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Глобальное потепление убьет 100 миллионов к 2030 годуMore than 100 million people will die by 2030 because of global warming, and world GDP will decrease by 3.2%. These data are presented in the report on the impact of climate change on humanity, prepared humanitarian organization DARA by order of the government of 20 developing countries.

The increase in the average temperature of greenhouse gases will lead to melting of glaciers. Will become more frequent natural disasters and drought, and rising global sea level will deprive millions of people of funds
livelihood, experts warn.

Every year from air pollution, hunger and disease as a result
climate change and the burning of hydrocarbons killed five million people. And if current trends continue, by 2030 this figure will increase to six million, the report said.

More than 90% of deaths related to climate change, will be in developing countries, experts calculated. The poorest Nations of the world will face increased risk of droughts, water shortages, crop failures, poverty and disease. "Climate crisis and a hydrocarbon, presumably, will take to the end of the next decade up to 100 million people," the report says.

Will be affected by climate change and the global economy. The level of industrial production will annually to fall by 1.6%, or $1.2 trillion a year. By 2030, the loss will be doubled, and in 2100 will exceed 10%. Thus, the rejection of hydrocarbons will cost 0.5% of world GDP by the end of this decade, experts DARA.

Losses cannot be avoided, even the strongest economies in the world. GDP in the United States and China due to global warming could be reduced by 2030 by 2.1%, while India's economy - by 5%, the scientists warn.

Recall another downbeat report on global warming, published recently, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Research conducted by Professor Paul O'Gorman and his colleagues have shown that an increase of mean annual temperature by one degree will provoke increases in precipitation in the Equatorial region of 10%. This will cause catastrophic flooding in fairly densely populated areas.
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