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В 2015 году будет конец света. Валентина ГаташSociety alarmists ( from English larm" -- anxiety, "alarmist" -- alarmist) was established in Kharkov. It has businessmen, scientists, teachers. I also managed to become a member, because I agree to participate in the development of the main ideas alarmists. And it is this: the disaster -- the engine of evolution. About as wrote in the letter of application.

-- In recent years in our country has formed a crisis of public consciousness, - says the Chairman of the society candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Century wolves. -- Anticipation of a global cataclysm, actively supported by many politicians, religious figures, writers, now as if hovers in the air. Objective reasons for concern, of course, there is. It is important to analyse what we are facing and can resist it?


That is the conclusion reached as a result of years of research known Ukrainian scientist, doctor of historical Sciences Nikolay Aleksandrovich Chmykhov. For alarmists he indisputable authority.

"Our ancestors knew about the cyclic motion of the Universe and understand the deep connection between the turning points of human history and periodic cosmic catastrophes", - the scientist has written in his book "History of paganism
Russia", which now becomes a cult. To verify their findings, Nikolai Chmykhov compared extant written and mythological sources with modern scientific data. Building a model of the Earth, he made a prediction for the future.

What awaits us? The life of the Solar system and throughout the Universe, strongly cyclical. The longer the cycle, the stronger the shock on his borders. And 9576-year horrible. It is in his early after the incredible power of disasters Paleolithic was replaced by Mesolithic, began to form modern climate and the birth of modern civilization.

Ancient argued that the disasters of this kind happen at a certain time -- in early spring, closer to the day of spring equinox, when there is an abnormal phenomenon -- a solar Eclipse, after which there arises the new moon. Chmykhov have calculated the exact date of the future of the end of the world: the vernal equinox in March 2015.

Released in more stable eighties, the book was heavily criticized Ukrainian scientists and was not noticed by the General public. However the events of recent years was as if a natural confirmation of the hypothesis of the deceased forty years in 1994 Nomikou. She got into the focus of public interest not only in Russia but also abroad: in the USA, Italy, Israel and other wealthy countries. Although, of course, we sound the alarm aura much stronger. However, Chmykhova, as it should be. He believes that global cataclysm will begin in the so-called zone of circumpontic, which includes Ukraine.


-- There -- I assure alarmists. -- We are all witnesses of the first warnings of nature, but not always aware of their value.

The climate is changing? Yes, he is coming greenhouse effect global warming. It threatens many troubles on Earth -- from flooding coastal areas to desertification other lands. About ecology and say nothing. Man also has not become stronger. A growing number of genetic disorders in the newborn. Returns the old, seemingly defeated the disease and there are more like AIDS or Ebola.

The largest floods, earthquakes, and the latter in Uzbekistan (1948 and 1976) and in India (1967) occurred in aseismic areas. Only in 1965--1992 from natural disasters killed 3.6 million people and affected more than 3 billion people.

Social precursors can be called international terrorism, drug addiction, organized crime, economic crisis.


Sounded alarm representatives of insurance companies after an earthquake in San Francisco and Santa Barbara (USA), when the relevant companies were unable to pay the victims of the required amount. Therefore, one of the oldest and largest insurance companies in the world "Lloyd" after further examination of the degree of risk from all sorts of disasters involves significantly increase the insurance rate.

But can we insure against the end of the world?

-- Most importantly -- the realization of the danger -- already happened -- alarmists say, --Thus, the U.S. created a global system of information about disasters. Already operating an international monitoring group for asteroid and comet hazard involving and Kharkiv. Maybe for the first time in the history not only of humanity, but also the existence of biological life on Earth has a chance to avoid destructive cataclysm type the end of the world.

What do we need to defend ourselves? Among the possible "killer" the past is often called the same asteroids, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, climate disasters, outbreaks of supernovae, the parade of the planets and so on and so forth.

"It is possible that mankind will not be able to successfully confront many of them, -- write alarmists in the book "Catastrophe -- the engine of evolution?", they're going to issue, " but we are sure that life, as such, indestructible. With her characteristic plasticity it only takes other, may be a higher form. And in the next civilization will not live Homo sapiens, and any other kind, with a different set of genes, not only reasonable, but also with other, more perfect qualities, both the spiritual and physical".

Maybe this will be the person, which foresaw the people's prophet Porfiry Ivanov? That is a reasonable altruist, not destructive nature. And can be, will survive today's children, who received due to Chernobyl new genes with unknown properties?
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