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Гибель АтлантидыTo explain the destruction of Atlantis supporters of its location in the Atlantic ocean often attract cosmic catastrophe.

The first one who has linked the death of Atlantis with the appearance of the comet was BORN Carly published its work in 1784.
C. Bashy in 1914 suggested that the remains of the asteroid is Australia. His hypothesis has no geological studies.
Polish astronomer M. M. Kamensky came to the conclusion that Atlantis was destroyed because of Halley's comet in 9541 BC

German atenolol O. MUK studied traces of the fall of the Karolinska meteorite (diameter 10 km, weight 200 billion tons, the speed of 20 km/s) and came to the conclusion that he was the cause of the destruction of Atlantis. The blow was equivalent to the explosion of 30 thousand hydrogen bombs.

Polish atenolol L. Zaydler believes that Atlantis was destroyed in a collision of the Earth with a comet Halley.

Main "experts" collision of the Earth with cosmic bodies are Acting Anguish and L. Zaydler.

Both the author and their predecessors and successors give some circumstances testifying in favor of such a catastrophe.

1. In some countries, there are myths about the unusual atmospheric phenomena.
2. On the surface of the Earth found several meteorite craters. On this basis it is possible to assume, that on the Earth in the past were falling meteorites large size.
3. There are interpretation of the Mayan calendar according to which you can set the date of a meteorite.

Among the most famous myths is the myth of Phaeton, saying that the inhabitants of Northern regions suddenly felt the heat, and the inhabitants of the tropics cold. But, as noted by Zdenek of Kukal, "at least safely assume that once crashed to Earth, the comet and rejected the earth's axis". But, for example, L. Zaydler applies this interpretation seriously.

The same Zdenek of Kukal finds traces of a meteorite in the water and sun hours of the Egyptians and Mayans, noticing that on the equator they would show the exact time. Next, he concludes that when the axis of rotation of the Earth was tilted otherwise, Egypt was on the equator. Then Atlanta and taught the Egyptians and Mayans manufacturing watches.

The Capture Of The Moon

In 1912 Austrian engineer Gerbier offered "the doctrine of the cosmic ice", according to which, the Earth had at least four satellites, 22000 years ago penultimate the moon fell on the Ground, and 11,500 years ago, the Earth has captured the moon that was the reason for the destruction of Atlantis. The moon allegedly pulled oceans of water from the poles to the equator and Atlantis was flooded.

The counter-arguments against this theory

Zdenek of Kukal lists the following counter-arguments to drop any celestial body 11,500 years ago in the Atlantic ocean or the Mediterranean sea.

1. On azarah, the Canary Islands, the Cape Verde Islands, Iceland and at the bottom of the Atlantic has undamaged deposits of the Pleistocene and the top of the tertiary period.
2. Magnetic anomaly in the area of the Mid-Atlantic ridge are in compliance.
3. In the Atlantic little love younger than 11,500 years.
4. The relief is logically explained by the expansion of the ocean floor from the Sredinny range without the involvement of meteorites.
5. No increase in the concentration of extraterrestrial materials in the layer 11,500 years.

Everything said about the Atlantic with slight amendments applies to the Mediterranean sea.

Hotelos would like to note that all the hypotheses of this kind ignore the simple fact that the fall of the asteroid satellites large enough mass to cause geological catastrophe, would have led to such a temperature rise that almost all life on Earth (and, of course, all intelligent life) would be destroyed. Meteorites smaller masses could send to the bottom of the sea island of considerable size, which means some heavenly body is unlikely to have caused the accident.

Atlantis in the Mediterranean sea

Many researchers of Atlantis came to the conclusion that in the Atlantic ocean to search for Atlantis useless. In search of a suitable location for advanced civilization who fought with ProfileName they came to the Mediterranean sea.

In 1854 Russian scientist, the Minister of education A.S. Norov publishes the book "Studies about Atlantis". At the beginning of his work, he quotes the words of Pliny the Elder about the fact that Cyprus was with Syria as a whole, and became the island after the earthquake. He refers to the Arab geographer Ibn Yakut that once the sea flooded many of the inhabited earth and shed even on Greece and Syria. Next temper goes to the analysis of texts of Plato. He believes that the Atlantic sea Egyptian priests called Mediterranean sea. In proof of this he speaks of the Atlas mountains in Barberie, mountain Jurjur near Algeria are mythic Atlant supporting the dome of heaven. Leading even some of the arguments, he concludes that the Mediterranean sea was once called the Atlantic. He also notes that in the story of salt used the word "Pelagos"instead of "Okeanos", so we are talking about is not about the ocean, and on the sea.

Under Geeklove (Gerkulesovy) pillars Greeks Plato understood Gibraltar, but prepinani and the Egyptians could prove as many atlantaga, to understand why any Strait! For example Gibraltar, Straits of Messina, Cape Malea in the Peloponnese and the island of Kythira, Kythira island and Antikythira, Canary Islands, the walls of the temple in the Gulf of Gabes, Kerch Strait, the Strait of Bonifacio, even the Nile Delta, and so on, the Name of the Atlas also wore many mountains in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Norov understands Gerlovina pillars of the Bosphorus.

Very important is the one piece of texts of Plato: "...one terrible day all your military strength was absorbed cracked earth; likewise Atlantis disappeared, plunging into the abyss". Quite logical, I think the assumption that the Athenian army was not very far from Greece, so just had to have, and Atlantis.

Assume that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic, came there and the Greek army. It seems unlikely that prepinani thrown allies, alone took the whole territory up to Tirrenia and Egypt, has overcome a considerable fleet of Atlantis, and came to Atlantis.

And if Atlantis was located in the Mediterranean sea, it could fail with both armies that somewhere nearby was fighting.

"Then the sea in places became even to this day non-navigable and is not available because of the destruction caused by the huge amount of sludge that is left behind settled the island". In the Atlantic ocean, obviously, could not be shallow water with silt.

The Mediterranean Islands are well appointed and other parts of the text of Plato, however, the Mediterranean sea is not as extensively as "Libya and Asia together". But is not such a big and Central Atlantic, so it is clear that this is a conscious and very strong exaggeration.


1. Description of nature can be attributed to all Mediterranean Islands.

2. Color stones (white, black, red) and hot springs clearly indicate the presence of volcanic and volcanic processes. This is typical of the Islands, located to the South of Sicily, and some Islands in the Ionian and Aegean seas. The wealth of metals typical for the island of Cyprus, Asia Minor, the Iberian Peninsula and the Northern coast of Africa.

3. Island rose sheer out of the sea, but had the upstairs flat space. This is characteristic of Crete, Sardinia, Corsica.

In 1897 by the Russian mineralogist A. N. Kornarzycski publishes in "Scientific review" article "Atlantis", which puts Atlantis "between Asia Minor, Syria, Libya, and Greece -- and then near the main Western mouth of the Nile (the Pillars of Hercules)". After all, the city of SAIs, whence came the legend of Atlantis, and the city of Heraclea, founded by Hercules lay close at hand.

Three years after the publication of the article Kanarische Arthur Evans, an outstanding English archaeologist, discovered on the island of Crete traces of an ancient civilization. In March 1900 he began excavations of the city of Knossos, the ancient capital of Crete, and opened the legendary Labyrinth of king Minos.

The Palace consisted of a large number of areas, its area was 16 thousand square meters. And even then, as Evans led the excavations at Knossos and prepared for printing the book about the Palace of Minos, the question arose: and not opened Lee Evans Atlantis?

Cretan-Mycenaean civilization

According to A. M. Kondratov, the main difference civilization of Crete from the great civilizations of the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, Indus and Ganges, the yellow river and the Yangtze is that it was not agricultural, and sea power.

The building of ships and sailing across the Aegean sea began at the shore of Aegean sea 10,000 years ago. During the heyday of Crete, fleet it was the best in the world. Ships from Knossos were off the coast of Spain, Syria, in the Black sea and the Atlantic ocean. Traders of Crete maintained close ties with Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The island of Crete, located midway between Europe, Asia and Africa, is a beautiful strategic position. Aristotle writes in his Policy": "it Seems that the island was created in order to command Greece. Its location is one of the most happy: the island dominates the whole sea, on the banks of which were Greeks... that's why Minos seized the sea power and conquered the island, of which he was their colonies".

The civilization of Crete and distinguishes another characteristic feature: tauromachia - the cult of the sacred bull. His Plato, too attributed to the legendary Atlanta.

on January 19, 1909, in an English paper imes" appeared anonymous note "Lost continent", in which Atlantis and Crete was identified. It was J.. Frost. Four years later he published the paper "the Journal of Hellenic studies". Professor frost supported and E. Bailey in the book "Marine Bishop of Crete". In 1912 D.A. Mackenzie wrote that Plato's Atlantis is Minoan Crete.

With this hypothesis was agreed and Y.S. Balch, and A. Rivo.

However, some researchers, for example, Lev Semenovich Berg believed that the Minoans were only heirs of Atlantis and Atlantis sank in the Aegean sea.

A lot to prove this hypothesis did Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who was involved in the search for traces of the Mycenaean civilization at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea.

Research Cousteau near the shores of Petra, Dokos and India argue that Crete was the ruler of the Eastern Mediterranean, conducted trade with all Nations of the region. And the study of underwater "amphora walls" suggested that a powerful country was again destroyed by the tsunami caused by the explosion of the volcano, Fira, and only after the economic collapse of the Minoan state came from the mainland Greeks were able to conquer the island of Crete.

The eruption of Strongyle

Between Greece and Crete are Cycladic Islands. A special place among them is occupied Santorini. It is the collective name, which denotes the island of Thira, Thirassia, NEA Kameni, Palea-Kimani, Mikra-Kimani and Aspronisi.

At the end of the last century German archaeologist Hiller von Gartringen held on Dash excavations and found the remains of a large city.

According to scientists, 3500 years ago, there was a catastrophic eruption of the volcano Strongyle on a single island of Santorini, after which the island and split into several parts. The scale of this eruption and its consequences can be compared with the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia in 1883, killed 36 thousand people. Gases, vapours, rubble, sand and dust rose then 70 km and cleared in the square 827'000 km2, and the sound of explosions was heard in Singapore and Australia. After half an hour after the explosion on the shore nearby Islands were hit by the tsunami. Wave, caused by the explosion went around the globe. Its speed was reached 566 km/h and a height of 35 meters.

In 1939, Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos has stated a hypothesis, according to which the death of the Kingdom of Minos occurred after the eruption of the Santorini Volcano. As shown by subsequent studies, this hypothesis was brilliantly confirmed. In 1956, Dr. Angelos Gheorghe Galanopoulos realized that the explosion and the explosion Strongyle spawned a tsunami wave height in some tens metres.

It is possible that at this time the Jews went out of Egypt and crossed the sea on dry ground. According to some commentators of the Bible, the Jews didn't cross the Red sea and Gulf in the Mediterranean sea. They crossed it in those few minutes when the water draining from the shore, and the subsequent Egyptian soldiers faced a wave of a tsunami.

The counter-arguments against this theory

Conflict with clearly specified location of Atlantis in Plato. The discrepancy in the dates and sizes. Atlantic sea called "the sea that really deserves this name". According to many of atlantaga mean that the Atlantic sea is the ocean.

Allantemania and atlantahome

The story of Plato is extremely attractive to any man. I would like to believe in the existence of an advanced civilization, perhaps even not inferior to modern, over 12,000 years till our days.

Fanatically believe Plato atlantaboy said at the Vancouver Congress in 1933: "We will never refuse from the idea of Atlantis only to deliver this pleasure geologists and Botanical. Atlantis won in the literature too honorable position that it could shake a boring scientific arguments". To hold discussions with such people or lead them to the arguments and evidence useless. They, as noted by the American archaeologist Robert Wacap, "consider themselves citizens of Atlantis and ready to defend the legendary country to the last drop of blood".

Just as allantemania exists and its antipode - atlantahome. Unfortunately, in our time, to outline in serious scientific work question about Atlantis means for many to say farewell to his reputation as a serious scientist. Therefore, many people naively believe the question of the existence of Atlantis long ago solved by modern science negatively, arguing that Atlantis was never with the same conviction with which atlantaboy prove that it was.
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