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ХАРП - просто и безобидноWith the English abbreviation HARP (HAARP) is roughly translated as "high-frequency Active research program of the Northern lights" is simple and harmless. Examine yourself people the remarkable beauty of the natural phenomenon. Only one thing is unclear: how can you be interested in this beautiful but, at first glance, economically useless phenomenon enough to pay for research (and additionally for privacy) of tens of billions of dollars?

Krasnoyarsk secret

But to answer this question, we need to go back to the end of the XX century. Then the USSR, in response to the American SDI program began to create a network of powerful radar, capable, according to the creators, to paralyze the onboard electronics Intercontinental missiles and to turn them from the course. The first was built in the Krasnoyarsk radar, but in its operation has found out two unpleasant things: first, locator were able to work only a single goal (though more than now), and secondly, after a minute of his work ozone layer in the "impact" has become so dense that did not pass the actual radar beam.

There was still another point, which is not customary to apply: created by the locator box rather strange influence on the psyche of people - those who fell under "compacted" locator ozone layer, has appeared a desire to escape, to hide in General, caused, to put it mildly unpleasant emotions.

The program in the USSR was closed, even though the network of such systems on the borders of the country would nullify the first two problems. (About a third, as already mentioned, was omitted.) The locator can be used for peaceful purposes, for example, to "patch" the ozone hole, destroy space debris, feed the near-earth satellites, but... In the negotiations on arms reduction of the USA particularly insisted on dismantling Krasnoyarsk locator and achieved his goal.

And here's just a few years after the unique system in the Soviet Union was destroyed, America immediately began to build, almost similar system ostensibly to study... Northern lights.

People who think that the Northern lights is only reflected by the ice colored flashes in the sky and nothing more, are deeply mistaken. This is actually quite complex processes of interaction space (including solar) ray to our earth's ionosphere, causing amazing effects.

But the U.S. military, under the program with such a peaceful and beautiful name, is not going to spend money on the study of these effects. The essence of their American researchers was clear before, and the work of Soviet scientists with Krasnoyarsk locator only confirmed the following: on the basis of experiences with the ionosphere, you can create an extraordinarily powerful and practically invincible weapons.

The Student Tesla

Where originally appeared as a destructive idea? In the middle of the XX century somebody Bernard Eastlund, disciple of Nikola Tesla, has prepared a scientific basis for the program HARP. In 1985 he published a paper entitled "Method and mechanism of change in the field of the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth" and received a patent for it.
This project meant a global release immense amounts (GW) of energy in the outer realm of Earth. That's just the consequences of such impacts on our planet and all life forms in the work of Estlund in no way considered.

After several years of Estlund lost its patent due to financial trouble. And the Pentagon on the basis of its development in 1992, started to build in Alaska at the military testing range of Gakona powerful radar station.

Soon the first installation of the HARP was ready. 15 kilometers North of Dakona (Alaska), on an area of about 13 hectares ascended into the sky 180 antennas height of 25 meters each capable of delivering power up to 3600 kW. Aimed at the Zenith of the antenna allows focusing pulses of short-wave radiation in some areas of the ionosphere and to heat them up before the formation of high-temperature plasma.

After some time, a similar system (only three times more powerful) appeared on the territory of Norway, the third one is being built on the island of Greenland. After it is finished, the whole Northern hemisphere will fall into a giant "network".

The website of the Federation of American scientists says that it's only scientific work. Allegedly stations designed to study the properties of the ionosphere to make better use of communication systems. However, at the same site is written in small print that Fund these "scientific" experiments U.S. air force and the special Department of the Navy. And Finance rather big: only Alaskan station took $ 25 billion.

When journalists asked about the actual value of these "scientific research" from the former owner of the patent, he explained that "antenna construction in Alaska in fact - huge beam weapons capable of destroying not only the network, but also missiles, aircraft, satellites and much more. Additionally it can cause climate disasters around the world, or at least in some regions, and deadly cosmic rays, from which there is no defense, and in strictly determined places, and all this through irresponsibility military and government officials".

Here to you and explore the Northern lights" - everything was simpler and, unfortunately, more sinister.

To Wake up in the matrix

Installation HARP already working, though not at full capacity - the military are afraid of his creation. However, the "experiments", apparently, is already underway. Many scientists believe the consequence of these unnatural "experiments" most rocked in recent years the world cataclysms. Here and extraordinary drought in Europe, and numerous tsunami, which claimed thousands of lives, earthquakes in the most unexpected places and much, much more.

"Controlled fields created by high-frequency bases of Alaska and Norway, at the moment more than cover the entire territory of the former USSR. This means that the operators of these databases by clicking a few buttons can vast areas of our country simply to disrupt the communication system, to negate satellite navigation, confusing air defense radars far detect and disable the onboard electronics military and civil ships and planes.

And let's not forget the so-called side effects. Yuri Perunov - the scientist-radio technician, a leading Soviet and Russian specialist in the study of the interaction of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation with the earth's environment, in an interview said: "Further work on the program HARP will give Americans real and first opportunity to get their hands not only geophysical and climatic, but also psychotronic weapon. Roughly speaking, one morning people will Wake up and will not even be able to understand that their thoughts, desires, tastes, their choice of food and clothing, mood and political views are defined by the operator of the installation type HARP. I have reason to believe that it is proximity to the creation of psychotronic weapons was one of the main reasons because of which all the results of research on the HARP in 1997 were kept secret". Until the late eighties Yuri Perunov intensively investigated just the area that today monopolized the HARP. But the funding of our work in this area was discontinued.

Konstantin Karelians, the Mysteries of the twentieth century, № 46
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