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Ангелы действительно существуютLaunches of satellites and astronauts give convincing evidence of the fact that not all phenomena in space yet are able to recognize and explain the researchers. A mystery, for example, remain face and figure that saw people in extraterrestrial space and upper atmosphere.

First know that angels do exist, reported the Soviet kosmonavty April 1961 from the Baikonur launch site for the first time in the world launched the spacecraft "Vostok" with the pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. About the flight wrote a lot, and the Terrans have learned a lot of details about every minute of being Gagarin in space. But later it turned out that all the same not on each...

At the turn of the 80-90-ies there was a leak of information that from circles close to the KGB, whether from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The thing is that during a flyby of the planet Gagarin twice for a short time silent and did not answer the call signs. About these episodes, the astronaut could not remember. Version was proposed on involuntary short-term loss of consciousness from stress or fatigue.

During a routine visit to a therapist to check the overall mental well-being the first person in the world that had been in space, was subjected to a regressive hypnosis. During its holding the astronaut almost by the minute restored the course of the flight on a spacecraft "Vostok-1".

While under hypnosis, Gagarin reported that during the flight appeared in the cabin dark spot, which is then transformed into a human face. It was only by the person and not the head. It hung in front of a cosmonaut in the air.

Gagarin felt no fear, but could not move neither hands nor feet. In his head he heard a voice: "don't worry, all will be well. You will return to the Earth".

People don't smile...

Meeting with the angels, too, the first time happened with the Soviet cosmonauts in 1985. About this extraordinary incident, happened on the station Salyut-7", the three astronauts convincingly advised "not distributed". The existence of angels Soviet ideology were not permitted.

...Was 155-th day of the flight. Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Solovyov and Leonid Kizim engaged in planned experiments and observations. Suddenly the station was filled with blazing orange light, blinded astronauts. It was not an explosion or fire on the station. It seemed that the light has penetrated into it from the outside, from space, through completely opaque wall "Salute".

Fortunately, sight to the astronauts returned almost immediately. I fell to the window, they could not believe their eyes: on the other side of ultrastrong glass of orange luminous cloud clearly seen seven giant figures! They had a human face and body, and behind guessed something translucent, like wings.

The astronauts were people with a strong mind, participating in the preparation of all sorts of tests. On religious superstitions could not be and speeches. However, all of them got the same idea: in the space next to them was flying angels! Looking almost like people, they still have the other. The main difference was the expression of their faces: "They smiled, - then told the astronauts. But it was not the smile of greeting and a smile of delight. We, the people, not smiling."

Within 10 minutes angels accompanied Salyut-7" at the same speed, repeating the maneuvers of the ship, and then disappeared. Lost and orange luminous cloud, leaving in the souls of cosmonauts a feeling of unexplainable loss. Having recovered, the Soyuz commander Oleg Atkov and cosmonauts Soloviev and Kizim reported about the incident in the PMU.

Soon the PMU came to us and demanded a detailed report, which instantly got the stamp "top secret". The astronauts also were interested in terrestrial medical team. Tests showed normal. It was therefore decided to consider the incident a group hallucination due to overwork during the five-month stay in space.

On 167-day flight to the first crew was joined by three colleagues: Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk and Vladimir Dzhanibekov. And again orbital station lit up orange and appeared seven brilliant figures. Now all six astronauts reported that they had seen angels smiling. The version of the group insanity because of overwork you can safely be rejected because the new crew arrived just a few days before the second angel vision."

The guardian has corrected wing

The Church belongs to the visions in space nastorozhenno guardian angels seem faced not only the astronauts that flew in the near-earth space. Saw them and passengers of airplanes that were raised in the high layers of the atmosphere. Here, for example, would seem an unlikely story happened to a married couple Evangelical Christians of Hontarov.

"An interesting thing happened with us on the plane on the way to Idaho, " says husband. - Looking out the window, we saw our guardian angel, who was flying near the plane outside. The wife said to me, does it not seem odd to me that an angel is on the outside, and not with us inside. I said that maybe angel a little practice, and we laughed.

But then we still did not know what was waiting for us. When we started to get to the airfield and were already above the ground, the pilot suddenly pulled the car back into the air and it was announced that the plane, landing in front of us, too late, and we therefore have to make another circle over the airfield. But when we tried to repeat the landing, again, was something incredible: the aircraft to the ground rose up to approximately 10 meters.

We were afraid but then saw that angel grabbed wing aircraft and stopped Bouncing. I just remembered the words of Holy Scripture: "For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways..."

Either the reality or dreams...

About the mysterious cosmic phenomenon of mysterious visions faced by people had been in Space, in October 1995 reported cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky. That was reported to them at the conference in Novosibirsk international Institute of space anthropology, has led scientists in shock and immediately became a sensation:

- Information on "visions" - let's call them a fantastic state-dreams - I got only in the second half of 1994, " said Krichevsky. - Information about such visions astronauts passed and communicate solely with each other, sharing information with those who will soon make a flight...

Imagine: cosmonaut suddenly comes out of his common - man-self-awareness, turns into an animal and at the same time moves in a suitable environment. He continues to feel transformed or sequentially reincarnated into another supernatural being.

For example, a colleague told me about his time in the "skin" of the dinosaur. And notice, he felt like an animal, moving over the surface of the unknown planet, pereshagivayut through the ravines, cliffs, some physical barriers. Cosmonaut sufficiently described "own" image: paws, scales, membranes between fingers, skin color, huge claws and so on.

The Church doubts

The official Church reacted to the visions in space very cautiously. Though, apparently, angel, calming the first man who looked at the creation of God with the cosmic heights, and the simultaneous contemplation angels with two crews orbital stations "Salyut" (and they were all Communists and, accordingly, atheists) were objective, even "scientific"proof of the basics of the Christian faith.

Even the devil transformation of people in the "dragon", which took place with some astronauts, can be considered as a punishment or warning sent from heaven.

But this did not happen. Thus, the then Pope John Paul II stated that "it is possible that these angelic creatures are not so bright, as it seemed at first sight", and did not believe in their divine origin.

Hypotheses for any taste

Perhaps the source of visions is in the subconscious chelovechek also explained the transformation of the astronauts dragons Sergey Krichevsky? He proposed two hypotheses. According to the first, the source of visions is in the unconscious man. At long stay in zero gravity in space flight arise state where information comes to the surface from the depths of the psyche in the form of fragments of life of different organisms - far ancestors of man in the process of evolution.

The second hypothesis suggests that in the brain of the flow of information coming from outside.

"We can assume, writes Krichevskiy - what triggers these dreams a flux of galactic radiation. If the spacecraft gets into this "ray" and the astronaut is in a relaxed slumber, there is a phenomenon. Came out of the beam - all is lost".

Russian cosmoenergy immediately held a sensing surface of the moon and... found on the surface of several of the points that in the space of intensive mental radiation.

There is another hypothesis. No need to look for the causes strange visions and feelings of cosmonauts in the deep unconscious man or deep Space. It is literally under our feet.

In several countries simultaneously were conducted well supplied experiments proved that, seemingly, the most common substance on Earth - water, poured into a glass, able to perceive, to copy, save, and passingthe substance of the information, even such as thin as human thought, word and emotion.

Accordingly, seas and oceans covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, is a huge information Bank that stores information about everything that happens on the planet for millions of years, and can spread this information in the surrounding space. Sooner or later the inhabitants of the Earth may be able to take this giant "library". And, apparently, the astronauts were among the first of its readers...

Mikhail BURLESON secret Power, № 7, 2012
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