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Древние египтяне предсказали события 2012 года в Книге мертвыхToday, many argue, predicted by the ancient Egyptians global event in 2012 or not, because their civilization reached certain heights in astronomy and mathematics. Similar questions arise in connection with certain similarities in cultures of ancient Sumer and Egypt.

Many researchers do not seek in vain synchronization prophecies, the same traits in calculations were seen between the civilizations of the Sumerians and Maya. With this analogy, the Egyptians also mentioned about the future accidents, and they claimed 9792 BC as of the first date of such events. However, the exact proof that global catastrophe occurred in the year, no.

Today there are two Egyptian book, one way or another connected with future disasters, bound by 2012. First, without a doubt, the famous book of the dead, the second - the so-called Bible Kolbrin. The Egyptians were experts in astronomy. For centuries, priests and astronomers of Ancient Egypt took a direct participation in a detailed study of the stars to try to make forecasts for the future.

What was the reason to link memorable for Egyptians tragic events 9792 BC with the upcoming 2012? Was all quite simple: since the memorable times Venus goes through the constellation of Orion. This event is so rare that happens only once in 11804 year and next time should happen in 2012! The very constellation Orion had a great significance for the ancient Egyptians, as the epitome of the chief of the God Osiris in the sky, which was also the God of the underworld in Ancient Egypt.

Ancient inhabitants of the Nile valley wrote about two sunrises and sunsets on that memorable date, 9792 year. Under normal rotation of the Earth is like impossible, however modern researchers say about the theoretical possibility of such phenomenon as the result of a sharp pole shift. If this happens, then perhaps one should agree with many scientists, who claim that the Flood has happened about 10-11 thousand years ago, for the pole shift would result such catastrophic consequences.

Egyptian estimates and projections for 2012 are very similar to the descriptions of the events 9792 BC, In the 17th Chapter of the Book of the dead talks in great detail about the dark times with detailed descriptions of celestial movements, including changes in the Earth's orbit. How accurate can be similar astronomical event? Modern scientists are convinced of the accuracy of positions of the Orion and Aldebaran in 2012, in absolute accordance with the provisions of these constellations in 9792 BC is this a coincidence, or methods of astronomical research of the ancient Egyptians did not concede a modern and maybe excelled them?

If the prophecies of the ancient Egyptians regarding the events of 2012 come true, we ought rather to prepare thoroughly to them. Most people with a smile accept such evidence of the past. Do we thus a big mistake that can cost you in the near future, too expensive? Time will tell...

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