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Частица Бога проклята: 9 наивных вопросов об ее открытииSome theoretical physicists want to spoil Peter Higgs holiday about detection boson his name - the Higgs boson

Early enjoying our boson, Mr. Higgs!

4 July 2012 physics of the European organization for nuclear research (CERN) on the whole world has announced that the Higgs boson particle, named after the British physicist Peter Higgs, seems to be found. But after a week there were other physicists, who doubted the opening. Specifically that found the Higgs boson.

Will remind: in 1964 Peter Higgs predicted the existence of elementary particles - some boson, which gives mass to all other particles. For many years this boson was looking for. But not found. It came even to what physicists began to think, what if the wrong Standard model - the theory, which today describe the Universe and the forces that are functioning there. Because boson proposed by the Higgs Higgs boson, as came to call him, it is the only detail some not enough to be considered loyal to our understanding of the Universe. Including the theory of its occurrence alleged Big Bang.

Order to capture the elusive Higgs, which eventually raised to the rank "God particle"", mankind has built Large hadron Collider (LHC) - the giant underground accelerator worth $ 10 billion. And with it has created a miracle: in just two years - has caught the same as "invisible". On 4 July 2012 - albeit cautiously, but still it was announced at a special seminar which was held at the owners Tank is in the headquarters of the European organization for nuclear research (CERN) in Switzerland. Peter Higgs, who, of course called, as much wept for joy. And said, "I'm actually surprised that all this is happening in my life. I even imagine this could not. Then, in the beginning, more than 40 years ago, the people had no idea that they generally look for".

Colleagues of physics, gathered from all over the world compared detection coveted boson with the discovery of America by Columbus. And the famous Stephen Hawking said that Peter Higgs worthy of the Nobel prize. You have it? A week ago it seemed that necessarily. Now not so sure.


1. As was looking for the Higgs boson?

The Higgs boson was looking for, pushing in the Tank colliding beams of protons, shaking thus the so-called Higgs field, quanta which are those most Higgs bosons.

2. The "the God particle" managed to see?

To see the fragment of God directly is almost impossible.

Too insignificant time of her life. Fitrahsuci boson immediately breaks into other particles, such as the photons or Z-bosons and muons. But they are already perceptible. Knowing the theory, as it can break the Higgs boson, physicists have found traces of this process in the experiments, the results of which were recorded in the giant detectors Tank - CMS and ATLAS from 2011 to 2012.

3. Can a normal person to imagine the Higgs boson?

May. That's what figurative explanation was offered by the Director of the Institute for nuclear research of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Matveev:

- Take a piece of foam and we shall crumble it on the table. Will come little foam beads - analogues of elementary particles, which will be very easy. If we poduim on them, they will break. Now carefully put on the table water, we shall crumble on top of the foam and again slightly poduim. We will see that the balls run, but reluctantly. If we have not seen the water, we'd thought they were kinda dull or heavy. This passivity is due to the fact that the particles in the movement have to Wade through water, which in this analogy plays the role of the Higgs vacuum of the field. If we poduim on the water without the foam balls, then the surface will run "ripples" - this will be similar highglossy bosons.

4. Why the workshop physics is not said directly that caught the Higgs boson, and said evasively, saying, opened "particle similar to the Higgs boson"?

Doubt that you've got what they wanted, remain. Because processed by far not all the results of the experiments. The final result will be announced only by the end of the year. Is like counting of votes at the elections. While the Higgs boson wins by a large margin: million votes "for" only about 200 "against". But the picture may change.

However, Pierre Addon, Director of the Fermi laboratory, where he worked accelerator "Tevatron", is also involved in the search for the Higgs boson, offers no doubt. "If something looks like a duck and walks like a duck, then it is a duck is", is figuratively expressed about the characteristics found boson, which coincided with predicted by theorists.

And yet, according to the scientists, to establish more open and spin of the particle is its own momentum. If it equals zero, the particle is the same divine. And if not, then some other. No less surprising. Continuing the analogy of Oddone, we can say that the duck has yet to quack like a duck.

5. If physics really caught the Higgs boson, it is, in fact, confirmed that he through the Higgs field gives substance weight. Is it worth in this case, to wait for the opening of antigravitation? Whether you will be managed by the Higgs field so that, on the contrary, to deprive the substance of the masses?

- Perhaps, it is fantastic, " says Victor Savrin, Deputy Director of the nuclear physics Institute of Moscow state University. - I think that the acquisition of the masses irreversible.

6. What could be the practical meaning of the opening?

- New knowledge, their generation is nothing more practical in the world no, " answered Victor Ivanovich. - Knowledge - today. Benefits - when we will be able to formulate what I want. Sometimes separated one from the other for a hundred years.

7. And suddenly opened's still not the Higgs boson, but something else?

Not excluded. Just a week after the seminar in Switzerland, there were several works in which the authors Express doubt that there were exactly the Higgs boson - the one who was looking for many, many years.

For example, the American physicists-theorists Yen lo, Joseph Lykken and Gabe shonessi (Ian Low, Joseph Loomis, who and Gabe Shaughnessy) believe that the data obtained detectors, rather suggest the possible existence of several botanophobia particles. In their opinion, it is not excluded that the registered signal was not the Higgs boson, and the so-called superposition is a mixture of several particles. Most likely, three. Scientists, however, say that their conclusions are not final and will be refined as new data. And you may be able to get more convincing evidence of the existence of the still of the Higgs boson, not superposition.

Here's another one. Physics announced that the mass public boson 126 GeV (GeV). It is approximately 130 times heavier than the proton. And it does not suit Nobel laureate in physics, 1999 Dutchman Martinus of Veltman. According to his calculations, if the mass of the particle that gives mass to other particles, the universe should be the size of a soccer ball. And we see it more clearly. Martinus expects theorists explanations.

8. As the Church reacted to the likely opening God particle?

Scientists on behalf of the ROC congratulated Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Chairman of the Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church and society has congratulated scientists with the expected opening of the so-called "divinity", or "Higgs boson".

- I am glad to this discovery, " said the representative of the ROC portal "Interfax-Religion". - Probably, it once again raises the question: is the matter was what is now or even in its most developed a specific scenario and is not eternal and unchanging, as they tried to present the case a few decades ago.

That said, a famous Russian theologian, Professor of the Moscow theological schools Alexey Osipov:

"And for theology absolutely indifferent, which blocks created the universe as it appeared and developed. For theology one only has value is that the source of all these phenomena is God. Theology denies the self-development of the world without the creative impulse, special mind, called by God".

According to Osipov, the discovery of the Higgs boson is not able to prove or disprove the Christian theory of the creation of the world.

Is the reaction and the Vatican. Not the Pope of course. Responded to the Higgs boson, the rector of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Bishop Marcelo Sanchez, Sorondo.

As he said, "the Higgs boson, also called the God particle, shows the wonder of creation". And what the world is something beautiful. At this, the Hierarch stressed that "scientists discover the laws that do not establish. And while they are limited to the message that was open, the believers can see the fruit of God's actions."

Sorondo, by the way, assured that they knew about the opening of a particle of God in the last year. Then in the Vatican held a Symposium on nuclear physics and scientists of the European center for nuclear research in secret reported to the Bishop on the encouraging results.

9. Who is still called the Higgs boson particle of God? Not the Vatican?

The name "God particle" (God Particle) for the Higgs boson is credited with Nobel laureate Leon Lederman. Allegedly the author he was in 1993, when he published the book "God Particle: if the universe is the answer, then what is the question? (The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?). But it turns out that the Lederman actually called the Higgs boson "cursed particle" (goddamn particle), IKEA in mind unsuccessful search of her. And the title of his book was relevant: "The goddamn Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?" The editor of the publishing house he did not like. He removed "Damn", leaving only "God". The Lederman liked. So boson Higgs Pere be accursed, and became God Particle is a particle of God. Or even, in some interpretations, the God particle.

Vladimir ?agowskie
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