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When the diver went down under the water, Belukha "ask" him to climb back to the surface. American scientists found the whale, is able to mimic human speech and make sounds for a few octaves below its range. Unusual Beluga whales inhabit the coastal waters of California, BBC reports. Scientists note that cetaceans long been taught to imitate the voice of man, but it is the first case when a mammal shows the ability to mimicry on their own.

Found talkative Belukha one of the divers, who, while under water, I heard the order the immediate ascent. When the man rose up to the surface and asked who had called him, he was very surprised - no one were there people never gave such a command. Colleagues diver suggested that it made one of the inhabitants of the basin. After a brief observations they found that unusual sounds uttered a young Beluga nicknamed the NOC.

According to the theory of experts, this ability it has received, "eavesdropping" divers during testing underwater communications, which was conducted in the local area. Published by sounds, listen to you here, really tempo and rhythm differ from those which usually publish cetaceans.

As the researchers say, now the theory that white whales are able to learn and play certain audio signals can be considered proven. However, the joy of biologists will not be long - reportedly in their report, after growing individuals lose the ability to publish human speech sounds.
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