (or, more precisely, the disciples of his being) o interrelation of everything in the Universe as it is seen from the higher planes. Transcendental soul can come from any of the higher planes: astral, causal, mental, messianische or budionnogo. All collective beings send transcendental soul at least once in one of the parallel universes.

Transcendental soul sometimes included in a newborn baby, but often use the body of an old soul seventh level agreed to this change. Usually they use the body not more than three or four years -- longer than the physical body simply does not stand up to their intense energy. Sometimes they can be in the body and 10, and 20 years, but almost never live there whole life.

During periods of transition, such as now, more transcendent shower. They prepare the planet for the manifestation of the Infinite Soul. Examples transcendental shower are Socrates, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi, paramhamsa Yogananda and St. Francis Of Assisi.

Transcendental soul does not always know about their nature. Unlike the Infinite Soul, transcendental soul is not necessarily endowed "superhuman" qualities. Mainly they are examples of balanced personalities, identifying himself with the collective consciousness. Transcendental soul tend to see themselves as part of the human community, and not going his own personal by individuals.

Infinite soul

Infinite Soul is representative of the re-formed frame. Manifestation of the Infinite Soul keeps the consciousness of Tao, entering into the physical body. In other words, the Infinite Soul knows about the nature, purpose and superhuman qualities. Infinite Soul comes to teach and help the planet in periods of transition to other age levels.

The manifestation of the Infinite Soul was Jesus Christ, who up to the last years of his life was an old soul 7 level, on the role of the -- of the King. In that incarnation Infinite Soul helped planet to move from the cycle of children's souls to the cycle of young souls. In the future Infinite Soul can incarnate in more than one individual to help the transition from the level of young souls to the collective consciousness of a Mature soul.

Other manifestations of the Infinite Soul in a physical form -- this is Lao Tzu, Sri Krishna, Gautama Buddha.

The seven levels of the ageand soul

Every age of the soul has seven consecutive units, referred to as levels.

The first level

This introductory level at which we are experimenting with a new age. The soul of the first level is about two thirds of the time to act from the positions of their previous age. For example, if they are old souls of the first level, mainly act as a Mature soul. Infant soul of the first level maintains close contact with Tao. This is the beginning of growth.

The second level

The second level is difficult because we are torn between the convenience of a previous age and opening new prospects. The soul of the second level alternately appear in the new age, then again in the old. By the end of the second level, we need to completely eliminate habits and attachments old age.

Third level

When we reach the third level, we will fully operate within the appropriate age, but our perception of the inward-looking. We look into yourself and try to deal with those internal issues that are associated with your new age. Soul third level inclined to contemplation and more peaceful than other souls.

Fourth level

At the fourth level, we bring his new perception of the world. At this level we are active and visible. This is also the level of formation of karma, which we set with the outside world relations, which can vary a great karmic intensity. The fourth level can be similar to sixth on the fourth we form karma, and on the sixth -- cleaned it.

Fifth level

The fifth level is different eccentricity. We begin to look at our next age. The experience of the fifth level can be likened to as if we climbed up on one of the peaks of the Himalayas and saw a shape even higher heights that must be conquered. On the fifth level, we lose the stability and security of common perception, we feel the desire to prepare for a new field of activity.

The soul of the fifth level feel that they do not quite fit into the environment, and trying to find ways to cope with their eccentricities. More dense role -- Warriors, Kings and Scientists -- trying to make this level as quickly as possible. Fluid role -- the Priests, the Ministers and, in particular, Artisans and Sages -- can learn to get pleasure from this level, as it gives them the opportunity to explore a different side of his nature.

Sixth level

Sixth -- this is one of the most active levels, because we complete it karma, accumulated in this or in previous cycles. We are drawn to appear in society, to meet with those people with whom we have unfinished relations. Soul sixth level mobile and do not stay for long in one place, unless required by their karma. At this level, we can be more sociable than inherent in our nature as a whole, since we need to establish links with certain people.

The sixth level of the Mature soul -- one of the most critical levels. On it there is a danger of losing awareness of the need to care for themselves in the hustle and bustle of all our external relations. Towards the end of this level, we begin to teach others what we know ourselves, and to prepare for the seventh level.

The seventh level

On the seventh level we rest from intense activity of the sixth and find a suitable method of teaching others what we have learned during the cycle time. This is one of the most pleasant levels, because we can be distracted from the karmic intensity of the sixth level and again to learn to go with the flow of life. If we -- the young soul seventh level, we can begin to teach people how to succeed. Mature soul seventh level tend to give advice related to emotional sphere. Old soul seventh level can transfer students total amount of knowledge accumulated by the group during all life on the planet. One of the requirements needed to complete experience on the physical plane -- successful training someone else. Entities can return as old souls seventh level many times, until then, until you decide to complete its cycle on the planet.

Planetary transition

Although on this planet presents all the ages of the soul, the majority are young souls of the last levels and Mature soul of the first levels. Many souls are now ready to change your level of perception. As the transition many young souls will rise in category Mature. When the planet is inhabited mainly Mature souls, the transition will end.

An important milestone for this shift was the year of 1984. Then many entities agreed to take a reassessment of the Instinctive Center. It is a process that occurs every ten to twenty lives. It is that we examine our instinctive (subliminal) structure and our essence makes decisions that will affect the way in the future will change these patterns. Instinctive revaluation carried out in 1984 by many people on the planet, will accelerate the process of planetary transition in the coming years, when these patterns will begin to emerge.

Harmonic Convergence* August 1987, was a turning point in history. From this moment Mature consciousness on the planet began to be more influential than the consciousness of young souls, though in fact Mature shower yet to become more than the young. The average age of the souls of earthlings will become Mature, according to some estimates, in fifty years. And while that of the planetary transition -- in full swing. This is a very interesting process, and many souls willing to be here on the physical plane, and to help the transition. This is one reason surge in the birth rate in recent decades. Another reason of the interest to these events is that Infinite Soul, most likely, will occur in the near future in order to direct the planet in its transition. Open many opportunities for spiritual growth, and many souls want to be here to experience this growth. (See more about this at the Kryon.) Planetary transition of mankind from the young to middle age is associated with the astrological transfer of Land from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius (New Era) and with the earthly cataclysms that are predicted by many prophets and psychics.

Because the Earth is still dominated by young soul, the core of culture built on their values. Young soul appreciate the success and competence above emotion and spirituality. They see the world in terms of the "black -- white", "kindness-evil", "the right -- wrong". This mentality is easily traced in the existing political systems. TV and other mass media also support the consciousness of young souls. Because people are strongly influenced by parents and society, older souls difficult to manifest itself, and they frequently "stuck" in the early levels of their age.

Those young souls of the highest levels approaching middle age, torn between the assertion of our own innocence and the recognition of the usefulness and adequacy of others. Therefore, the transition is quite painful. People learn to open up emotionally and get rid of the old aspirations for power and from the principle of "who is stronger, and the rights". These changes will be reflected in changes in governmental and economic structures, the basic values of humanity, social and family relations. Mature soul interact in groups and do not tend to establish a dictatorship, so the government and the economy Mature shower will be built on the principles of self-government, and not on the old hierarchical schemes.

Not only young souls move to manhood: all the souls "grow up". So, infant soul will pass into the category of children, and those territories which are now inhabited mostly infant souls will tsivilizatsia and organized in a more structured community. Baby showers will move up to the level of young, and structured society will become more independent, productive, and materialistic. Current Mature souls will be easier to live, as their approach to life will become more respected on the Ground. Some Mature souls go into the old class, where they will learn not to be attached to the physical plane and will pass on their knowledge to others.

Now, at the end of the century, infant souls already practically does not appear on the planet. Old souls who have completed their cycle on the physical plane, leave the Ground, giving place to those who follow them. At a certain stage, apparently, after several centuries, mankind will be open to contact with alien intelligence. So far, the aliens are in contact only with individuals and organizations, and these relations have an official character.

Towards the end of the cycle planet is inhabited mostly old souls, and their minds will dominate. Attitude to life will be in General metaphysical nature. People will learn to use the capacity that currently are not widespread and are suppressed in childhood.

Before the planet will leave the last old soul, it will take at least 6,000 years. This is a rather short period of time, given that the infant soul appeared on Earth more than 6 million years ago. In the spiritual development of mankind is observed geometric progression, because the influence of old shower young very much. When the last person finishes its existence on the physical plane, the use of this planet people will cease. It will be able to use other rational beings -- developed here or "seeded" from other planets.

Channeling from the book "the Michael Teachings"
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