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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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«…Если бы человек мог овладеть знаниями, которыми крохотные муравьи владеют миллионы лет, мы бы уже через несколько лет достигли бы самых дальних звёзд!…»

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Заколдованное озеро в украинеЛюбителям всего мистического стоит отправиться на Украину за приключениями. Здесь очень много всяких диковинных мест. Сегодня мы отправимся в Донецкую область на Соледарское озеро. Место это поистине необычное и специфическое. То ли чудо природы, то ли аномалия, то ли волшебство.

Заколдованное озеро

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Глубоководная золотая лихорадка угрожает биоразнообразию морских глубинLast year the government of New Guinea issued a canadian company with the speaker called Nautilus Minerals twenty-year license for the extraction of minerals in the Sea Bismarck (new Guinea sea), in the field Solwara-1 ("Salt water-1"), located in 30 km from the coast. In this story there are only two unusual moment - the depth and breadth.
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Легендарный монстр клюнул на нехитрую приманкуTo remove a giant squid in its natural habitat, had to show imagination
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The biggest fish in the world - not blue whale as one might think, because the whale belongs to a mammal, not the fish. In this article we will talk about the largest representative of fish - whale shark.

Китовая акула - самая большая рыба в мире.Китовая акула - самая большая рыба в мире.Китовая акула - самая большая рыба в мире.
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As soon as this little penguin collided in the icy waters of the Antarctic sea leopard, his days were numbered. The frightened bird from last forces tried to escape, but the leopard attacks at lightning speed - one hit jaws, and paw penguin caught between its sharp teeth. Further - a question of time, and just a few minutes.

Последние секунды жизни пингвинаПоследние секунды жизни пингвинаПоследние секунды жизни пингвина
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Жуткая рука присоска из фильма «Чужой» реальнаMost of us don't believe in aliens, but looking at these strange fossils, we probably need to think about. This finding, whose age is 300 years, is actually an ancient fossil, which formed the basis of the classic science fiction film by Ridley Scott's "Alien".
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Ученые: Тайны генома улиток позволят человеку жить до 500 летScientists of Australia believe that a person can not get old. According to scientists, this discovery was possible thanks to the snails. Experts believe that in snails have the ability to slow the aging process during hibernation. In case if it will be possible to identify these genes, it will contribute to the prolongation of human life. According to biologists, some snails can prolong his life from 3 to 23 years, which can be compared with the prolongation of human life up to 500 years.
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Ученые нашли в музее скелет древнего дельфина-убийцы, который лежал нетронутым в течение 100 летFor almost a century and a bunch of dusty old bones lay untouched and undervalued in the dark basement of the Museum. But now she was raised up after scientists realized that the bones belong to a previously unknown kind of prehistoric super-predator.
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Scientists have known cases where one or two adults Dolphin tried to save her baby, but the collective caring for an adult these mammals is celebrated for the first time

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2013 станет худшим для пчеловодов США, популяция насекомых рекордно сокращается"We are facing extinction of species." This conclusion was made by commercial beekeepers who gathered for an annual meeting of the American Association of manufacturers of honey (AHPA), writes PAN North America. Loss of bees in recent years have been dramatic, speak in one voice participants in commercial beekeeping no future, if all will remain unchanged.
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Тайна Ладожской НессиTerrible sea monster, the heartbreaking medieval ships in the Northern seas, fossil plesiosaurs lakes in Scotland... More recently, a similar pattern could be found only in old prints or in science fiction novels. Today's news is full description of creatures living in the water bodies of Russia. It draws, the journalistic imagination or frightening reality? To tell about relict animals, including the Ladoga Nessie, "Steps" said the traveler, ethnographer Alexei Popov.
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Мы ещё успеем назвать все неизвестные видыMost species will die out before it is detected, believed by some researchers. But one group of scientists says that the situation is not hopeless. If experts will gather and focus, they have time.
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Бактерии с комфортом летают в облакахRecently a group of American microbiologists and their colleagues from France have found that living in the clouds bacteria live in these "air castles" full life - they actively produce their own food and even multiply. Moreover, affecting the composition of condensed water, these tiny travelers prevent the formation of rain clouds.
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Кого боятся белые акулыBrazilian glowing shark is one of the most unique marine predators. If its not too impressive dimensions (length-in the best case it reaches half a meter), the Brazilian glowing shark attacks on animals much larger than itself. The strange thing is, usually small sharks choose small prey. However, with victims heroine notes comes very peculiar: it takes off a piece of meat and floats away, leaving production wounded, but alive.
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